The Following Morning

Breakfast was a combination of food and chatter mostly about our plans for the day. Val said I looked different this morning but I just smiled the memory of last nights events springing into my head and sending shivers right through me. We looked at some of the young waiters that wandered around the hotel dining room. Commenting on their shagable score Gina was all for inviting one to her room but said she would wait till she checked out the pool area. Finishing our breakfast we went and slipped on our bikinis. I was a little unsure about the yellow bikini that Tina had gone with me to buy but after clipping some of my pubic hair I was presentable after all I wasn’t used to wearing a thong and these bikini briefs were really small. My breasts small as they were still looked good in this tight bra top and looking into the mirror I could see my figure wasn’t that bad. Odd how we girls worry about such things yet guys seemed never to bother. Wrapping a white towel about myself I headed down to the pool. The sun was beating down and the heat though not quite oppressive certainly was hot. Finding one of the loungers I put my stuff on it and sitting took my sun cream placing some in my hand I started to slowly work my shoulders noticing that an older gentleman who was well tanned was watching me intently. He was slightly chunky though not fat maybe about 60 with a full head of grey hair. He watched as I enjoying him watching started to rub the cream slowly up and down my thighs.

“Hello I’m Max, can I help you apply that?”

His smile was so handsome and I thought why not we are at the pool what could he do here.

“Thanx I’m Julie.”

I held out the bottle and lay on my front so he could apply the cream to my back. There is something so sensuous about a stranger applying sun cream to your body that I have never noticed before. Mind I have never done it before either. I could feel his hands touching very gently careful never to stray as I lay getting the hand warmed cream applied. I’ve never had a massage before but I imagine it would be exactly like this, his hands seemed so expert at rubbing in the cream. To be honest Journal I lay there hoping he would never finish. Almost asl**p I was in a world of pure pleasure.

“If you undo your bikini top strap I can get some cream under it and you can sunbathe without leaving any marks.”

Journal his voice had a deep matureness about it I just reached back and unclipped my top without thinking or questioning. His hands began to rub up and down my back, across my shoulders and down my sides. His fingers seemed like little pleasure sticks my whole body was wanting him to touch it. Then when he went to my legs as he slid up my thighs each upward movement made my clit tighten. Nervous he was about to touch yet at the same time wanting him to, even if it was accidental. I heard the girls before I saw them and even then their voices seemed in a different world altogether as I was so relaxed under his administrations.

“I hope you do that for all the girls Granddad!”

Cheeky Tina laughed as she spoke and the others all agreed that what he was doing for me seemed an excellent thing for them to have also. They took the loungers next to me and Gina without worrying removed her bikini top and lay on her stomach saying she was next as she was the oldest. Max slowly finished applying my cream and jokingly said he hoped his old body had the stamina to handle four such beautiful ladies. Looking to the side I saw all of them had taken off their tops and so I followed suit remarking that I would need a little more sun lotion applied where the top had been. Max was busy applying the cream to Gina and as I looked I could see his hands doing her back and sliding down her sides and gently touching the sides of her breasts she never argued or kicked up a fuss just turned on her back and said,

“These will need some of that lotion too granddad.”

The smile on her face turned to sheer pleasure as Max without hesitation slid his cream covered hands over her tits and worked her nipples making them stand so erect.

“Oh Girls you have to have him do this wow if we were inside I would have ripped the pants off you Granddad!”

Max was smiling and as I looked at his speedo style trunks his cock though not erect was definitely larger than before. Don’t get me wrong Journal I hadn’t really looked at his bulge well okay simply in passing. Okay, Okay it’s no good lying I did look seeing as I had been getting excited at his ministrations I had wondered if he was also. Max was the perfect gentleman though he creamed each of us carefully teasing our nipples and even joining in with our fun at his expense especially when he came to mine and my nipples became so erect they stood proud about an inch from my boobs. We all lay and sunbathed, drinking fruit juices till it was almost time for lunch. Max said he was going into the mixed sauna as it was always quiet at this time of day and then if we didn’t mind would enjoy our company at lunch but that he didn’t want to cramp our style. We all agreed he was part of our party now and we would all enjoy the sauna together.

We followed Max to the sauna it was bigger than any of us thought. Max told us he needed a cold shower before going in and we all followed into the shower area, each taking a cubicle and turning on the shower, screamed as that first douse of cold water hit our naked bodies. Max after a few minutes came out grabbing a towel and ran into the steam room we all followed giggling like young schoolgirls. Once inside Max put water on the stones and the sauna filled with steam. Each of us had grabbed a bench to lie on letting the steam heat through our cold bodies we girls all laying on our towels, naked we suddenly noticed that Max had his towel covering his lower half.

“Hey that’s not fair Granddad, come on get the towel off!”

Tina was the one that acted first, long before Max could say anything and grabbed the towel and whipped it off him. We stood quiet at first in the thick steam staring at the raging hard on that poor Max had tried so hard to hide. It wasn’t big, well it wasn’t as big as the one I had had during the night but at about five inches and really fat to me it looked really lovely. Val pushed him back down to his bench and kneeling said it was his turn to get a massage. I watched as she slowly eased her hand up and down his cock. Max moaned with each stroke.

“Gawd granddad that looks so lovely.”

It was Tina who wrapped her lips around the head of his cock as Val continued to stroke it. Max was obviously in heaven now and his hips were fucking Tina’s mouth and Val’s hand. Gina straddled Max’s head and started to play with her clit as Max tongued her cunny. My hand was working hard between my legs watching this scene with delight and envy too. I wanted that cock in me. Playing, I watched as Val speeded up and Max made muffled sounds beneath Gina. While Tina sucked harder and harder suddenly swallowing hard her lips letting cum dribble from the edges as she took all of Max’s cum in her mouth. And Gina screamed she was cumming with all the sounds going on I just gushed over my hand. We sat on his bench both Gina and I had orgasmed but Tina and Val still needed relief. Max said he would have to wait a little as being older it took a little longer for him to gain another erection. Tina started to masturbate but Val was a little hesitant at first. Gina grabbed me by the arm along with Max and we grabbed Val pulling her down onto the bench and starting to stroke whatever bit was near us. I had hold of her left arm and started to suck her left nipple while Max had her right arm and was massaging her right tit and sucking the nipple but Gina was laying over Val’s legs and had them wide open her mouth already on Val’s pussy and her tongue working its magic on her clit. Val was fighting like crazy at first saying no no please don’t but after a couple of minutes she was just moaning and her hips were fucking hard against Gina’s mouth. Journal I was so enjoying holding Val’s arm and sucking her tit I didn’t notice that her fingers were slowly sliding inside my pussy till I was actually humping them for all I was worth making as much cum noises as she was. Tina came and took over from Max sucking Val’s tit and nipple and he slid inside Tina fucking her slowly till she had to bite onto Val’s nipple as she came which in turn gave Val an orgasm too and she came into Gina’s mouth who also came on her own fingers. Me I came all over Val’s hand and we lay back on the benches and dozed for maybe twenty minutes.

“Would you three mind if we had lunch together?” It was Max speaking as he stood up.

“Mind!” Val said, “We would be annoyed if you didn’t have the meal with us then we can all siesta a little afterwards.”

Max trundled off with all us girls in tow laughing and giggling and making him laugh too. His apartment was in the penthouse part of the hotel so we all agreed we would come up to the penthouse once we were dressed for lunch. Journal I have to tell you going up that high in the lift gave me collywobbles in my stomach but when we arrived at the penthouse suite wow it was magnificent. Max wore a simple yet expensive looking t-shirt and shorts and we all piled into his apartment. A dark girl came out of one of the rooms and Max told us to ask her for whatever we wanted and she would have it delivered. I was a little disappointed she was there as I had to admit I liked Max, I liked him a lot. Yes I know journal he was old but he was interesting and treat me like a lady well except when we were having sexy fun. We all sat and ate the meal that the coloured girl put out then rather than go our own rooms just dossed down and slept through some of the heat of the day. We will be going out soon journal so I am closing for now as it is almost 7pm and I’m wearing a very short white skirt and with white thong and a bust coverer as Max calls it. It’s very like a bra but soft. He has asked me to braid my hair into plats and when I looked in the mirror I looked like a young school girl but it has made Max happy and Tina is wearing similar clothes with braided hair too. We five must have looked strange or kinky but somehow it didn’t matter. I will write more Journal when I am back home again but for now Max is taking us to the hotspots of Jamaica. Wooohooooooooooo.

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