Julie's Journal - Day One and Two

I had no idea that my holiday would be anything other than that. It was my first time abroad and my friends and I had decided we would try Trinidad during the carnival season.
Oh best introduce myself and my friends. I’m Julie, at 18 I am the youngest of my friends, well work mates. The other 3 women are Georgina we call her Gina for short is the eldest and sort of mother to us though she is only 28. I think she is the best looking, standing almost 6ft tall she has really long slim legs a lovely pair of breasts I could die for. Yes Gina had model looks.
I’m blushing here as I don’t want you to get the wrong idea that I am gay or anything infact apart from kissing and a little touching I am a virgin but I don’t let the girls know that. Embarrassing isn’t it, you experienced people reading this will think I am silly but it’s the way I was brought up.
Next there is Valerie or Val, at 24 she is the next oldest and was a part time model actually those that read the top shelf magazines will have seen her posing in there when she was younger. I have only seen a picture in her lingerie but if I was a guy I would have been turned on I think well actually I got a funny feeling between my legs when I looked and was a little disappointed when they shredded the magazine before one of the bosses saw it. To be honest if I thought I had the guts to go into the shop and buy the issue with her in it and take it home I would have loved to really have a good look at it.
The last of the foursome is Christine or Tina. She is slightly on the plump side but when we go out she is the one that seems to pull the guys. She is 19 but is much more mature than I am and the way she talks about sex well obviously has really done it quite a lot. In some ways I envy her but I think my parents would go mad if they thought that I had fucked one guy let alone as many as Tina seems to have I keep a journal and what you are about to read is about our holiday to Jamaica during the carnival. Oh yes, I forgot we work for a travel agency in a city in the North.

Day One: - This is the first time I have been away on holiday without my parents I am so excited. We have planned this for a year and so many times I thought about dropping out but I couldn’t let my mates down. Its 11am and the taxi has arrived and the driver is loading my case into the cab, so I’ll close now and write more when we get to the airport hotel we are staying at. Our flight doesn’t leave till 10a.m. tomorrow.
Continued: - I was hoping to write a little more but Tina and Gina want to go out into London to have a farewell drink to dear old England. I was going to wear what I would be travelling in but Val has loaned me a very short skirt and see through blouse and as they were all going without bras they have made me take mine off. I am very self-conscious my breasts are small only 32b and when nervous my nipples stand out like organ stops. To say I am nervous now is an understatement!

Day Two: - Its 10-35a.m. and the plane had a smooth take off. Journal I am almost too embarrassed to write in you what happened last night. We hit one of the local night clubs recommended by the concierge it was a hive of activity with swaying bodies tightly packed in. Couples were kissing and some even going further than that. One guy actually had his hand under a woman’s skirt and her nix were around her knees. He was obviously touching her clit or fingering her pussy as her head was thrown back and she was humping his hand. I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t take my eyes away from the spectacle and could feel myself getting as hot as she was. I could feel my juices wetting my white nix and so wished I could shove my hand there and work myself off. All I could do was open and close my thighs giving me the feeling that I was masturbating.
After a few rounds of aftershocks I have to admit I was well and truly d***k. Able to stand but not much else. Gina told the others she was taking me back to the hotel. We were sl**ping in two double rooms I had thought they would have twin beds in but when we got there they were king-size beds. Gina had said it was cheaper and after all we were all women.
She of course was right so when she lay me on the bed I was so relaxed because of the booze I didn’t stop her as she slowly undressed me. She removed my top first well it didn’t matter anyways as you could see through it and my nipples were at bursting point.

“Well now, aren’t those rose buds the hardest cherries I have seen?”

For some reason this seemed to please me and I lay there letting her run a finger around them each time she touched my nipples a small electric shock travelled straight down to my clit which I have to say was already rock hard after watching the goings on at that night club.
I watched as though I was someone else her head lowered to me and her lips met mine. I had kissed a couple of guys before well one guy and one young lad at school but this was no kiss I had ever participated in. Her lips like soft sensuous things seemed to have electricity that wandered around mine.
Her tongue slowly slid into my mouth and I felt her hand start to caress my breasts and work my nipples. My hips had a will of their own and had started to slowly hump against her legs. I couldn’t stop it I wanted her to touch me. I felt her undoing the short skirt and easing it down my legs and off my feet.
Her mouth slowly kissed up the inside of my left thigh the feeling was out of this world I had never felt anything like this before. Slowly her tongue wandered higher till it was licking just under my panties. I was so embarrassed I knew she would smell and see how excited I was.
Her fingers slipped under my nix elastic gawd I wanted to stop her, this was so wrong but mmmmmmm it felt sooo right. She pulled my nix to one side and that tongue that had seemed slow and gentle became fast flicking and penetrating. Her mouth was totally over my pussy now her tongue buried deep inside me and me ohhhh Journal I was actually fucking her tongue.
Her fingers played with my clit all these emotions I just laid there d***k yet on fire and then this feeling as though my heart was going to stop. Inside I could feel my orgasm starting but it built up like the sea against a dam and suddenly released.
I could hear someone shouting, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” then I realised it was me. Suddenly her finger was sliding in and out of me, my hips were bucking hard and fast and then it happened. Like nothing I have ever felt a warm gush of liquid as though I was peeing myself but I know I wasn’t.
Oh Journal as I came she eased into me two more fingers and slowly turned her body till her legs were straddling my head. I have never done anything like this nor wanted too but the smell of her wet panties so drove me mad I just ripped off her nix and slammed my tongue deep into her moist pussy.
I felt her tonging my clit her fingers ramming in and out of me in rhythm to my hips. She tasted so sweet and it wasn’t long before I could hear her moaning she was cumming. Making her cum really seemed to excite me and I came again and lay back exhausted. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Gina was waking me up for breakfast and to get ready to go to the airport.
Maybe I had dreamed it all but if I had it was the most exciting dream I have ever had. Now I am closing as the stewardess is bringing the meals around. I will let you know how the flight was Journal when we get to our hotel in Jamaica……

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3 years ago
thanx for the comments sorry for the delay can asure you I am all male thanx
3 years ago
great sex for a girl thanbks
3 years ago
great intro to female sex lov to read the next one u sound like my wife she did almost the same thing!
3 years ago
TY its in the process of being written but thanx for the comment
3 years ago
like your story, can't wait for jamaica