Jealousy and Revenge

This story is my own Work though originally posted on another site. I have used it to open my account and hope to have a completely new story for this site shortly. Till Then I hope you enjoy my work. The story is completely fictional.
As I sit listening the songs on my media player the words
"Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you"
echo into my head phones. Tears start down my cheeks as I recall our argument over some stupid thing that for the life of me now I cannot remember. What I need to do is go around to yours and tell you how sorry I am and that I love you so much.

At 1am it’s probably a stupid thing to do as normally you’re in bed by now but I have to find out if there can still be an us. Oh darling how I wish I could have you in my arms right at this minute. My car starts its low growling engine sends shivers up my spine.

It only takes 15 minutes to get to your street and as I pull into it I see a car in your drive I recognise straight away. The tears that were in my eyes not 15 minutes ago have dried up, replaced with anger. I guess it didn’t take you long to find a substitute for me in your arms.

I sit watching, my car hidden higher up the street. Perhaps I was wrong and you deliberately set out to cause this row knowing I would storm off. You must have had this planned all the time. You and my best friend. Well I wanted revenge now, more than anything.

I sneak to the bottom of your living room window and looking through the crack to see you and him in a tight embrace. You bastards are going to pay for this stab in the back. When I think of all the times I wanted to make love to you but held off because you wanted to wait for marriage.

I know exactly what I plan to get revenge on both of you now. Yes it came to me in a flash. You! Who wanted to keep your precious virginity till you were married, were going to find out what fun love making could be. Okay it may be **** initially but I didn’t just want to **** you I wanted you so hooked on it you became a slut.

As for my best mate, Brian. That stupid thick jock of a football player I had to think about something fitting for him. Perhaps a little accident after your ****. I ran back to the car but didn’t feel like going home. One of the things about having money is you can do almost anything you want. Don’t let people tell you different.

Ignoring the speed signs I let my Italia 458 Ferrari like a sleek black cat run up the speed. I was already leaving the town outskirts and took the winding road. The speedo showed I was over the ton but I wanted so much to just fly at that minute.

All the anger flying around my body being translated into the speed I was doing. The engine seemed to tell me faster, faster! Screaming around the bend the tyres on the wet road slipped and my foot pressed harder onto the accelerator pulling me out of the collision with the tree.

I pulled into a clearing to think, gawd I wanted this revenge so bad. I just had to make sure I behaved normally towards them both till I had it all planned. I knew some dangerous places that might provide me with some people to help me achieve my revenge though I wanted her for myself.

I must have fallen asl**p and awoke thinking it was a dream till I realised I was still in the car and a state trooper was tapping on the window. Winding down the window he asked straight away for my licence. His attitude changed though when he saw who I was and obviously knew my father by reputation.

Sorry officer I couldn’t sl**p so brought the car out and sat watching the stars. Must have dropped off. I best be getting home in case my parents are worrying. What a jerk, he even tipped his hat to me. Yes money was power and I was going to exert that power to get what I wanted.

I showered and changed after getting home and going down joined my f****y for breakfast. The usual questions were asked namely did I stay at Penny’s. I told them we had had a late night but that I had slept in the car. Finishing I went to make that phone call to Penny,
“Hi Pen!”

“Jake!” She sounded surprised.

“Honey, about last night. Look I know I was to blame and I wouldn’t blame you if you told me it was finished but I am so sorry. You know how much I really love you!”

“I don’t want us to finish, I just wanted you to understand that’s all!”

Women, understand what. She held her bl**dy virginity in a higher respect than me.

“Would you like to talk later on today? I cannot do much till late on I’m afraid dad has arranged for me to go to his works and see what they do so it would be about 8ish. Perhaps we can still go to that Halloween Ball at the country club; you know I have our tickets!”

“Okay, but we have to talk. If we are going to get over this argument you have to understand!”

I understood alright she wanted me and my mate at the same time. I would give her a threesome she wouldn’t expect. I had till 7 to arrange things.

“Dad, any chance I could have an advance on my allowance?”

“What’s it for this time?”

“I was hoping to ask Penny to marry me and thought I would make a grand gesture and buy a ring to surprise her at the Ball tonight.”

“Oh that’s great son time you two got together she is a sweet girl. I’ll phone American Express and have your limit lifted shall we say $100,000. That way you can get a nice ring ok.”

Thanks so much dad can you do it now as I want to get out and organise a nice evening to pop the question.”

Armed with my new card I slipped into my car and headed to prepare things for tonight. First I wanted somewhere to take her too so that no one would hear screams or anything. The trouble with the posh end of town there isn’t really any place that’s derelict.

Unless, it came to me in a flash and I turned the car around. My mate and his parents had gone on holiday for a month and I was pretty sure they were still away. Pulling up the car to their security gates I tried the code he had given me a while back it was still the same.

Parking around the side next to the trees I knew that the car would not be seen from the gates. Walking to the door I picked up the stone safe that was there with the spare key in it. You wouldn’t know about it as it looked like every other stone but my mate had once forgotten his key while I was with him. They had an alarm but if the gate code was the same I bet their alarm code was too.

Their house was massive I mean ours was big but this one had ours beat. I looked though all the rooms starting with my mate’s but he had nothing of interest though he did have some handcuffs. Going to his s****rs room had my cock twitching. Going through her undies drawer I felt something hard at the back of the drawer.

Mmmmmm. A nice big vibro I lifted it to my nose. Her scent was all over it, I wanted to suck and lick it off but I had a better way to use her juices. At 19 she was one of the horniest girls around but I had never managed to get between her legs. Looking through the master bedroom I came across just what I was looking for an adult toy box.

They had allsorts of toys and manacles yes this was the place for Penny’s defloweration. Now to slip and get the ring that I had seen in a jewellers. Okay it was going to cost $1500 dollars but would give me a good alibi and who would think I would **** my own future wife.

Driving into Penny’s I was using the Ferrari but I already had a hired limo stashed so I could get her into it easily so she wouldn’t recognise it was me. I had crushed up some of my mom’s rohypnol and all I had to do was wait, till the ball got into full swing. Thank goodness for Halloween Balls. Some of the people were already dressed up in costumes,

When we arrived we sorted out two costumes. She was wearing a ghost costume which though hot a sheet did cover her identity very well and me I chose A rubber Dracula thing which did well to cover my id too. The waiting was exciting; my adrenalin was racing through me as the magic hour raced towards us.

Allowing about 10 minutes for the d**g to work I slipped it in her champagne. She drank it quite quickly with all the music and that I said,

Let’s slip into another room so we can talk. You said we needed to.

“Okay, I can’t hear myself think in here.”

She had no trouble walking and we were soon in the kitchen and then in a sort of larder that was not only quiet but just us too in it. The side door led straight outside and I positioned myself at the door we had just entered. Now to put my plan into action.

She went on about understanding it from her point of view but I came straight back saying,

“Look every one is fucking I have needs too, and you just don’t understand how hard it is to be celibate like this. Its not right, now either you are going to or……”

“If you’re talking like that there’s nothing else to be said.”

She spun and went straight out the side door but as the fresh air hit her she fell to her knees. I quickly picked her up and shoved her into the back of the limo and took off for my mate’s place. Once inside the doors were open I closed the thick blinds and only placed on the small lamps.

Covering the kingsize four poster bed with a plastic sheet in case she bled I placed a nice sheet over it after all I wanted to enjoy it too. I enjoyed stripping her of her clothes and by the time I had removed her lilac thong I was so horny I almost took her there and then but I wanted her awake.

As she came too she started at first to call my name and then my friends then with a quiver in her voice asked please tell me who you are. I spoke softly into the voice changer and told her that who I was did not matter. Placing my hand on her ankle I lightly started to run it up her inner thigh. Her head was going from side to side

“Please don’t I’m begging you!”

As my fingers slowly eased between her pussy lips I could feel the warmth from that delectable damp hole I longed to fuck. She looked like my angel but I couldn’t forget that this woman had broken my heart. Slowly I teased her clit. Feeling it starting to respond, I was glad I had baby oiled it to start with. Her body started to strain against the ties that held her spread-eagled.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh NNNNoooooooooo!”

She couldn’t see my smile as I felt her body slowly but surely getting hotter and hotter. Her stomach muscles tightening as her clit became more and more erect and her hips slowly started to undulate to get her pussy harder against my fingers. Already her juices were escaping her wet pussy. Her clit as engorged as it could get.


She knew she was fast approaching her first orgasm given by a man. Many times when we had groped one another she had stopped me long before we got to this point saying she knew she was approaching the point when she wouldn’t be able to stop. I had tried so hard to get her to this point now here she was.

I felt her pussy lips opening of their own accord. How I had wanted to make love to her and give her the best orgasm ever but now. I took a small whip from the toy box at the side of the bed and as she was on the edge of her orgasm stopped. The suddenness of me stopping and her not being able to finish herself off made her shout.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd you have to let me cum. Pppppppppplllllleeeeeeaseeeeee!”

Her hips were lifting off the bed her clit in clear view as she tried to get something to touch it. She got something to touch it alright I brought the whip firmly down so that it slapped her clit. The sting brought mixed emotions from her. First her hips fell straight to the mattress. Then came her scream!

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No please not again.

She was right, hurting her this way did nothing for me. I wanted to watch her cum and cum and cum till she begged me to stop and then I wanted her to blow me and swallow it all. I looked in and there was a small like butterfly with a little vibro on it when I examined it I found the wings closed so I closed it on her clit.

Almost as soon as it was on she was nearly bent in half and I watched her scream as her first full orgasm done by someone else took place. Seeing her, her hips lifting off the bed to try and press harder onto the butterfly clit vibro reminded me of my mates s****rs large vibro.

I switched it on and felt the first slow throb running right up my wrist. Slowly I watched as the tip slid in between her pussy lips with out disturbing the butterfly and once inside I eased it onto full. Her body lifted to fuck hard onto the vibro I held in my hand, watching her moan as she fast approched another orgasm. Her moan drove me mad with excitement as she shouted,

"Oh Yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaawd I'm going to cum again!"

It was no good I couldn’t watch any longer already I was pulling on my cock and it was at bursting point. My love for her was still so fucking strong how I hated my weakness.

I climbed between her legs and slid my cock deep inside her. There was no bl**d. No scream of pain. What went through my mind then was that obviously my mate had already fucked her. While she was saying NO to me she was opening her legs for him. I needed to kill him and now my temper was through the roof.

Untying her I carried her to the van I had stolen earlier. Throwing her still naked into the back with her hands tied I drove her onto the street and towards the entrance of the country club. When I got into position I dropped her out of the back and rang his cell.

“You want help when he answers just speak!”

I left her laying there stark naked knowing he would come running out to help her, hoping he didn’t bring anyone with him. I was right. He sprinted down the middle of the drive as my van thundered into life and though with out lights I managed to take his running form completely into the air before racing out of the gates.

I already had a place to set the van on fire. It had happened many times in this area as the club was on the outskirts of the town and the thieves used the area to destroy the cars they stole. As soon as the blaze was started I chucked the clothes I was wearing into the van they were so soaked in petrol there was a huge bang. Nothing would be left of it with that fire.

Running naked through the trees I emerged just by my Ferrari and in the dark pulled on my suit. The hardest part was to hit myself over the head. I had ofcourse already planned this and pulling one of the tree boughs back holding it with rope I stood in position and let the rope go. People were crowding around me as I came too.

The police where there in f***e naturally after all the richest and most influential people were involved even the chief of police was there.

“Penny! Where’s Penny, ohhhhh my head.”

I didn’t have to pretend about my head, I hadn’t thought how hard that damn thing would hit me. Mind it worked the police told me that someone had obviously waited for me and then taken Penny in a van. She had been badly sexually assaulted. Then brought back and for some reason had made her ring my friend and then ran him down.

“How’s Penny? How’s Brian? Please you have to tell me did they see anything? I need to see them!”

“We’ll get you to hospital then when you have been checked over we can let you see Penny and Brian. We will need to interview you a little more to see if you can remember anything prior to being hit ok?”

They checked me out and let me go in a wheel chair for my own safety to see Penny but Brian was still in theatre. When I got there she started crying straight away.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I will understand if you don’t want me now I am dirty!”

“I Love you darling”

Looking at her at that moment I had never felt so much love for any one. How I wish I could wind back the clock. I guess the saying is right revenge is best served cold. Just then a doctor came in and told me Brian was asking for me. I still felt anger but wondered could he have seen anything.

“Brian!” the shock in my voice was real ok.

“Come close,” he whispered. “Last night after you walked out I took Penny home.”

I thought Gawd he is going to make a confession here and I didn’t want to hear it.

“Its okay Brian just try and relax!”

“No they say I haven’t got long.”

The shock had my heart thumping in my chest. Where was my triumphant feeling? My satisfaction at getting revenge.

“She told me there has and can never be any one but you. She loves you so much she wants you two to marry!” as he said this in a croaky voice I watched his eyes glaze over.

What had I done I had killed my own best friend and hurt the lady I loved for nothing. I watched as his parents cried, his mother distraught and me I just felt empty, as empty as the pumpkins you hollow out for Halloween………..

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