My Awakening

I had been chatting to him for a while. We exchanged pictures and he was hot, better still he liked what he saw. We arranged to meet up one Monday as it's my day off. I was very nervous as I carefully chose my outfit. Black lace bra, panties and suspenders (I adore suspenders I feel so sexy in them) I chose a grey dress, trousers were not an option!! I finished my look in a pair of black stilettos and a generous spray of scent!! One last approving glance in the mirror and I grabbed my coat and scarf. I was beginning to feel wet with excitement as I waited for him to arrive. The car stopped and I climbed in, a quick glance at him and said hi. He was smiling, finding my discomfort amusing!! As he drove he reached over and slid his hand up my leg until he felt my skin!! Satisfied he withdrew it. Take your knickers off!! I almost fainted!! I looked at him, but he was unwavering!! Take them off now he said more firmly!! I was embarrassed but strangely excited as I bent and removed them. I reached to put them in my bag, give them to me he said, holding his hand out. I just handed them over and he held them to his face, taking in my scent. He never took his eyes off the road as he then told me to open my legs wide and touch my wet cunt!! Oh boy was it wet!! He pulled my dress up so he could see me flicking and rubbing my clit!! I couldn't believe what I was doing but I knew I couldn't stop!! We had reached his house and he parked in the garage. I expected us to get out but no!! He leaned over and kissed me hard, then he whispered in my ear, now make yourself cum!! He grabbed and pinched my skin on my thighs, then pulled my scarf tight around my throat!! I've never been so turned on in my entire life!! Take your dress off!! We were still in his car, in the garage? I looked straight at him, and knew I would do it!! He pushed 2 fingers into my dripping wet cunt and I pushed towards him wanting more!! He laughed and removed them then jerked my head back by my long blonde hair forcing his fingers into my mouth making me lick my juice!! He kept my hair pulled and I closed my eyes!! I loved this!! Then he pulled my bra off, exposing my huge full tits and already hard nipples!! I winced in pain as he attached metal clamps to first one then both of my nipples!! I'd never felt such pain or such pleasure!! I needed to cum and cum hard!! As I started to work my dripping cunt he started to slap my thighs, god I was going to explode, cum you dirty slut!! That was enough and with a loud moan I came hard over my fingers, dripping onto his car seat!! He yanked my head back hard and put his hand around my throat as he whispered that I was a worthless whore!! He told me to open my mouth and dribbled his saliva onto my tongue, telling me not to swallow until he said I could!! I was in a different world!! Horny again as never before!! He released the clamps from my nipples and the feelings were just so intense!! He yanked my head to his crotch, I could see he was hard!! I started to undo his trousers, releasing his long hard cock! I'd hardly done this when he pushed it so far into my mouth I thought I'd choke!! I gagged as he rammed it in hard my saliva running down him!! His grip on my hair tightened as I began to suck!! Working his cock with my tongue and sucking hard!! I cupped his tight balls in my hand and continued to suck!! I could feel him ready as he f***ed my head down hard, his hot cum hitting the back of my throat, I swallowed, not wanting to spill a drop!! His hand released my hair and I released his cock!! He took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply!! I could still taste his salty cum and it was horny knowing he must too!!!
He leaned over me and flipped my seat back!! On your knees you dirty slut!! You wanted a good spanking and that's what I'm going to give you now!! I almost came at the thought!! On my knees my ass exposed he began spanking me!! Harder I screamed!! Harder he spanked!! I knew I would cum as he f***ed his fingers in my dripping wet cunt then as I started he pushed a finger into my ass!! I came and came like never before!! Good little slut!! Then he started the car and drove me back home!! I was still in my undies but didn't care!! This man, this stranger had just taken me somewhere new and exciting, I knew I wanted more!! He parked near my flat and I quickly dressed!! He lifted my face and kissed me, go home slut, I'll be in touch!!
I'm waiting wanting him wanting more!!!

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3 years ago
Fantastic, got me hard just reading it - you must have loved it xx
3 years ago
love tour story ,made me rock hard xx , can i see your arse , love,em big x
3 years ago
hot! made me cum
3 years ago
Nice story but could do with expanding. Really lets us know every tingle and sensation going through you.