Sub training

I'd finally found an experienced Dom who was happy to show me the ropes!!
Now here I was, dressed like a slut(as he'd demanded)short black skirt, fishnet holdups, high heels, a top which showed off my huge tits and no knickers!! Just waiting, dressed like that and imagining what was to come already had my pussy wet!! He drew up in his car and I climbed in. He pulled my legs apart roughly and shoved a finger into my wet pussy "Ok slut push this into your pussy and leave it in" - he handed me a little vibrator! I easily inserted it into my wet pussy and completed our journey with it pulsating inside me!! Inside he pulled off my top and my bra, exposing my huge tits, then carefully bound each one with tape!! It felt amazing and tight!! Pegs were applied to each nipple which he pulled and twisted as I winced in exquisite pain!! As he told me what a filthy slut I was he pulled my skirt off and told me to bend over!! I was dripping wet now and the little vibe fell out!! The first smack with his hand stung slightly and I knew I wanted more!! Harder and harder he spanked, god I could have cum so hard but he'd told me under no circumstances was this bitch to cum!! I'd pleased him by taking such a hard spanking so he rewarded me with a good paddling on my already tender ass!! I was loving every pain filled second!! I didn't hesitate once when he let me lick his balls and suck his huge cock his hand gripping my hair so tightly and forcing his cock deeper into my mouth!! When he came it was over my tits and it was just amazing knowing I'd pleased him!! He kindly asked if I was ready for more although he knew I was his willing sub slut now!! He fastened a large leather collar around my neck with a long thick silver lead attached!!! Everything about it blew my mind more than I'd dare dream!! He yanked me up by my lead and started slapping my tits!!! I'd never expected this but my mind and body ached for more!! He sat me back down and showed me an ankle restraint!! Oh yes I wanted this!! He fastened it on and I loved it I was helpless and he controlled my every move !! My legs were lifted high and a huge vibrator f***ed deep into my wide wet cunt!! I was begging to cum and at last he let me!! My whole body was shaking as my orgasm came in huge waves!! "Master is very pleased with you bitch" I was so happy!! I'd been pulled and pushed into every imaginable position yet still I hadn't had enough!! He undid the ankle restraints and led me by my collar to his bed!! Shackled to the 4 corners I was spread wide for him, face down!! My tits still taped and huge and bulging!! I felt the coolness as he squirted lube on my ass then pressure I'd never felt before as he pushed a butt plug deep into me!! The final humiliation for me but I knew it made my master happy! He pulled me to a kneeling position and as he pulled on the pegs on my nipples he fucked me long and hard until he came all over my ass!!! My first very gentle introduction to being a sub slut and mild in comparison to lots but it has made my desire for more even greater!!
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2 years ago
Made me stiff baby x