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(true story)

When I was 15, I had a friend Ted, who's dad was a rich trucking company owner. he lived a mile or so from my house, I always walked the road to visit him, spending most of my summer at his big house with the pool. As we became best friends, it was obvious who was the dominant of personalities between us. It wasn't anything sexual, just how it was between us. Anytime his mom or dad gave him chores, he and his older b*****r would always have me do them, so I could use the pool with them and hang out with them. I wasn't poor, just an upper middle class k**, but they were actually rich and had things all teenagers would dream of.
As we would drink his dad's booze, we always got horny talking about the girl's in the neighborhood we wanted to fuck, and would pull out our dicks in anticipation.. Ted's dick was long and thick, as was his b*****r's, and they always giggled at how mine was still small though I had gone through puberty. One night when Ted and I had been alone all day, swimming and drinking, we pulled out dicks out and watched some porn. I had already been sucking my friend David's dick for over a year, and this night the temnptation was overwhelming. I would show ted how hot it would be if a girl walked in and wanted to suck him off, by leaning over and making sucking sounds, just as I did when I was doing to David a year earlier. He was laughing and put his dick back in his swim trunks, but this happened often afterwards.
Finally, one night in bed, we were goofing off and I just took his wole dick down my throat and started sucking. he was shocked and told me not to do that if I didn't want to, but I kept sucking until he came in my mouth. When he saw I had swallowed his cum, he laughed and called me a fag. The next day he left and never came back, but i saw him about 2 years later out cruising in town. I went up to his window, and he asked "what's up fag" and I just said not much. he smiled and drove away. That was the last time I saw him, but I know he loved his blowjob I had given him two years before, because it was so sloppy, loving and real.
Posted by CuteGuy2Use 2 years ago
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1 year ago
He doesn't know what he's missing, you are hot sweetheart !
2 years ago
he sounds like a jerk.