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My Sakalai Fucks My Wife

Hello, I am from Coimbatore. My name is Mathan (age40) and my wife name is Vanaja (age37). We have 2 k**s. Our married life was very smooth and fine. On Sunday holiday my wife and me will go to Cafe for browsing and will see sex videos and photos in the net.
My wife surprised to see the long size of cock in a video. She said that she get full orgasm in our intercourse when she thinks of the longs size cock. I must say that I have only 4inch long cock. With this size I satisfied my wife fully. However my wife started to talk about long size cock whenever we are having sex.
I said if you want, you may select a person and share bed with him. First she kept saying ‘I am not that kind of girl, I am belonged to very respectable f****y’. But repeated talks from me to have sex with new persons turned her to agree for third person sex.
I asked her to look for suitable person for her choice. After long discussions, we find its very safety if she go bed with her s****r husband. Her s****r husband is very bad in sex matter, and whenever she goes to her s****r’s home he will look her in a way a dog look for a dog for sex(from my wife’s words).
Her s****r is a character that she always boost about her husband’s talents. One of her remarks about her husband is he has long long penis, and she could not tolerate his strokes. Her talks excited my wife, and she will tell all this to me.
I asked first to try her s****r husband. My wife will go to her s****r home every Sunday. On one Sunday, her s****r goes to hospital to see a close relation. The hospital is 50 km distance, and she goes to it by car driven by Driver. Her husband stays back in home for some urgent work. When I come to know it I asked my wife to go to her s****r home, without telling that her s****r is not in home.
I arranged a cell phone with a headphone with automatic reply on, in her bag. When she about it, I said all is for her safety. She went. After 30 mints, when I am sure, at this time she will be in her s****r home, I called her phone and listened to what is happening.
Some vehicles noise in road, and light walking noise, and noise of opening a gate. After a little while, the voice of my wife. My wife: where is she?
My Sakalai: She went to Hospital, to see a patient.
My wife: oh, ok, I will come next week,
My Sakalai: please come in, why you should go away, please come in, and relax for some time. After go away.
My wife: ok. Give me some water.
Some noises. Then
My wife: what are you doing on computer?
Sakalai: some video, “what video?”, “sorry, u don’t like to see it, it’s only for gents to see”, my wife “there is not a video for gents only, let me see it”. After some mints, my wife says”cheee… nasty, u r very bad, is this video u seeing when my s****r is gone out, wait, i will her about it”.
Sakalai: “ok, u tell your s****r, I will tell my Sakalai that your wife was watching sex video with me”
My wife: “hi are threatening?” “No, I am threatening. Just joking.”
My wife: ok, I am leaving.
Sakalai: oh, please wait, Then I heard some confusing noises and my wife voice saying that leave me, hi scoundrel, rascal, bastard. I could hear my Sakalai voice begging my wife like please allow me, please come to bed, please only one time, I will not ask for any more, please, pls. pls.
My wife: no way, I am going. I could hear some fighting noises and someone falling on floor and my wife’s cries for help.
I could hear my Sakalai saying that please don’t make noises, no one will come here, its a remote place, please adjust with me, please help me, I am very very attracted of your big boobs, my wife has little boobs, please lay back, please help me. Then I could hear some noises of struggling sounds, suddenly my Sakalais saying that, hi see this, see this, do u see this size in your life. Now I could hear my wife says’chee, Naan paarkkamatten, ennai vidu naan poganum (tamil), (I won’t see, let me go),
But, suddenly my wife saying that hi don’t, don’t, don’t, hi what are u doing, hi, hamma hamma, ahmmma, hi, leave me, leave me,
My wife voice coming continusioly as, hi leve me, mmma mmma, hi please, please, don’t do anything to me, please, ennai vitudo, ennai vitudo,
My Sakala is saying, your bra is very super, open the bra, my wife says no, he is saying open it or I will fuck in your mouth, suddenly my wife says oh, innaikku naan unkitta vanthu maatikitten,,nee enna venumunalum pannikko, naan unakku sammathikka matten.
Suddenly my wife cries loudly, mmmma mmmma slow, slow, please I got pain, please slow, I could guess now my Sakalai is entering into my wife pussy. I could hear my wife voice just as mmmma mmma, ayyo, mmma, mmm, please, please, slow please, leave me please, then just mmm, mmm, mmm, voices only. I could guess my wife is started to enjoying my Sakalai fuck. I could hear lot of noises of cock strokes, and mixing sounds and moanings of my wife and my Sakalais adoring words of my wife beauty. Now my Sakalai is asking my wife,” ennadi, eppadi endra adi, nalla irukkutha? ” My wife’s voice comes as”mmm, Nalla irukkuthunga, rompa Nalla irukkuthunga. En pursankitta oru nalum intha mathiri anupavichathillai. Unga neela sunniyala ennai summa poratti poratti edukureengale, rompa sogama irukkuthunga”
I shocked to hear my wife comparison of my size with him. Suddenly my wife cried loudly and my sakalai saying that “vaangikko, vaangikko, endra vithai (seeds) un pundaikkul poguthu, Nalla nappikko”
Then silence for few mints. Washing sounds, my wife says ok, I am going, don’t tell my s****r I came here this day. Sakalai says don’t tell your husband this also.
After 30 mints my wife comes to my home in her car. I could see all of her dresses were very nasty. She went directly to bath room and had a bath and didn’t speak to me. I didn’t ask her anything about it.
Posted by CuteFish 4 years ago
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