my b*****r and my s****r husband fuck me away

One day I was sl**ping in bed
And my s****r husband come down from he room to go to the bath room
And he open my room door
And come inside
I was in the nude
He come next to me with has big cock up
He say I like to play with you now, I say your wife sl**ping? He say yesssssssss
Why I come down to u
I say ok.. He was play with my ass lick it..
He tell me to sit on he cock and I sit on has big cock
All inside me and he cum in side juice cum after he bend me over and fuck me in the ass

He fuck me 3 time same night after he say I fuck you s****r3 time too
You have her pussy on you too
And after my bother come home late and see he come out of my room
And ask me why his he in your room for?
I say he was look for capsules b*****r
He say noooooooooo he is fuck you?
Yes bother no tell mum or dad or s****r please and I will fuck you too
He say ok
Now you suck my cock too like this
I was very surprise to see my b*****r cock was big about 8 inch

Wait I like to fuck you doggy style ok little s****r

After I will spread your legs and clamp your lips and bend you over put my big cock in you cum in your ass tooo oh yesss bother cum in me tooo

He fuck me about 3 time he away now sl**p with me now
Only time my s****r husband fuck me he wat b*****r is out and s****r is cook food for he
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3 years ago
u sound so fucking dum i know u still in school do yo ommy and daddy know u watch porn wtf
3 years ago
School helps grammar.
4 years ago
Wonderful Grammar
4 years ago
very sexy story i enjoed it verymuch thanks