My naughty neighbour Big Bob.....

It all started with a neighbour of mine called Bob who was always leering at me in the garden. Ok it may have been partly my fault as sometimes I wore some very skimpy bikinis and sometimes when I thought no-one was watching I actually went topless. Bob was in his 50’s and was always making small chat and trying to engage me in conversation and he seemed sweet enough. But I sometimes wanted a bit of peace and quiet and I could tell by the size of the lump in Bob’s trousers that he had an ulterior motive.

This went on for a year or two and on each occasion Bob was getting braver and bolder with his innuendo, chat and outright flirting. He was always complimenting my body especially my legs and bum. The cheeky bugger was always saying if he was 20 years younger what he would like to do with me with a big grin.

Anyway on one particular hot afternoon I had been out for a pub lunch with a friend and had felt a bit tipsy after a few wines. When I got home I changed into my white hot pants and a bikini top. I poured another large wine and headed for a spot of sunbathing in the garden. After 5 mines and right on queue Bob was at the fence checking me out and starting to chat. I think he realised I was a little tipsy and was more outrageous than usual. After a bit more chat and maybe a little harmless flirting on my part Bob suggested I come round for another drink. As it began to get cloudy and I was running out of wine I thought why not.

So I quickly went home and touched on my lipstick and added some more perfume as I was getting a funny feeling about getting him turned on. With all the wine I was feeling brave and decided to see where it went.

For an older single guy I was surprised how clean and tidy his house was. I complimented him on this as he poured me a very large wine. I sat on his kitchen stool and crossed and uncrossed my legs to drive him wild and laughed loudly at his banter and cheek. I could also see a very large lump in his trousers as his face was bright red with excitement. I went over to look out of the window accidentally (well sort of) brushing past the ever growing lump in his trousers.

As I glanced out the window with my back to him I wiggled my bum so he could get a good view. Then I felt him approach asd he started to nuzzle into my neck and began kissing my neck and ears. I then felt him put his tongue in my ear which drove me wild. I felt his lump gyrating into my bum as his breathing (and mine) got harder and faster. I said “Bob you mustn’t you naughty man” and giggled. But I didn’t want it to stop as I was now very horny indeed and he knew it.

I turned round and rubbed his lump in his trousers as he kissed me full on. His tongue was darting all over my mouth as he embraced me tightly. His hands were roaming all over my hot pants as he slowly started to pull them down. Underneath I had on my sky blue silky bikini panties which were now getting rather moist. I then unzipped his trousers and put my hand inside. OMG he was a lot bigger than I imagined and was so hard it felt like an iron bar.
He was leaking pre cum too and I sunk to my knees pulling his trousers down with me. I pulled down his boxers and he stood to full attention and must have been 7-8 inches long and it was very thick too. I slipped my lips over his cock licking up all of his pre-cum.

Bob was loving this and was playing with my long hair as I carried on sucking and licking him. I felt like being under his spell as he gently pulled me up and was kissing me full on again. Suddenly I felt my hot pants being pulled down to my ankles along with my now sodden panties and I remember feeling giddy with excitement (and maybe the wine lol) when Bob commented on my shaven pussy.”

In no time at all he had cupped my pussy and started fingering me. It felt good and I quickly lost control as he ordered me to remove my bikini top. I did as he demanded and he wasted no time in sucking my nipples. He was grunting like mad as his hands moved from my breasts and pussy, back and forth as if spoiled for choice.”

I’ve wanted to get my hands on these tits since I first laid eyes on you, he said. Those were his exact words and I melted when I heard them. I couldn’t help it. There I was a very tipsy 33 year old with a neighbour 20 years my senior holding the largest cock I had ever seen.

He started sucking my nipples harder and was fingering me deeper until I screamed yes, yes, oh Bob you naughty man as I came to my first climax He started to rub my clit as he rubbed his cock harder against my lips. I kept saying “oh Bob that feels soooo good and I was moaning in pleasure as I said it.”

Bob leaned forward and sucked my neck, giving me this huge love bite. He told me how he had dreamt of this moment for months, longing to plunge his cock inside me and make me come with him.” I’m going to fuck you so hard Nic” he kept saying, over and over again.

“Are you ready to be fucked now Nic?”He kept asking me. “Yes, I replied, I’m so so ready for you Bob. And with that I felt him ram his cock deep inside me.”

It felt out of this world. I couldn’t believe he was inside of me. I mean he was right up inside of me.

“After making me come again he pulled me down from the and bent me over the kitchen table. I felt weak; he gave me no time to recover as he slid straight back inside me again. My tits were squashed against the table, squeaking as he rocked me up and down his cock.”

When I started to come a second time I grabbed the edge of the table, I couldn’t help it because Bob had pulled his cock out and I was desperately pushing back, trying to find him.”

“Go on.” I encouraged.

“He made me beg for his cock and when I did he slammed back inside me so f***efully he brought on a quick successive climax. He gave me a multiple orgasm right before he came himself. He shot it so deep inside my womb which just about finished me off.

I just lay on the table full of his cum as he withdrew from and then walked round to the front of me and asked him to lick him clean. I did just that and knew then and there that this was going to be one of many afternoon of full on lust sex with my lovely neighbour now named “big Bob”.

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1 year ago
Oh yes very hot ...Bob is one very lucky man to fill you so good .
1 year ago
Goodness how erotic .You certainly have the ability to make youre story as hot as hell..It gave me such a thrill reading this and I look forward to anyothers you may have.Lucky Big Bob. XXXXX
1 year ago
Lucky Bob, wish it had been me!!
1 year ago
great story nic
1 year ago
Very nice indeed ... uv got my 'little bob' standing to attention ;)
1 year ago
Damn that nearly made me cum!
2 years ago
Just my luck!
Bob has Nic next door....
and I have a scrawny bird with a bloody
fish on the back of her car! :(
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
I like Big Bob!
2 years ago
wow loved that story
2 years ago
That was horny as fuck!!
2 years ago
fab x
2 years ago
Great story Nic....i can just imagine you begging for more on the kitchen table...;-) x
2 years ago
Great fucking story
2 years ago
mmmm so fucking hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
big bob yum !!
2 years ago
We both loved it!
2 years ago
very hot