Demented Detention

That weekend's detention was the usual slow dragging mass of a day. Unfortunately I was out of luck as Ms. Evans the Biology teacher was not invigilating the class. Strangely enough I appeared to be the only one who arrived for detention. I look at Ms. Parker who sat directly ahead of me as she earlier on had f***ed me to sit there. I glance at her petite figure. Her breasts were large and fantasies flooded my brains dry field of thought. Her cleavage was exposed thus being a bit too much revealing. I was dazed by the moment of pure ecstasy that coursed through my body. Then out of the blues Ms. Parker asked in a loud tone whether I was gazing at her breasts fingering her nipple with her left hand. After consequitive denial from me and persistence from her I gave in. She proceeded to get up and stroll towards the door. I decided to keep a clear mind until I heard the lock close shut. I f***ed myself not to turn but my curiosity led me to paradise. Walking back to her... No my desk... Was Ms. Parker half naked her jugs firm and erect. She ordered me to stand up after some hesitance I mustered the strength to stand. Sliding in my chair into the desk. I turned to face my teacher. She yanked my hand rubbed it across her lips then across the erect nipples of her wondorous breast. My dick was hard and threatened to rip the fabric of my denim jeans. She let go of my hand and slowly kneeled down and began to undress me. She unbuckled my belt then proceeded to unzip and unbutton my pants and boxer. 'My, my. my , she exclaimed as my entire 7 inches slid out. She wasted no time. She began with low strokes with then finally she took the whole shaft down her throat. She sucked hard and the sensatiom made release my pre-cum. She got up quick stating that I had 2min to satisfy her and another 5 to get into business. I kneeled as she sat on a desk. I spread her legs apart and slowly began penetrating the lips of her cunt with my tongue. I toyed with her clit rolling it round my mouth and sucking on it. Time was upon us and my dick throbbed in eagerness for penetration. I got up from my kneeling posture, I began teasing her with the head of my cock. Her body shook and she was drenched in sweat that made her body seem lubricated. I slid my cock in against the wetness of her lips that constricted around my dick with every thrust. With my right hand I ensured that her tits were not forgotten. I wet my hands with the first load of cum I shot as it dripped below my dick. She cummed shortly after her juices spiralling around my dick and lubricating it. With one last but deep thrust I shot it right up her cunt and she moaned in delight. I then pulled out of her. She instictively got to her knees and sucked my cock and balls. I then cummed a hot load into the depths of her mouth. Then the door opened and to our horror stood my school dean and her boss...
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3 years ago
good but short