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Getting the most out of your cunt - Slapping

We all know every cunt needs a good slap now and then, but what makes a good slap?

In my experience there a few simple things you can do to give your cunt the slap it deserves.

1. Stroke the area you wish to slap first, it stimulates the skin, bring bl**d to the surface making it more sensitive.

2. Slapping a wet area will hurt more as the water (piss, spit or whatever liquid) will compress againest the skin effectively giving 2 slaps for the price of one.

3 Temperature is also important, slapping a cold area will produce a more stinging effect than slapping a warm area.

4 Cupping your hand slightly while slapping creates a more satisfying sound as the air caught between the hand and target is f***ed out.

5 The element of suprise is never to underestimated. It can be hard to do the other steps first but the suprise slap can be effective without them.

6 Pratice makes perfect. As with anything, if you want to be good at something, practice, practice, practice.

If anyone has any tips on slapping a cunt I would love to hear from you as well as any cunts on the best slap they've had.

Disclaimer - Please don't go slapping random people in the street. Slapping should be done with the people you love in your own home.

Further disclaimer - I don't condone abuse to women, you should never slap your bitch in anger.

Further further disclaimer - Unless she really deserves it. Which we all know they do. Lol

Posted by Cunt-slapper 3 years ago
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1 month ago
You sound like a professional! It's such a turn on to know there is men out there that know how to properly use a woman.
8 months ago
7) "de-bling" (remove any rings - eg. wedding bands; metal bracelets; sharp objects and whatnots from your hands to lower arms) before starting to slap your cunt.
You want to slap her hard, not cut her.
Slapping = good, signs usually disappear quickly
Cutting = bad, more visible, can produce scarring
1 year ago
I like getting slapped and choked while getting fucked....the best is when I'm getting butt fucked and choked and/or slapped at the same time...its hot being treated like a piece of fuck meat!
1 year ago
mmmm practice on me please x
1 year ago
My wife loves to slap her cunt during sex. :)
1 year ago
Slapping? sexual element 4 me
1 year ago
A well trained cunt will slap herself for you on your command:-)
1 year ago
Awww... damn!
I was just 'bout to go outside to have some fun, slapping random people on the street... but then I read your disclaimer.
1 year ago
do you mean light slaps/smacks or hard slaps like you would punish someone's ass with?
2 years ago
Slapping master!
2 years ago
Once they're wound up enough clit slapping is where it's at for me. Have caused some great orgasms with this!
2 years ago
Slapping with a cock is surely pretty good? x
2 years ago
Simply Amazing! Now, I need a Bitch to volunteer!
2 years ago
I'd love to hear responses from women on techniques they've enjoyed while being cunt slapped,

and tips are always good.

How would a small flogger work for cunt slapping?
2 years ago
A good throat fucking always helps. Once her throat cum starts to flow, smear that thick clear liquid all over her face preferably smearing her eye makeup all over her face as well. Then a nice solid slap session is in order, and by now her little holes should be dripping with fuck fluid!
2 years ago
Fill the cunt with piss before and keep spittin in it's face while yer slappin it.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hahaha! Fuck yeah. Now this is one of the many ways to put a bitch in her place.
3 years ago
I'm going to print this story out and give it to the next guy to read before he starts slapping my cunt. Thank you for the tips!
3 years ago
bro this fuckin blog is genius. i couldnt have said it any better myself. i can tell ur a fuckin professional cunt slapper. tha only thing i can recommend is dont forget tha use of other objects when slappin a bitch. for example.. slapping a cunt with a whip might satisfy a man more at times then just slapping with ur hand. it all depends on how ya feel at tha time and what kinda motherfucka ya really is. i prefer just tha use of my hands on a bitch.. but sometimes objects like whips are fun too. keep slappin homie. great blog.
3 years ago
the last disclaimer had me rolling on the floor
3 years ago
use a wet towel it hurt like hell but does not leave a make so you can punish the cunt for as long as you like
3 years ago
Just wanted to echo what MaxxxCady has said and also to suggest that the tactics used in Jackass 3 be implemented some of the time. Sneak up on the bitch, unleash a glass of cold water from the left side, followed by a hard slap/punch from the right.
3 years ago
You're fucking right buddy!
surprise is decisive for a good slap and, of course, is important that the face were full of spit before slapping session.
I like to slap with her eyes open. If they close her eyes while I slap I punch