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Getting the most out of your cunt - No hands blowj

Don't you hate it when you tell your cunt to suck your cock and the dumb bitch starts sucking and puts her hand around the base to stop you throat fucking the slut. If I want a hand job, I would have told you give me a hand job.

So, how do you train your cunt to give no hand blowjobs? Its very simple (just like the cunt!).

When the cunt puts a hand on your cock, pull out, reach back your hand and slap it across the face and say "Suck my cock."

Rinse and repeat until the cunt gets the idea and starts giving no hands blowjobs.

If you have an intelligent cunt (an oxymoron I know) they could learn in as few as 3 slaps. If after 10 slaps they still don't get it, handcuff the cunts hands behind it back and throat fuck the bitch to your hearts content.

If when you tell a cunt to give you a blowjob and they don't use their hands, congratulations you have found a true cunt-slut, a rare breed. Of course giving it a few reminder slaps to keep it trained never hurt anyone.

Happy wanking and fucking everyone.
Posted by Cunt-slapper 3 years ago
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28 days ago
very nice
3 months ago
Wise words of a wise man.
2 years ago
so true
3 years ago
i guess i'm one of those rare ones.
3 years ago
Tell em ...
3 years ago
It just FUN when they start using their hands , just slap them away, look deep in the slut eyes and tell her NOT EVEN TRY to touch my cock again with your filthy whorehands.. I have no use of your HANDS. Ok . !? Just OPEN your throat for me slut!!! Ahhh
3 years ago
once again bro.. i couldnt have said it anay better then how ya spelled this shit out right here. perfect way to train ur bitch. my current gf bitch is a true cockfiend. i have an 8inch cock and she deepthroats and gags on my cock almost whenever i feel like it. i can throatfuck tha bitch like she was sasha greor amber rayne. tha problem with tha bitch is she hates anal. almost refuses everytime. this is a HUGE fuckin problem with me. well.. i should say her more like. i like tha fact that she hates it but i hate tha fact that i have to beg tha bitch to get in her asshole. i would give up throatfuckin tha bitch to start buttfuckin her. i might have to get rid of tha whore.
3 years ago
Wise words my friend. Belts can be useful when it comes to restraining whores.
3 years ago
I never use my hands!
3 years ago
Damn right!!!
If after 10 slaps the dumb whore still don't get it, is time to go to the punchs!
3 years ago
You rule my man!!!
3 years ago
great advice now fuck the cunt throat and make her dad
3 years ago
Sage advice!