£5 per Slap.

I strip you naked and put a dog collar and lead around your neck and bring you out into the cold night air. I place you in the boot of my car and drive.

We stop and I get you out of the boot, you look around. You have no idea where you are.

We walk for 20 minutes, cars honking and people staring at you.

We reach a rough area of town and I find a lamp post on a corner.

I handcuff your hands behind your back around the lamp post.

I tape a sign above your head


For 3 hours your your face becomes a spitball target for strangers, your body and face is red and sore from slapping.

I count my money, £250. Not bad for a cunt slut whore.

I release your hand and put the collar back on.

We walk back to the car, the spit on your face drying in the night air, your slapped flesh stinging more as the cold hits it.

We reach the car. I look at you. Your a mess. I dont want you in my car looking like that.

I pull out my hard earnt money. Spit on your forehead and stick a £5 note to it.

"Im to good to you, giving you money to get home" I say as I get into my car and drive away.

84% (14/2)
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2 months ago
I understand your concern about your car , but giving her £5 is far too generous , I have sent tv/cd maids home on foot for a similar reasons , piss and cum stain the upholstery.
7 months ago
fuck yes perfect treatment for me
7 months ago
2 years ago
next time should charge £10 to cum or piss on the stupid whore lol
3 years ago
you sound angry or resentful, hope I'm wrong but if I'm not... good luck
3 years ago
fuckin beautiful! that made my cock fuckin hard. goddamn u r good with ur words. ohhh i can tell u know how to slap a fuckin cunt. this is like fuckin poetry. im savin this in my favorites. good fuckin job.
3 years ago
3 years ago
very nice. love a real man who knows how to treat cunts
3 years ago
Nice story. Some whores born to that.
4 years ago
Nice one
4 years ago
put here in the boot