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Getting the most out of your cunt - Slapping

We all know every cunt needs a good slap now and then, but what makes a good slap?

In my experience there a few simple things you can do to give your cunt the slap it deserves.

1. Stroke the area you wish to slap first, it stimulates the skin, bring bl**d to the surface making it more sensitive.

2. Slapping a wet area will hurt more as the water (piss, spit or whatever liquid) will compress againest the skin effectively giving 2 slaps for the price of one.

3 Temperature is also important, slapping a cold area will produce a more stinging effect than slapping a warm area.

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Getting the most out of your cunt - No hands blowj

Don't you hate it when you tell your cunt to suck your cock and the dumb bitch starts sucking and puts her hand around the base to stop you throat fucking the slut. If I want a hand job, I would have told you give me a hand job.

So, how do you train your cunt to give no hand blowjobs? Its very simple (just like the cunt!).

When the cunt puts a hand on your cock, pull out, reach back your hand and slap it across the face and say "Suck my cock."

Rinse and repeat until the cunt gets the idea and starts giving no hands blowjobs.

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[Story] The Office Cunt

Been at work all day and your desk has been empty all day. I ask the person on the next desk to yours

“Where’s the cunt today?”

“She called in sick” is the reply

Like fuck I think, bet she at home watching tv and being a lazy whore. I decide I’m going to pay you a visit to see how sick you really are and for sake you better be. I go to leave, then have an idea. I go to the security desk and see that the shift change is happening. Perfect! 4 of the guards are getting ready to go home.

“I’m off to pay the office cunt a visit at home and fuck her. Wanna come?” I ask them.

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[Story] £5 per Slap.

I strip you naked and put a dog collar and lead around your neck and bring you out into the cold night air. I place you in the boot of my car and drive.

We stop and I get you out of the boot, you look around. You have no idea where you are.

We walk for 20 minutes, cars honking and people staring at you.

We reach a rough area of town and I find a lamp post on a corner.

I handcuff your hands behind your back around the lamp post.

I tape a sign above your head


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Morning Glory

Would have you wait in my bathroom at 730 in the morning, naked on your knees hand behind your back.

At 8am I walk in to the bathroom and take my morning piss over your face. Like the dirty cunt you are you swallow mouthfuls of my hot steaming piss.

Once Ive empted my bladder on you its time to empty my balls.

I drag you over to the toilet ny your hair, f***e your head over the bowl and tell you to stick your arse in the air.

My morning glory is going right up your shitter and your cunt head is going down the toilet.

As I pump you hard and fast I flush your head.

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