They fucked my girlfriend and made me watch. Ch.1


I was sat on the couch, a boy of only s*******n, drinking whiskey with my dad's two friends. There was Ian, a tall, stocky guy in his early fifties, with broad shoulders, grey hair and a face that only a mother could love. The other was Martin, forty-eight years old, with black hair that carried streaks of grey already and thick glasses. He was shorter than Ian and much slimmer but he had a handsome face, I could tell he had once been very good looking. I'd just had my third shot of the stuff, I wasn't much of a drinker, so already I felt tipsy. My dad had long since passed out. We got to talking, me, Ian and Martin, about past fucks. They had some great stories, I could feel a tingle in my crotch as I heard how they fucked many girls in various ways. Then they turned to me for my stories. I'd only had one girlfriend, current lady, a beautiful hispanic with an arse that could mesmorise a man. I showed them pics of her on my phone and they grinned and oogled her as I told them how much she loved sucking my dick with her thick lips. I could see Ian rubbing the bulge in his jeans.
They poured a few more drinks down me and once I was feeling very buzzed, they got talking about her, her sexy body, beautiful lips, how I was lucky, how they'd never get a girl like her. Then they asked if they could watch. At first, I was apprehensive to agree but they told me it would be strictly watching and jerking off. That didn't seem so bad at the time. I came to regret that ...

Chapter one:

Lucy, my hispanic girlfriend, stood next to me dressed in this silk black top that hugged her breasts, with a zip that went up her arm for easy access. She had on a demin mini skirt that barely contained her arse and some stockings. I made her dress sexy for today. Once I was sober, I'd convinced her to do this. As you may imagine, she was shocked and angry at first but after an expensive meal and some jewelry, which isn't as easy as you'd imagine at s*******n, she agreed to let two old guys watch us fuck. I could feel I was more nervous than her though.
We were buzzed into the building, shocked that it was a classy reception, with marbles floors and a winding staircase. I checked the address to see if it was right, it was. My dad's friends were doing all right for themselves. Ian came down the stairs wearing a grey suit, "Ah! Welcome." He greeted me with a hug, then Lucy with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He also subtly brushed her arse, which she gave me stink eye for, "I'm so glad to see you two. Two sexy teenagers, ready to go." He grinned.
I was about to speak when Lucy beat me to the punch, "Where is the room?" She asked, as politely as she could manage. She wanted to get this over with, I had a feeling I was in for a scolding when we got home.
Ian nodded, his eyes on her breasts, "Of course. First, these." He pulled out two red ball gags and put them around our mouths, "Just for fun." He answered our questions that we hadn't asked, "Now, on your knees and follow me." I figured it was best just to humour them. I nodded to Luci and got on my knees. She glared angrily at me and did the same. We crawled across the ground until my eyes sudenly felt heavy. My arms too. Actually, my whole body did and before I knew it, I'd passed out.

When I woke I was naked, ball gag still in place, tied standing up with some irons to a wall in some sort of dungeon. There was one door on the wall, no windows. Directly across from me, about three metres was a wooden table with Lucy tied naked to it. She seemed to be sl**ping. I closed my eyes in frustration. They had tricked me, all they wanted was sex. Well, I'd get my own back, once they let me go I'd kick the shit out of them.
The door clicked and opened with a creak. Martin walked in this time, his pale old body in nothing but a leather thong, barely containing his cock. He carried a riding crop, tapping his hand lightly with it. The bastard strutted over to me first, looked me up and down, then slapped my cock with the riding crop, "Don't look at me like that, you pathetic little shit." He smirked.
I winced, my body clenching. It hurt bad but still ... I had felt a twitch in my cock. I didn't enjoy that, but my body seemed to have liked it. Martin walked over to Lucy, staring at her body, out stretching one finger and rubbing her pussy lips. I grunted and struggled with my bindings, to no avail. He looked at me with that same smirk, letting me know he was enjoying my reactions.
I let myself calm, not wanting to give him any more satisfaction than he was getting. Martin lifted the riding crop above his head then brought it down on her inner thigh. The first strike left a pink streak on her tan skin, the second woke her up. After a few more swift strikes, Lucy realised what was going on. Her big chocolate eyes looked over at me, pleading with me to help her. Her yelps and cries were muffled by the ball gag and her body jerked as the crop marks on her skin became more visible. They were glowing red soon and I could see tears pricking the corners of Lucy's eyes. I felt useless, weak, pathetic, I was watching my girlfriend get beat by an old pervert and I couldn't save her.
Martin put down the riding crop after five minutes and decided it was time for the real fun. Martin climbed onto the wooden table my girlfriend was tied to and lowered his head. Lucy's eyes grew wide again with the intrusion of a tongue into her pussy. Then, to my surprise, they began to get smaller, her eyelids drooping and her complaining stopped. He was ... Actually pleasuring her. My sober mind flash backed to that night with the stories and Martin's were always of his tongue. He'd had over thirty years to perfect that thing and it was working.
I began to struggle harder, watching as Lucy's muffled cries began muffled moans. Even her back arched, wanting more. Her body was writhing with pleasure from one man's tongue, more than I could ever give her. Martin pulled up, his lips glistening with my girlfriend's juices, "Look at her, look at this slut. Sluts like these need real men, not pretty boys like you." He sneered at me. Lucy shook her head in protest, her body giving her away as she pushed up more, her perfect arse lifting off the table, wanting him back in her pussy. Martin happily obliged, diving straight back in.
I'd lost track of time on Lucy's third orgasm. She was loving it, loving every inch of his tongue. Loving when he licked her body, played with her tits and called her degrading names. She was acting so slutty. The door finally opened again and the stocky Ian entered, wearing only a leather thing like Martin. He walked straight to the table, ignoring me completely, and slapped Luci's face, "How's the whore?" He asked Martin, receiving a thumbs up as a response.
Ian seemed pleased, slipping off his thong. Me and Lucy got our next big shock of the day. This old, stocky man with a beer belly, orange skin and a face like a smacked arse, was carrying a huge nine inch cock. Ian yanked off her gag, her moans spilling out all together. She was panting just looking at his cock, "You want this whore?" He asked her. This was a moment of redemption for her. Lucy looked over at me, I smiled back at her, then she looked back up at Ian and nodded.
My heart dropped as I watched the grinning man shove nine inches down her throat, her head tilted back as she was still tied down. I could see the outline in her throat, she gagged hard. That's when my spirit broke, as I watched two middle aged men fuck my girlfriend. Martin used his skilled tongue on her pussy and Ian throat fucked her hard, pulling out every few seconds to show me the line of saliva from his cock to her mouth, then he went back to gagging her.
Mercifully, after Lucy's seventh orgasm, Ian came down her throat. When he pulled out, I could see it sliding out her lips and down her face. And yet, she was smiling. He couldn't believe it, she was a whore, a whore that I loved. Martin cleaned his hands and turned to me again, leaving Lucy to catch her breath, "Great girl you got there. I think we'll keep her." I managed a glare and a little struggle. They couldn't have her, surely Lucy wouldn't stand for this, "Don't worry, for being such a dumb fuck, we're gonna give you a surprise too." For the third time that day, the door opened.
This time it was two women who strutted in. Both wearing latex skirts that stretched down to their ankles, high heels, a latex jacket that was reminiscint of a soldiers jacket during the second world war and a latex cap. They were both young, pretty girls with ample breasts and amazing bodies. Yet their faces were stone cold and uncaring. They strutted over to me, grabbing either side of me, pulling me off the will and sticking my hands together to bind them, with more strength than I thought a woman could have.
"These two ladies will look after you." Martin said as he climbed onto the table on his kness, his cock rubbing against the entrance to Lucy's pussy, as Ian readied his cock at her mouth. As I was dragged out of the room, my spirit wavering, I could her the loud moan from Lucy as another man plunged into her pussy and began fucking her ...

(This is my first attempt at writing sexual short stories. If you want chapter two, let me know.)
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