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They fucked my girlfriend and made me watch ch.2

My day was going from bad to worse. I woke up with a throbbing pain in the back of my head. The ground beneath me was uncomfortable and cold. My mind kept replaying the scenes of my girlfriend's fucking over and over again, just haunting me with the visuals. I felt anger through me, then sadness as I knew there was nothing I could do now. I sat up quickly, my head clanging against something solid. With my eyes open, I could see I was in a cage, trapped. The room I was in was smaller than the other room, the walls were red and all around, sexual instruments were placed. When I saw the one that looked like a rocking horse with a thick dildo attached, I knew I had to escape.
I kicked and kicked at the bars, but it only lead to my feet throbbing along with my head. I was helpless and at their mecy, again. I only just noticed I was naked still and my throat felt tight. I reached up, gingerly touching the leather collar they'd strapped onto me. My fingers pinched a name tag and my eyes went down to read it, 'Bitch Boy' My name read, 'Property of Mistress Linda.' Who? My mind tried to work what was going on. It seemed they didn't just want Lucy, their plan was to get me too.
The door across from me swung open. The two women who brought me here walked in. They were beautiful, I felt myself blushing and my cock twitching at the sight of their long legs and firm, round breasts. I fought back my arousal, not wanting to give them the satisfaction. I wondered which one was Mistress Linda. Both girls stood on opposite sides of my cage and just stood there. I daren't speak, they were exuding a very powerful aura that was making me want to remain silent and wait.
A third woman then entered. She was older than the other two, around forty-two I'd guess. She still had a great body, it was covered by a long red latex dress with a slit up the left side. She wore heavy black stilleto's that clacked against the ground as she entered. Her hair was auburn and the only sign of age on her face were a few wrinkles around her eyes. This was Mistress Linda. And I knew her.
"L-Linda ..?" My aunt Linda, my dad's s****r. Surely not, surely she hadn't been the one behind this. She'd always seemed so normal. She was a very strict woman but I thought that was because she was old fashioned, "Why are you here, Linda?"
Mistress Linda looked at me with her big, green eyes. They held power in them, power I'd seen before but that power was magnified now by the fact that I was naked and trapped in a cage. She had all the power, I was just a 'Bitch boy' now. She crossed the room swiftly then swung her leg through the bars of the cage, kicking me in the chest. I wheezed and fell back, rubbing the spot where she had kicked me.
"It's Mistress Linda, to you." She told me, "You do not speak until I ask you to, understood, slave?"
I nodded my head but her eyes narrowed at me, telling me it wasn't enough, "Y-Yes, Mistress Linda ..."
Mistress Linda smirked, getting some weird pleasure out of my words. She clicked her fingers and the two younger women opened the cage, "Come." My aunt ordered. I crawled out on my hands and knees then tried to stand, but her foot stood on my head, keeping me in position, "Slave's don't deserve to stand." I nodded so she'd remove her foot. Before she did, I caught a glimpse of her smooth pussy. I could feel my cheeks growing warmer at the sight.
"Mistress Linda, why are you doing this?" I asked bravely, regretting it instantly as I felt the white-hot crack of a whip on my back. I gritted my teeth and was about to scream before Mistress said, "Don't. No noises." My shoulders shuddered as I fought it back. I didn't want to feel another whip against my back, I could already feel the bruise forming.
"All will be answered in time. Before that, it's time for your training." Mistress Linda placed her foot underneath me, "Clean." I could see it was a little dirty, nothing too bad, a little mud on the hell. I lowered my head slowly, feeling her eyes watching me, I could tell she was smiling. My tongue slowly emerged from my mouth and began lapping at her shoe, licking from the tip all the way back to the heel. I hesitated on the mud, then cleaned it anyway, wanting to spit out the horrible taste. My aunt was a real bitch, "I'm glad to see you can follow orders when you want, but your appearance is boring me, girls." She clicked her fingers again and one of the girls attached a leash to my collar, pulling me away.
I noticed then there was another door in the room. I was lead through to a dressing room, with a full length mirror, a make up area and a rack full of clothes. These girls were silent, they weren't there to mock me, they just had a job to do. Because of that, I was silent too. It felt easier this way, just to let them do it. I could escape, my father would find me or Lucy would snap out of it. For now, I had to play along, I didn't want to get hurt again.
They made me stand naked in front of the mirror while they decided what I was to wear. I looked at my body, it was a great body. I was a soccer player, I was thin, agile, tall. My body was lusted after from girls all over school. Now, I was going to be a girl. My cock twitched again. I shut my eyes, surely the idea wasn't arousing me? I did always enjoy the feel of nylon and silk, I usually made my girlfriend keep her clothes on during sex, but that meant nothing.
The two beautiful women approached me again. Without a word, they slipped on a pink pair of lace underwear, with added trim. It looked like the underwear or a princess or someone much younger than me, I felt stupid in them. Next, they slid on suspenders up to my mid-thigh, attaching them to the panties. The girls began touching my legs, stroking them and breathing against my skin. I knew it was just to get a reaction and it worked, the bulge in the panties began to grow, threatning to burst out. The girls giggled. Great, the first noise from them was laughing at me.
They added a dress next, it was a nice dress, a long black number, that clung to my body like it was made for me. It fit well over the padded bra they had added too, to imitate breasts. The girls sat me down and applied make up. They didn't go too thick, only adding a layer of foundation, some hot pink lipstick, false eyelashes and mascara. After a black wig was slipped onto my head and combed to fit, I was ready. The girls stood me in front of the mirror one last time. Was it really me? I was hot, really hot. If I saw me walking down the street I'd slap my arse. There was something really wrong with that.
Before I could admire any more, they grabbed the leash and walked me back into the other room, on my feet this time. Mistress Linda walked over, inspecting me, stroking area and cupping others, "Very nice, a shame you weren't born a girl, or this training would have been much different." She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. I didn't pull away, not wanting to be hit, but I didn't react. Her tongue attacked my mouth, expertly playing with mine, it was nothing I'd ever felt before, her lips were incredible. I almost felt like returning the kiss, then she pulled away and the girls took me over to a toy. The rocking horse.
"M-Mistress Linda-" I was about to speak, then remembered what she had said and the pain the whip caused. My mouth remained shut, I felt more submissive than ever.
I was made to climb onto the horse, which was really difficult in such a tight dress. My arse was pulled and pushed, maneouvered over the thick, black dildo that was positioned there. I couldn't look at it, my arse was throbbing with just a glance, "Good girls know how to ride cock. Before they can though, they must lose their virginity." Mistress Linda told him. I wanted to remind her that I wasn't a virgin, then realised she wasn't talking about my cock.
I tried to refuse at first, but after three hard cracks of the whip to my back, my body and mind gave out. Surely the pain of a dildo couldn't be worse than a whip. I was wrong. I lowered myself onto the toy and my mouth popped open, a gasp caught in my throat. It felt like I was being ripped apart, I couldn't do it, I'd rather take a thousand lashes of the whip. I was ready to climb off when a switch was activated and the horse came to life. It rocked back and forth with increasing speed, as well as up and down slighty, the dildo pushing in and out of me. The pain was immense.
Mistress Linda went and sat on her large, leather upholstered chair. She touched her breasts, stroking it with one finger, knowing I could see. A few other things were on my mind right now though.
It hurt, hurt like nothing I'd ever felt before. Once my arse had became numb from the pain though, the dildo began slamming against my G-spot in my arse, making surges of pleasure radiate through me. Was this how Lucy felt when getting fucked? Is that why she gave in? It was better than a hundred orgasms with his cock. My head feel back and mouth wide open, ignoring the rule about no noises. My screams and moans mixed together in a wonderful sympthony of enjoyment. I began to move my hips in time with it, trying to get it deeper. I could feel the saliva dripping from my mouth, staining my dress, I couldn't stop drooling, I was having so much fun.
My eyes caught sight of my Mistress Linda, whispering something to the girls. They walked over and stood either side of me, turning off the machine. I felt disappointment, I actually wanted them to continue. What had I become? The two girls removed their thongs in front of me and to my surprise, inside they had cocks. Massive, throbbing cocks. I could feel my mouth water again at the sight. Maybe I would be so dissappointed after all.

I had forgotten about Lucy at this point, but her ordeals weren't over yet. Her training by the men wasn't like mine, it wasn't to sissify me and make me into a cock hungry girl. Hers was to degrade her, to humilate her, to make her nothing more than meat to fuck. The only food she'd want was cum, the only person she'd need was a man willing to fuck her. No free will, just a hunger for sex. For the past three hours, they'd been doing that.
After fucking her for a while, Lucy was filled with cum and willing to go anywhere with them. Martin and Ian had left her naked and took her out in their car to a public park. There was a bathroom there, notorius as a meet up place for horny girls and horny men. Inside, they'd set up a box, with two holes. One was at the top where her head stuck out, the other was for her ass and pussy. Martin and Ian had put her in and locked in, then left her there. That's where she stayed.
For the past couple of hours, she'd been entertainment for men. Only a few fucked her though, most pissed on her. They'd walked in, get out their cocks and drenched her in warm piss. At first, like me, she resisted, screaming to be let out and begging the men to stop, that only made them do it more, some even invited their friends to come and piss on her. After a while, she was resigned to it. She even started thanking the men for pissing on her, finding the warm piss soothing on her skin, it even tasted pretty nice. Their first step had been a success.
As Lucy was waiting for them to come and collect her, a priest entered. He was an elderly man, with thick glasses, wearing his black shirt and dog collar. He gasped when he saw Lucy, his hands shaking, ready to leave, "Sir! Please piss on me. Or fuck me pussy, if you are horny." She smiled at him. The priest looked at her, she looked so young, he couldn't help himself.
The man of god walked over slowly, unzipping his pants, "O-Open up." He ordered her. Lucy opened her thick lips willing and the priests dipped his cock into her mouth, his piss flowing out. He stroked her cheek as he did, "So innocent." He spoke softly, a blush appearing on her tanned cheeks. That was it, he couldn't hold back. The priest shoved the rest of his cock into her mouth and began throat fucking her, which pleased Lucy even more. She gagged and swallowed the whole rod, wanting his cum.
Before the priest could finish, Ian entered and pulled him away, "Beat it." He ordered. The priest, feeling ashamed, scampered out of their and back to his church. Ian looked at Lucy with a smirk, "You're disgusting. A filthy fuck pig." She nodded to his words, "Yes I am. More, more." He laughed. Her training was far from over. Ian opened up the box and tied her hands behind her back before she cold touch him. He lead her through the park naked, letting anyone see her body, all the way to his car. When they entered the vehicle, a bag was slipped over her head. The darkness was comforting, making her realise how exhausted she was and decided to fall asl**p.
When the bag was finally removed, Lucy found herself behind a curtain. She could hear voices from the otherside. She looked down, noticing she was wearing a tight school girl's outfit. Cosplay? Where the hell was she? The curtains were drawn back and she gasped. This was a strip club, filled with d***k, dirty men. She was still u******e! Only s*******n, she wondered if they would care if she told them that. Something told her they wouldn't. A gentle push from Martin had her out on stage.
The men whooped and cheered, yelling things at her like, 'Sexy', 'Bitch' and 'whore'. The words excited her but she'd never performed in front of so many people. All those eyes on her, it scared her a little. Still, this wasn't sex, just dancing, maybe Ian would be pleased and fuck her again. The thought excited her. Lucy was Hispanic, so she knew how to dance, "Please give me extra credit, teachers." She winked at the crowd and could almost hear the chrous of grins.
Lucy began her dance, moving her hips in a swaying, hypnotic fashion. She grabbed the pole, wrapping her leg around it, showing them her thong. She grinded against it and things were going well. Soon, the crowd were chanting for her to remove her clothes. Luci just couldn;t do it. It was one thing to wake up naked, another to strip in front of strangers. This made the crowd turn against her.
One man, an accountant, old and fat, with a bald head, not really good looking, had enough beers to feel brave enough to rush on stage. He grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms behind her back, "Who wants to see some teen tits?!" He said and the crowd cheered. He ripped open her shirt and yanked her bra down, a breasts popping out. Lucy shook with protest and tried to tell him to get off. The old man's hand touched her breasts, groping and squeezing it like he hadn't seen one in years. He pinched her nipples, twisting them and tugging on them. A moan escaped her mouth, pleasing the crowd and the man.
He kicked the back of her knees, forcing her onto them, "Doesn't she look hungry for cock?!" The crowd laughed and clapped. The old man fumbled with his zip, pulling out his old cock. Lucy looked at it and cringed, this wasn't like Ian's impressive cock, this cock was small, wrinkled and smelled weird. IT was disgusting but that didn't stop the man from slamming it past her thick lips and throat fucking her. Lucy felt tears run down her face. She'd been pissed on all day but that was nothing compared to being throat fucked by an old man in front of over one hundred others.
Thankfully, this guy didn't last long and he pulled out to spray his cum on her tits. Lucy panted, ready to run, when the crowd descended on her. She was soon surrounded by wrinkled old cocks, all hard, all full of cum. There was no escape until every man was satisfied.

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Very hot story mate... Looking forward to the next instalment!