First time....and with an older lady!

Mrs. Bonnie had been a long time friend of our f****y. Since I could remember, she was regularly at our house, chatting with my mom, or babysitting me. She was always pleasant and full of laughs and smiles. Everyone liked her and I always looked forward to when she visited.

As I grew older, I began to notice more things as Mrs. Bonnie. She was definitely an attractive woman. Curly sun blonde hair, slightly tanned skin adding freckles to her nose, and a brilliant smile. At BBQ's and parties, I noticed all the men gave her lots of attention. I would sometimes get jealous, but she always seemed to make that go away.

As I hit high school, Mrs. Bonnie came around less and less. At first I was confused, but then I realized that maybe I made her uncomfortable. I caught myself staring at her, because around this age, I noticed more than just how pretty she was. Not just The way she walked, talked, and stood. So I resigned myself to seeing less of her, because of my leering. When I did see her, she was as nice and affectionate as ever, but tended to be a bit more serious with me. Treating me more like a man than a c***d. I always appreciated that from her.

Now, my birthday was such that I went to school early, so I was always nearly a year younger than my peers. I graduated High School at 17. My folks decided that despite me only going to the local community college, they would set me up in a little apartment so I could begin feeling what real life was life. I always suspected that they just wanted the house to themselves again. Either way, I was happy to have the privacy.

That fall I turned 18. The prerequisite party was held with lots of f****y and friends, including Mrs. Bonnie. It was a long night spent talking to lots of various people. Towards the end, Mrs. Bonnie pulled me aside to talk to me. Her demeanor was new. Still bubbly, but with a hint of the mischievous. She wore a simple jeans and country button down top outfit, but they hugged her curves in ways I had tried to ignore the last few years. And tonight she seemed to be flaunting them. The top was unbuttoned enough to show a hint of freckled cleavage. The full breasts creating it seemed fairly large. The top also was just short enough to catch a glimpse of her tanned taught tummy. And her jeans rode low, clinging to her well rounded ass and firm thighs.

"Mark, now that you are eighteen, I want to invite you to a party." She said, with her slight southern twang.

"Really? That sounds cool. When?"

"This coming Friday. Nine O'clock. Just wear something comfortable. Like sweats or something." Then she reached out and pulled me down into a hug and whispered into my ear. "I look forward to seeing you there, sweetie."

I wondered if she had any idea the reaction her southern whispery voice in my ear was having. I just muttered an affirmative and waved as she bounced off and left. She blew me a kiss before she rounded the corner.

The next week seemed like forever, as I tried to figure out what kind of party it was going to be. And why Mrs. Bonnie had been so secretive about it. But the day finally came. I dressed in sweats like she suggested (which really confused me) and made sure to get there on time. Nervously I drove out to her house, which lay in the woods outside of town on a ranch. Once I arrived, I noticed quite a few other vehicles. Did everyone get there early? I went to the back door, which is where I always went when we visited. The front was for strangers she had always said. I knocked lightly on the door, and it quickly opened. And what greeted me almost made me faint.

Mrs. Bonnie stood there, seductively leaning against the door frame, clad only in a pair of light blue lace panties and a bra! I had seen her a few times in a bikini at pool parties at my house, but this was something else. It was obvious she was showing off for me. I couldn't move, especially with my dick working down my pants. Mrs. Bonnie eventually moved up to me, stood on her toes, grabbed my head gently, and pushed her lips against mine. She kissed me slowly and deeply. After several minutes, she pulled away and spoke.

"I am so glad you came Mark. I knew you would get here exactly on time, but I wanted you to make an entrance, so I told you the wrong time." She winked at me sexily. "Now come inside."

I stumbled in, as she took me by the hand. The back room was her laundry room, which led into the kitchen and then the large living room. She stopped in the low light of the laundry room and spoke in a low voice.

"I know you have questions, sweetheart. But I think a surprise would be better. When you get to the living room, just try and be calm and go with the flow. And don't worry about Steve. Nothing you do tonight will be held against you."

Steve! Her husband! I almost forgot about him. I rarely saw him, since he was basically a selfish redneck that had somehow snagged Mrs. Bonnie. And now she was standing there practically naked, having just kissed me, and he was here!? And based on the cars, so were lots of other people. Before I could blurt out any questions, Mrs. Bonnie silenced me with a finger to my lips and a sexy sweet smile, then she pulled me out of the back room.

Her living room was huge, but tonight it seemed small. The scene that greeted me was a room full of naked people in various states of sexual activity. A quick scan showed very few people I recognized and the room had far more women than men. I did notice her husband, who stood in the center of the room. A pair of naked women were on their knees in front of him, sucking his large cock. One of them looked like Mrs. Bonnie's younger s****r Candy! I noticed something that gave me more courage to enter the room. I was quite a bit better endowed than her husband. That shot to the ego made me stand up a bit straighter as Mrs. Bonnie signaled to a younger woman who was masturbating while watching a couple screw on the couch.

The girl was thin, with nice curves, long straight blonde hair and glasses. Aside from her being naked she looked like a cute librarian. She came over eagerly and looked me over.

"Tina," Mrs. Bonnie started "Take our new friend Mark into the guest room and get him changed. And I want you to make him comfy. He's special, so take good care of him." When she said I was special, Tina smiled deeply. "And remember, I'm his first." She said the last bit with a gleam in her eye. First? How did she know I was a virgin?!

"You're always right about that Bonnie!" She said excitedly before grabbing my hand and dragging me quickly off to the side bedroom. She pushed me towards the bed, and closed the door.

"Ok, Mark, off with those sweats!" I hesitated. "Now, stop being all nervous. If Bonnie brought you here, you have no reason to be. She's always great at picking new people. And if she says you are actually special, so I can't even imagine how good you must be."

I still didn't move. So, Tina came over, dropped to her knees and yanked down the bottoms of my sweats. My cock shot up, and smacked her in the face. Tina gasped.

"Holy shit! Did Bonnie finally find the new giant we've been looking for?" My cock throbbed at her words. I had always been nervous at the size of my cock. Never sure how women would feel about it. Tina's impressed tone eased my fears. Her hand stroking up and down further set my mind at ease.

"Well, stud, you are already the new front runner in size. Let's get your first load out of the way, and then Bonnie can initiate you. We haven't had a 'fresh' male since I joined 10 years ago!" Ten years? How long had this all been going on? Mrs. Bonnie was in her 40's...holy cow, if she had been doing this since she got married, she had been at it since before I was born!

I was taken away from my ponderings as Tina started taking my cock into her mouth. She had a wide mouth for her slim face, so she was able to take the head a couple of inches without issue. She tried to stuff more in, but gagged. This seemed to frustrate her, so she tried more, but eventually gave up and just stroked the rest.

This was my first blowjob, and the first time anyone besides myself had pleasured me. I didn't last as long as I would have liked. In a short time, I was ready to blow. I tried to warn Tina, but she seemed to sense I was cumming, and shoved my cock as deep as it would go. I let loose of a torrent of sperm down her throat, which she had trouble swallowing. Much of it ended up dripping down her chin and neck.

"Wow big guy, glad you finally came. My jaw was starting to hurt." Finally came? I lasted much longer when I did it myself. "That must have been about 15 minutes. If it wasn't for the fact that Bonnie picked you, I would be insulted that a first timer could last that long up against one of my blowjobs." She grinned, wiping cum into her mouth.

"Hmmm, you taste pretty good too." Watching her clean up was a huge turn on. It was like being in my own porno movie. "I can't wait to see you and Bonnie together!" Mentioning that turned me on even more.

"Looks like someone isn't going to go down." She said, eyeing my still rock hard dick. "Guess that means we can cut straight to the main event!" With that, she hopped up, and left the room.

When the door re-opened, there was Mrs. Bonnie, no longer wearing her lingerie. Her skin, aside from freckles on her shoulders, nose and the top of her breasts, was flawless. Her breasts, as I had guessed, were still very firm for her age and bigger than they looked while trapped in a bra. They were capped with very large dark nipples that I instantly wanted to suck. With shaving all the rage, I was somewhat surprised to see hair leading down to her pussy. It was nicely trimmed, and nowhere near the 'seventies bush' I had seen in old pornos.

She crooked her finger at me, and I approached as if pulled by a tractor beam. Once next to her, she ran her hands gently around my throbbing cock and spoke to me, her southern voice dripping with lust.

"I knew you wouldn't disappoint in this department." She said, and squeezed my cock. "And based on how long it took Tina to finish, I am guessing you won't disappoint in stamina either."

She could tell I was nervous. A first blow job by a stranger was one thing, but losing my virginity to a woman that I had known forever, and had a secret crush on was a much bigger deal.

"I have a gift for this, Mark. Not only will you do well, I think you will be amazing. Now, come with me." She turned and entered the living room. I followed, watching her shapely ass as I went.

The room was silent. Everyone watched as we entered. Earlier they were all engaged in various sex acts, now they waited for what Mrs. Bonnie was going to say.

"Everyone," she addressed the crowd. "This is Mark and tonight I have the honor of being his first." There was some s**ttered applause. Were I not so fixated on the sexy woman in front of me, my mind would have been reeling at the surrealality of it all.

"As you can see, we have a new front man in the size department." Several of the women whooped or cheered. And I noticed that as Mrs. Bonnie said this, she looked over at her husband. Maybe he used to be the reigning champ. I felt a surge of pride at the way the room responded, but more so how Mrs. Bonnie seemed happy at my large size.

Mrs. Bonnie led me to the main couch, where apparently people had it left unoccupied for this occasion. She sat me down, my cock pointing strait at her, and looked at me adoringly. She moved over me and sat on my cock, the end nestling along the cleft of her ass cheeks. She held my face in her hands.

"Mark," she whispered "I am so happy to be your first. I know this will be amazing for both of us." Then she moved close to my ear, and whispered even lower. "And I know that you will be the new king around here."

With that, she swiveled her hips backward, sliding the lips of her mound along the length of my cock. She did this several times, covering me with all the juices from her dripping cunt. Finally she moved further back and pushed the head against her opening. She dropped slowly and then *pop* it was in, and I was no longer a virgin. She threw back her head and moaned and the room filled with applause.

"Ohhhh...that's SO much bigger than what I am used to." She said loudly to the room. Then she looked down at me and spoke quietly. "Now the fucking really begins."

She began working her hips, slowly at first but increasingly faster. My cock worked deeper and deeper, eventually hitting a spot that was tighter. I guessed that must have been as deep as her husband had been. When she hit that spot she pulled almost all the way out, and then slammed down taking the rest my cock inside her. Then she started bouncing up and down in earnest.

Having her full tits bouncing inches from my face could not be ignored, so I reached out and took one of her fat nipples into my mouth and began sucking.

"Fuck, yes! Suck on my tits baby!" She shrieked, and began bucking harder. The slap of our crotches meeting became louder and quicker. "Uh, uh, uh, UH, UH." She started grunting. Instinctively a bit down slightly on her fat rubbery nipple. That sent her over the edge. Her pussy gushed over my cock, contracting in spasms. She arched her back, pulling away from me as she came.

It was then that I became aware of the rest of the room. Everyone was riveted to our fucking. Most people were masturbating themselves or someone next to them. I even heard one of them say "He made Bonnie cum that fast?!"

I was quickly brought back to the task at hand as Mrs. Bonnie leaned forward and started bouncing again. I reached around, and grabbed her bouncing ass cheeks and started pulling her down harder as well as hunching up my own hips to meet her thrusts. I felt her pussy gush again, and I slapped her ass, causing her to cry out.

This went on for a good ten minutes, with Mrs. Bonnie cumming over and over. She was working herself at a blazing speed, before a particularly large orgasm had her collapsing into my chest. I loved the feeling of her sweat covered breasts crushed into me with her nipples digging into my chest.

First time or not, I was overcome with lust. I could tell she wasn't done, just too tired to continue, and I surely wasn't finished. I quickly flipped her over and she threw her legs up onto my shoulders. I was standing, holding her ass in my hands, only her shoulders and head on the couch and began to fuck her. With her legs giving me something to lean down on, I was able to slam into her even harder and faster. And, while the room was filled with the various sounds of people getting off, it was easily dominated by the sound of our bodies slapping together, my fat schlong forcing her copious pussy juice out on every thrust.

I continued to hammer into her. She clutched at the couch cushions with her hands, and thrashed her head back and forth as she continued to orgasm again and again.

"Fuck me, you big dicked stud! Fuck me like no one else ever has! Keep making me cum on that massive cock!" She shouted. This apparently set off several people in the room as I heard other grunts and moans.

I don't know how long this went on. I was covered in sweat and breathing hard from exertion. I could feel my own climax building, my cock expanding even further. Mrs. Bonnie must have sensed it, because she suddenly looked at me calmly, and lifted her tits in her hands, pinching and tweaking her nipples, and said: "Cum in me Mark. You own my pussy, now fill it will your hot seed."

That did it. I slammed into her one more time to the hilt and unloaded. Wave after wave washed over me as I pumped more and more of my seed into her womb. A look of complete lust came over Mrs. Bonnie's face and she closed her eyes, orgasming silently with me. Her hips spasmed and quivered with every blast from my balls. And once I was done, she let out a deep sigh. I collapsed on top of her as she wrapped her legs around me, drawing me in.

I lay there panting in her ear, as she stroked my hair and back tenderly. "Mark that was easily the best sex I have ever had. And I have had plenty. You are every bit the stud I thought you would be. You own my body now."

"I love you Mrs. Bonnie." I whispered.

"No you don't baby. You lust for me. And I for you. Now, as the new Stud of our group, you should ask for someone to clean us up." I was confused. Mrs. Bonnie chuckled at my inexperience. "Just pick someone, and tell them to clean you up."

I pushed myself up, and looked around. The room looked spent, but all eyes were on me. I honed in on the one face I knew. Mrs. Bonnie's s****r, Candy. Unlike her s****r who was curvy and very womanly, Candy had a tight toned swimmers body. Still sexy, she had tiny breasts, a smaller ass, and not much in the hips. But her defined muscles looked good on her.

"Candy, come over here and clean up my cum." I said, somewhat shakily. Candy immediately got up, although somewhat weakly and crawled behind me, between my legs. She buried her face in my hanging nut sack, noisily slurping the cum that Mrs. Bonnie's pussy couldn't hold and had spewed out and dripped down my balls. Mrs. Bonnie lightly pushed me, signaling me to pull out. I did so, and Candy immediately began cleaning my deflating cock with her mouth and tongue.

It was a weird feeling to be able to order a woman to do something like this. Much less have her do it with such enthusiasm. Once she was finished with me, she looked up as if to ask 'what next?' I decided to test my new status.

"I said clean up my cum. There's plenty still in Mrs. Bonnie." She immediately began lapping at her s****r's pussy. Mrs. Bonnie grinned at me and looked proud. Seemed that she was happy with how I was taking to my new position. Once her s****r had cleaned her out thoroughly, Mrs. Bonnie stood and took my hand. She led to me to the center of the room where her husband had been serviced earlier and was now sitting. Before he had looked superior and arrogant. Just like I had always known him to be. Now he looked dejected.

Mrs. Bonnie cleared her throat and made a dismissive gesture at her husband. He moved off to the side of the room like a wounded puppy.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I think we can all agree we have a new Stud!" She said cheerfully. The women universally cheered. I could make out several comments. 'If Bonnie picked him, we know he can fuck.' And, 'did you see how many times he made her cum?' And, 'I can't wait to have that monster in me.' I swelled with pride. And that pride caused other parts to swell.

Mrs. Bonnie noticed my awakening monster and smiled at me. She stood on her toes, kissed me on the cheek and whispered: "You are all mine later, but for now you have work to do."

"Jill, Michelle, Adrianne...I believe Mark needs servicing. And get ready ladies. He's one hell of a lay!"
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1 year ago
a very good story.......why would so many people dislike it?
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great story. not sure why it's rated as a 1. i gave it a 5
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That story got me rock fucking hard!!!
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awsome story and experience
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I always dreamed of my first being an older woman, but actually I was broken in by an older man. and thoroughly enjjoyed it after the first few times.
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A dream of sex that many of us have had early and late.
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Very good story enjoyed every bit of it
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wonderful story
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Fantastic story. Many, many years ago, my first was an older woman also and I still remember it fondly. Thanks.
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more coming?
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great story. it made me hot!
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good one
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great story and the next time you fill ms bonnie have her hubby clean her pussy
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