Fucked at the farm house

A few years ago, my wife and I (secoud time around for both of us) usually ended our work week by visiting a friend in an old farmouse a couple of towns over. She had split up with her husband and now was having a open house anything goes atmosphere most any night, but especially Friday & Saturday's.

As we were attending, we got to meet numerous folks. A lot of the conversation would center around the social and sexual issues of the day. We did this over the course of 5 years plus, and during that time we also discussed our own sexual issues with each other. During the course of all that we discovered a lot. A lot of pretty standard stuff fucking, sucking.

She liked oral sex, but she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth. Said I had to big a explosion and discharge. Made her gag. She also liked to count the number of strokes during the blowjob before I came. She told me she counted 999 strokes at one time. Said it was a little game she played. Me....I liked to eat her out, especially if I've had a few. A little more of a eager eater if you will.

After all that we got down to probably the usual for lots of folks...how may sex partners? ME...My ex, an Army WAC, 2 girl friends before we met. SHE...her ex, 1 guy she worked with and her boss at an old job she worked at. About even.

Really! No, not really. Well...there was a also a neighborhood k**. She wasn't always home alone and sick...Well... now she has a new job...screwed a new guy she worked with because he made her laugh and Well...her new boss, which turned into an two year fuck and suck after work. Guess what? She let him cum in her mouth and even swallowed on occasion. Guess he wasn't very f***eful.

There was one week that it was entirely possible she fucked four different guys in the same week. Me and the three mentioned above. There were even better chances that three of those events (guys) occured more than once.

We hollard and yelled, name called and cried. At that time, divorce was not an option. We discussed an understanding relationship. We could do what we wanted to without repercussions.

Two weeks later on a Saturday, we were going to the farmhouse. I had to work till 1 PM with an hour to commute home and freshen up so she could catch a ride and I would meet her there.

On the way home later in the evening she announced that she had had sex earlier in the day. WHAT? She was more blunt "I got laid today". WHEN? Before you arrived. WHO? Russ. Russ? The 20-21 year old that lives there? Yes. WHERE? We drove to the package store and on the way back in the car. He came on to you? No, I did. I was flabbergasted!! Wow!! Didn't take her long to get started!

We continued to talk. She said she liked him, had been thinking about it for a while and decided to get on with it. It's done, you know about it, no lies. Plus you can sread your wings so to speak.

To the point, we were at the farmhouse on a Monday night. Unusual but... We were getting ready to leave when Russ who lived there came in. Tired...long day. Said hello/goodnight and went upstairs to bed.

10-15 minutes or so later we started to say goodby to our friend and my wife announced she was going upstairs to say goodnight to Russ. All 3 of us were buzzed pretty good so I told her to hurry up. Had to work next morning.

Sat down with our friend for what began to seem forever. Where the hell is she? Waited a little longer. After about 15 minutes all told, I decided to go see what's up.

Coming up the stairs, I began to hear sounds. Not quite sure from where, never been upstairs before. Stop, listen. Muffled sounds first door on right at top. Proceeded up slowly and quietly. Noises a little louder. Up top, carefully and quitely. Door open, I decide to peek thru at the back of the door where the hinges are. Here's my wife, propped up against the backboard of the bed, shirt and bra off. Good light coming in from the streetlight. Shows her 38C's nicley. He's kissing her and running his hand on her right tit. Now he moves to start sucking. She's moaning.

I step back, heart pounding. Quiet lad, quiet. She continues to moan. Sounds begin to change. Wait a moment then peek in. Ok...she's kicking off her jeans...she's nude. Pull back...quiet. Moaning and breathing become frequent and heavier. Sheets begin to rustle. Hold on, hold on...As I look I hear a grunt...he's in!!!! Can't really see all that well now because of the low light. Her legs are spread, he's pumping like all get out, but I can't actually see his dick going inside her. But...I know it's in there. I watch...and the more I do, I'm enjoying it starting to get a hard-on. Man...he's really giving it to her and she's loving it.

I watch till they finish. I get this wild idea in my head to walk into the room. I call out as if I don't know what's been going on. Where are you? A noise is heard and I enter. Hey...what's going on here I asked stupidly. What do you think? I sit on the bed...my wife is still naked, but Russ is starting to move, going to some night clothes.

I start to feel her up and she wants me to kiss her. I run my hand between her legs. Wet. Stick my finger in a ways. Wet and juicy. I unbuckle my jeans, slide them down with under wear. Push her head down. Eager. Then I notice Russ is partially dressed and moving towards the door. Maybe we can get a threesome going. Don't go I say. Come back here. No, I can't he said and went downstairs...I later learned that he was nervous as to my reaction. After all, he had just finished fucking my wife.

We had a great fuck and suck, with me going down on her and cleaning her out (first for me) and me actually cuming in her mouth. Owww, I like that.

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