First Cuckold Experience PT. 1

My wife was working on her second glass of white wine in an attempt to gain liquid courage. She was nervous and there was no mistaking it. It could be seen in the way she continuously tapped her foot on the floor or the way she kept glancing at her watch.

Dennis would be arriving shortly and we would finally be making our fantasy a reality.

I walked to the couch and knelt before her, smiling. I placed my hands on her soft white thighs and slid upward until I felt her silk panties. She bit her bottom lip. My fingers wrapped around the fabric and began to pull down.

"What're you doing?" she asked and took another sip of wine.

"I want to relax you," I said as her panties slipped over her round, toned buttocks.

She wiggled on the sofa in an attempt to help.

I pulled her panties down her thighs, past her knees, and let them crumble around her ankles. My hand slipped between her legs and slunk upward until I felt the heat from between her legs. My finger probed and found her wetness.

"You're wet," I said as I spread her legs.

I slipped a finger inside her and a moan escaped her lips.

"You going to lick my little pink cunt?" she asked.

I responded by kissing her inner thighs, trailing my tongue over her soft, warm skin. Her hand found my head and she ran her fingers through my hair. I lifted her legs over my head and kissed her shaved cunt. She was wet and the taste sent a shiver down my body to my cock.

I began to harden.

The doorbell rang and my wife gasped.

I pulled away from my wife with a smile and held up a hand. I told her to wait there and not to move, that I would be right back.

I walked down the hallway to the front door and opened it. There was Dennis, all smiles and eagerness. We shook hands and I let him in. He was several inches taller and packing less pounds than myself. His skin was ebony, his smile genuine. He was about a decade younger than myself.

We entered the living room and found my wife pouring herself another drink. Her panties were on the floor at the foot of the sofa. She paused at our entrance and sipped at the wine. She flashed her cute smile and placed the glass on the table beside the bottle.

Dennis walked to her and embraced her in a hug. I felt my cock twitch as I watched his hands roam down her sides to her perfectly sculpted ass. They lingered there, squeezed.

The two pulled away from each other. My wife looked at me and I smiled, indicating that it was okay. She ran her hands down her sides as she got to her knees. Her fingers fumbled with his zipper for a second.

His cock bounced out. Her eyes widened at the sight. His cock was perfect. Thick and long, veined, with a pink mushroom head. I had never seeing anything like it.

"Jesus," my wife whispered.

Dennis chuckled and placed his hands on her head. I watched as she attempted to wrap her fingers around it. I watched as her wedding ring glinted in the light as she began to squeeze and jerk another man's cock.

She kissed the head lightly. Then either side of the shaft. She kissed underneath it.

Dennis moaned as he finally felt her tongue trail the length of his cock.

She opened her mouth and took it in. She began to suck slowly, savoring the feel of soft black skin in her mouth. Her eyes closed and a wet moan escaped her lips. she began to rock her head forward and backward.

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5 months ago
Loved that you mention her wedding ring...this was very hot to read. Hoping for more!
10 months ago
A great cuckold story intro, very arousing.
11 months ago
Oh my, where is this going? I'm imagining where I would want it to go, mmm. I better go lay down ...
1 year ago
Been a year and you still have not added to it
Come on and write some more!
1 year ago
please finish!
2 years ago
Gotta be more!
2 years ago
print more
3 years ago
3 years ago
Mmmm I like this very much. You are good.xxxx
3 years ago
Better & Better..your writting is improving with every story..carry on ..
3 years ago
Looking forward to the rest of this story!
3 years ago
And .........Mmm
3 years ago
very nice...I hope this is from experience. It certainly sounds like it. Looking forward to the continuation.