Just Between Us

*** This is the first part in a possible(?) series. It's my first attempt at man-on-man. Let me know what you think. Can continue if there is a demand. ***

Aaron knelt between David's legs.

The living room was dark - as it should be for something like this. The ceiling fan was spinning above, circulating the air. The temperature was comfortable, no doubt, but Aaron was hot. Music was playing. He was thankful for that. Grateful, in fact. Because, in a few moments he would have David's cock in his mouth, and he knew he would be moaning, and there would be the wet sounds of flesh being licked, and jerked, and sucked.

Aaron settled on to his knees and tried to ignore the nervous, queasy sensation in his gut.

David leaned back against the couch and sighed. He shifted, spread his legs more. His erect penis wobbled in the dark. He reached out and placed a calloused hand on Aaron's shoulder.

Aaron licked his lips and reached out with his hand. He gripped David's cock and gave it a firm squeeze.

Jesus, it's thick, Aaron thought as he licked his lips. He leaned forward and kissed the mushroom head. He kissed one side, and then the other. He trailed little kisses down the base until he reached the testicles. Then he ran his tongue up the length. He opened his mouth and took it in.

David stifled a groan.

Aaron began jerking as he worked the hard dick in his mouth. He exhaled through his nostrils as he lathered David with saliva. Up and down. Up and down. Smooth and with just a touch of firmness. Aaron held David's balls with his free hand and began to massage.

"Yeah," David moaned.

Aaron went down, trying to take David's length down his throat. He gagged and snapped his head back with a gasp. He licked his lips and found he was drooling. He squeezed the cock in his hand and continued to jerk.

David moved his hand and rested it on Aaron's head.

"Put it back in your mouth," David whispered.

Aaron sucked it in to his mouth and began to bob. The skin was soft and slick against his lips and tongue. He moaned and reached for his own erect cock and gave it a violent squeeze.

Suck and jerk, Aaron thought. God, why did I wait so long for this?

"Slow down," David said. "Slow down."

Aaron slowed in to the motion, relishing the feeling of David's cock running the length of his tongue and poking the back of his throat. Saliva was building in his mouth and he let it pour from between his lips. He felt it on his fingers as he continued massaging David's heavy balls in his wet hands.

"There you go," David said.

Aaron released the cock with a pop and rubbed it against his lips and cheek and chin. He continued gripping and jerking. He moaned and gasped and took David's balls in to his mouth. He sucked gently and rolled them over his tongue.

"That's good," David whispered.

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shit, finish this please!!!
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3 years ago
Please continue!
3 years ago
Great...your work improves..carry on
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Nice writing style, "more" ( ;
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Keep going!! I want to read more!