Neighbour Famtasies....Part 13

The phone rang at 7:00 A.M. and startled me out of an exhausted sl**p. I heard Gloria's voice say, "Come over here...I need to talk to you." The tone was quite stern and I immediately thought my "surprise" of the night before had backfired. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and headed next door. My knock on the door was answered by Gloria's voice coming from upstairs saying, "It's open...but of course you knew that...come up here." As I passed through her kitchen, I notice the laundry basket was gone, and decided I had been discovered. My heart was pounding as I walked up the stairs, and said, "Where are you?" Gloria replied that she was in the back bedroom, so I walked down the hall, and stepped in. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed wearing a very sheer white thigh-length robe, and a pair of black high heels. A newly lit 120mm cigarette was in her hand, and I could see she was definitely not wearing a bra. I said "Good morning," to which she replied, "That remains to be determined." I stood there for a few secondds trying to think of what her mood was, when she reached behind her and produced the black panties, beige lace bra, and tan pantyhose from the previous night. "I see you took it upon yourself to come in last night and masturbate on my bra and pantyhose," she stated. I felt a chill run down my back as she took a slow drag from her 120. "Why didn't you cum on my panty as well?", she asked. I was going to reply, but she cut me off saying, "Because you shot your semen into my kitty, right?" My mouth was dry, and my knees were a bit wobbly as she said, "I found your note this morning, but I was awake through the whole thing last night. I watched you masturbate with my bra, and followed you downstairs in the dark to see you cum on this pair of pantyhose." I stuttered some from of apology, and asked her if she was angry. "Angry?", she asked..."No, not at all." She put her 120 into the ashtray and stood up. The robe was very sheer, and her 40C breasts showed, as did the fact she had no panty under it. "I have some very specific fantasies, Trev, and last night, you let me experience the one in which I am taken by surprise by a lover. I had several climaxes as you rubbed yourself on my ass, and penetrated me. Watching you jack off with my bra and pantyhose gave me some more." She stepped forward, undid my shorts, and began stroking my hardening penis with the black panty. "Did you like screwing me like that?", she asked. In heels, she was almost as tall as I was, and she put her mouth to my ear whispering, "Cater to another of my fantasies, will you?" I asked her what she wanted, and she said, "Let me watch you masturbate." She pulled my shorts down and my shirt off, then let her robe fall to the floor. She knelt and put my erection between her breasts and masturbated me with them. "What would you like me to do to excite you?", she asked. I told her I wanted her to wear pantyhose, a half slip, and her heels. "Come on then", she said as she led me by the penis to her room. I stood slowly stroking my shaft as she put on a pair of medium brown shiny pantyhose, and short black half slip which shimmered in the morning light. "This is one of Connie's...a bit tight on my ass, but you liked the last one I wore, so I'm going to wear her stuff for you." I watched fascinated as she walked over to her dressing table, applied bright red lipstick, and brushed her hair into a sexy upsweep. The slip was very snug across her full ass and thighs, and the shiny texture of it and her pantyhose looked wonderful. She turned to face me and said, "Well, what do you think of this look?" She approached the bed with her breasts gently swaying and her nipples looking very hard, and sat down. "I want you to cover me with your many times as you can," she said. I began to masturbate directly over her, and she lifted her pantyhose-covered legs to rub my thighs. "Rub Connie's slip with you dick," she said. The slippery feeling of the slip sliding over her pantyhose was incredible. "You were masturbating with your dildo last night," I said to her. She laughed and said, "Lucky you, mister...I was nice an wet for you, wasn't I?" She reached over to the nightstand and produced a tube. She rubbed what looked like lotion into her cleavage and told me to rub her there. "I want you to jerk off with my underwear and with Connie's," she said. I was trying to hold my ejaculation when she said, "Would you like to put it into my navel again?" Before I could answer, she pulled the waistband of her slip down, spread lotion into her navel, and pressed her tummy together. I straddled her legs and gently pushing into the warmth of her belly and navel. "Does it feel like my kitty?", she asked. I couldn't answer because my release was too strong to hold. I stepped back, grabbed the back of her hair, and with my free hand stroked long hot ribbon of cum all over her face and neck. She tried to say, "Not on my face," but it was too late. One pump hit squarely in her mouth, and after pausing for a second, she wrapped her mouth around my shaft until I stopped spasming. A few minutes later, she said, "All my adult life, I have disliked oral sex and the taste of semen, but suddenly, it excites me". "Let me suck you, and then I want some more of that hot semen in my kitty," she said. After performing oral sex on me for a while, she pulled her pantyhose off, laid on her back with her legs wide apart, and said, "Fuck me while I'm wearing Connie's slip." The excitement of the encounter, her statements, and the fact she was wearing her daughter's slip caused me to have three more releases, and I could feel her having climaxes as we thrust against each other. We finally cooled down, and I told her I had to get to work. As I got up to leave, she tossed her pantyhose to me saying, "Here...bring these back full of you." As I walked out of the room, I looked back, and she had stood up with her legs apart, and was rubbing her breasts in an incredibly erotic way. If my insides hadn't hurt from cumming so much, I had the notion to go back for another round......

But there would be time for that later.
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