Neighbour Fantasies...Part 12

Gloria called me about 5:00 P.M. to say we'd have to rain-check dinner because one of her friends had ended up in the hospital, and she needed to go see her. I was disappointed, but told her I understood. Later, I went out to put the top up on my car, and she walked around the corner of her house heading for her car. She apologized again, asked me how I felt, and told me I should get some rest. Not likely after seeing her...she was wearing a a peach coloured button-front blouse which was only buttoned to her bra line, black curve-hugging capri pants, and black high heels. I couldn't see what colour bra she was wearing, but knew she had one on. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and I opened her car door for her. As she got in, I got a wonderful downblouse look at the beige lace bra she was wearing, and felt the bl**d going to my penis.

For the rest of the night, I sat around, contemplating how horny I was getting, and finally decided to go to bed. I still felt the after effects of what she had given me earlier, and thought it best to sl**p everything off. I awoke from a sound sl**p at 2:00 A.M. with a massive erection. As I laid in bed, I contemplated masturbating with the slip Gloria had left for me, but it didn't seem erotic enough. I kept visualizing how sexy her full-figured body looked in the outfit earlier, and that made things worse. Finally, I decided to reciprocate with a bit of "surprise" of my own. It was a moonless sticky nite, and I saw that her car was in her driveway, so I decided to sneak across the lawns to her house in the buff. My penis was fully erect from the excitement and "danger", although our houses were secluded in mature oak trees and shrubbery. I found her back door unlocked, and quietly let myself in. I stopped in her f****y room to page through the scrapbook photos of her and her daughter Connie, and was tempted to relieve myself then, and leave, but the thrill of knowing her soft curvy body was a few steps away caused me to go on. I stepped into her room and stood quietly. Her capri pants, blouse, bra, and heels were neatly placed on a dressing table. Gloria was laying diagonally across her large bed, sound asl**p on her stomach, with her legs slightly apart. She was naked except for what looked like a black full panty which fit the curves of her ass very snugly. I stood looking at her with my heart racing and my erection throbbing, wondering if I should quietly masturbate with her bra as she had already encouraged me to do, or something else. A few minutes later, I could no longer stand the tension, so I moved over to her bed and straddled her legs so the tip of my penis was just touching the silky panty fabric over her buttocks. It would have felt incredible to cum on her panty, but I wanted more, so I gently lowered myself in order to rub myself on her panty-covered ass. She was sl**ping soundly, because none of my movements made her stir. I wanted to cum all over her silky smooth panty, but needed the feeling of her hot wet kitty wrapped around my shaft. I gently pushed the fabric of her panty aside, and in a penetration which seemed to take an hour, slowly entered her kitty. To my surprise, it was very warm and wet, and then I noticed a rubber penis laying near her hand at the top of the bed. She had been masturbating before she fell asl**p. I slowly moved in and out of her in very short thrusts, and in a matter of minutes exploded streams of hot semen deep into her kitty. I gently pulled out, moved off of her legs, and walked over to the table where her clothes were. I picked up her beige bra, and found it to have a very silky texture - like a slip or panty - when I touched my penis with it. I decided to comply with her wish to find a "sign" of my interest in her lingerie, and masturbated with the bra as I looked at the sexy panty-covered ass I had just rubbed. In a few minutes, I left a good amount of semen in one of the cups of the bra. I saw a pad on the table, so decided to leave her a cryptic note saying simply....

"You should lock your doors....never know who might come in. Two could play that game."

As I walked through her kitchen to leave, I saw a laundry basket on the floor near the cellar stairs. On top was a pair of tan pantyhose which she had methodically unrolled and laid across the other items. Incrdibly, I was still horny, so I took the pantyhose into the f****y room, opened the scrapbook to the photos of Gloria's daughter Connie modeling underwear, and in a matter of a couple minutes left a noticeable wet deposit on one of the legs. I replaced them as I had found them, closed and locked the door, and went home to collapse in my bed.

As I drifted off to sl**p, I wondered what Gloria's reaction to my note would be.
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