Neighbour Fantasies....Part 11

The morning after my "dream" encounter with Gloria, I got out of bed, put the slip she had left in my drawer, pulled on a pair of briefs, and went down to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. As I sat at the table, I realized I had a splitting headache and an upset stomach. I dialed the office, and Donna answered. I told her I wasn't feeling well, and likely would not be in. "Aww, that's too bad Trev," she said, "You aren't staying home to bed some chick, are you?" I told her my lousy feeling was, indeed, real, and she said, "Well, if you get lonely or take a turn for the worse, call me." I hung up, and decided to go back to bed. I awoke to the phone ringing,, and saw I had slept for almost two hours. It was Gloria calling to say she saw my car in the driveway. "Are you lazy or did you forget to set your alarm?", she teased. I told her I didn't feel well, and she said, "Oh no...poor boy... is there anything I can do for you?" I replied that I had no aspirin in the house, so she said she would bring some right over. I told her the door was unlocked, to which she replied, "Yes....I know." Fifteen minutes later, she appeared at the door to my room as promised. She had a small pill bottle in her hand, and had gotten me a glass of water. she came in, sat on the edge of the bed, and gave me three tablets. I felt awful, but couldn't help noticing how sexy she looked. She was wearing a very snug white tank top with a big and gorgeous looking smooth white bra under it (at 40C, all of her bras were big). She had a pair of lilac coloured satin shorts on, and was wearing high heel open toe sandals. Her toenails, fingernails, and lipstick was bright red, and her hair was swept up and pinned back. I openly stared at her breasts and her cleavage as we small-talked, and she felt my forehead for a fever. As she moved, her breasts strained at the fabric of her top, and I could make out the bumps of her nipples through the bra and top. She shifted her position, and put one leg up on the bed, allowing me to see all the way up her thighs to her crotch, and it looked as though she wasn't wearing a panty. My penis swelled inside my briefs despite how bad I felt, and in a moment, she said, " seem to have some swelling going on." She pulled the waistband of my briefs down, wrapped her hand around my erection, and slowly stroked it. "Does this make you feel any better?", she asked. As good as it felt, my eyes were geting very heavy, and though I tried to reply, my words were slurred. I heard her say, "What I gave you will help you sl**p, and when you wake up, I garantee you will feel much better."

I slowly came awake, and saw I had slept for four hours. It took some time to get my bearings, and as I did, I noticed the headache and stomach upset were gone, but I felt very warm and different. I went into the bathroom, took a quick shower, and went back to my room to get into some clothes. To my complete surprise, Gloria was sitting in the chair, smoking another of her 120 cigarettes, legs crossed, and.......dressed like a nurse...full uniform and cap, and smiling widely as I stood buck naked with my mouth wide open. The only deviation from regulation nurse attire she had on were white high heels and very shiny medium brown hosiery. "Feeling any better?", she asked. I told her I was, and she stood up, walked over to me, and said, "Let Nurse Gloria take your temperature." She looked hotter than any nurse I had ever seen, and as she stood next to me, I could see the uniform did little to hide what she wore under it. She walked over to a bag she had on the dresser, and produced a stethoscope and a small black box. From behind, I could see the outline of her bra, as well as the second set of straps indicating she was wearing a white full slip. The uniform hugged her curves, and her breasts looked full and pushed up. It was very hot in the room, and that added to the warm feeling I had when I woke up. I was perspiring partly from the heat and partly from the excitement of seeing her dressed the way she was. As she approached me, her uniform skirt opened at her knees, and I saw the row of lace at the bottom of her slip. she ran the stethoscope all over my body, and listened to the "pulse" in my now rock-hard penis. She turned a switch on the small black box, and it began to hum as she placed it against my penis and testicles. She had begun to perspire too, and I saw her forehead and cleavage were moist. In mock admonition, she tapped my erection saying, "Are you looking at my slip through my uniform, young man?" My head was swimming, and I was more aroused than I had ever been as I told her I was. "I see," she said, "Considering how hot is in in here, perhaps I could open my uniform a bit and let you have a better look." AS she unbuttoned the front of her uniform, she asked, "Are you feeling very hot?" I told her I was, and she said, "Good...the tablets I gave you are to heighten your sexual drive, and I see they are working." She removed her uniform and was standing in front of me in her full slip, which fit her very nicely. She said, "Nurse Gloria only shows her slips to special patients." I began to masturbate as I looked at her, and she pulled the bottom of her slip up to her waist revealing lace topped stockings which ended at mid thigh, and no panty. She let her slip skirt fall back down and said, "Would you like to see Nurse Gloria's pretty bra?" By this time, we were both wringing wet with perspiration, and she pulled the slip straps off of her shoulders. She was wearing a white satin longline bra with smooth cups which pushed her breasts up high on her chest. I could see small drops of perspiration running down her cleavage as she said, "Tell me where you want to cum, but you cannot fuck me." I was filled with lust for her, and spun her around toward the bed. "Kick off that slip and spread your legs," I ordered. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?", she snapped, "I will call Hospital Security if you continue." "You are my patient and I am your cannot fuck me," she growled. Her slip fell around her ankles as we "argued", and she kicked it away. I cupped and squeezed her breasts from behind, and she pushed her ass against my throbbing erection. I could feel her own juices running down her crotch and insides of her thighs as I told her, "I am going to fuck you, Nurse Gloria." She bent down to rest her arms on the bed, and lifted her ass. I pushed my erection into her kitty up to my balls on the first penetration, causing her to let out a long, low moan of satifaction. So here I was...buried fully in a 67 year old woman who had the sensuality of a 25 year old, and who was obviously into kinky roleplay. We had sex for hours, and whatever she gave me allowed me to have stamina and cum numerous times. Around 6:00 P.M, she gathered up her "props", put her uniform back on, and said, "Come over for dinner about 7:30...I'll explain some things to you."

That evening, I learned much more about this woman.
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