Neighbour Fantasies.....Part 10

I still had the house to myself due to Lorene being out of town. It was a muggy full moon night, and I was sl**ping in the buff on top of the bed. After finally falling into a deep sl**p, I very slowly awoke to the feeling something was "off". As I lay trying not to fully wake myslf, I realized I was smelling cigarette smoke. I sat up in bed rubbing the cobwebs out of my eyes, and was startled to see a female figure sitting in the chair across from my bed, lit by the moonlight and the cherry red tip of her cigarette. For a bit, my heart pounded because I wasn't sure I saw her, or if I was dreaming. "You should really lock your doors...never know who might come in," the figure whispered. I recognized the voice as Gloria's, and came full awake. "I couldn't sl**p - feeling a bit horny, so I thought I'd see if you were up," she said in a low voice, "The back door was unlocked, so I let myself in...hope you don't mind." I told her she startled me, but no damage was done, and asked her how long she had been sitting in my room. "Long enough to smoke two 120s and watch you get two beautiful hard ons," she said. I then realized I was naked and she had a full view. She was wearing the sleeveless low-cut yellow knit top, white pleated skirt, and yellow high heels I had seen her wearing weeks before. "Like my outfit?" she asked. I told her I remembered it from our conversation in her driveway. "Yeah...I saw you looking at my boobs and my ass in this skirt, and knew you were hot for it," she said. "However, there is a difference tonight...I'm not wearing a bra, hosiery, or a panty under it," she said slowly. At that, she stood uncrossed her legs, stood up, and took a sensually long drag off her 120. She slowly walked over next to my bed, and pushed her chest out causing her perfect 40C breasts to protrude under the knit top. "Oh my," she said, "I think my nipples are showing." A window was behind her, and the moonlight backlit her skirt showing the shadows of her curvy thighs and legs under the light pleated fabric. My penis reacted immediately, and when she rubbed her slightly round belly, I went to full erection. She put one high heeled foot up onto my bed, and raised her skirt to her waist. " hosiery, no panty," she teased. She wrapped her hand around my throbbing shaft and slowly stroked me until a drop of precum leaked out. "Mmmmm...dick lube," she whispered. "I know you want to shoot your load all over my skirt, but this time is MY deal," she said. She straddled me, lifted her skirt, and pushed her kitty down full on my erection. "Fuck me," she ordered. I thrust up into her as she smoked her 120. I lifted her top and pinched her nipples as I fondled her heavy breasts. "I'm cumming...fill me up Trev," she moaned. I felt a gush of hot liquid burst inside her kitty, and exploded my semen into it. She stayed on me for a bit, gently rocking and pulling the last drops out of me. Suddenly, she got off of me, pulled her top and skirt down, kissed me hard on the mouth, and said, "Go back to sl**'re dreaming," and was gone. I heard her close the back door, and her heels click across the concrete driveway between our houses. I laid there without moving for a bit, trying to determine if it had actually happened, but her slippery juices in my penis told me it had. I fell into a deep sl**p until morning, and when I awoke, I saw she had left the new long black slip she had worn under her party dress on my chair with a note reading. "A little token for you to remember me with."

I decided to create a litle excitement of my own......
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