Neighbour Fantasies...Part 8

I went home directly from work the day Donna and I had sex in the company warehouse, anxious for our dinner date later that evening. My "aunt" Lorene was out of town for a week on a buying trip, so I was lonely and a bit horny. Donna called about thirty minutes after I got home to say she had to rain-check our dinner date because the heat and her birth control pills were making her ill. I told her we would plan for another evening, and hung up...totally disappointed. I made myself dinner, then sat around watching TV and thinking how nice a female body would feel. About 11:30 P.M., I heard a car pull up in Gloria's driveway next door. I went to a side window, and saw she had come home from her vacation at her daughter's home. I had all the lights off, so I could watch her gather her luggage from her trunk. It was very hot and humid, and I saw that she was wearing a light coloured tank top, very snug and short white workout shorts, and a pair of electric blue heels. For her age, her body was very sexy, and the outfit she was wearing really showed her curves. I watched her walk into her house and turn on the kitchen light. My penis began to stir as I watched her ass and legs as she walked. I turned on the kitchen light to attract her attention, and after about a half hour, heard a knock at the back door. I heard Gloria say, "Are you two still up over here?" I walked into the kitchen wearing only a pair of athletic shorts, and invited her in. "I'm home alone, Gloria," I said, "Lorene is out of town all was your trip?" She looked very sexy in the light...the tank top, shorts, and heels were all they looked to be, and I could see the outline of her bra under the top. "Let's sit in the f****y room", I suggested. We sat across from one another, and she asked if she could smoke. I lit her 120mm cigarette, she crossed her legs, and put one arm up on the back of the sofa, giving my an erotic view of her 40C bust line. She took a deep drag of her cigarette and told me that her daughter was in the midst of a divorce, that she had gone there to helpp her sort things out, and became so depressed, she came home. She began to sob as she spoke, and I moved over to comfort her. After a bit, she composed herself, and I offered her a glass of cognac. "Only if you join me," she said. After several glasses, she remarked about how warm the night was, and that she was "glowing" from the liquor. I could see damp areas under her arms, and glistening down her cleavage, and it made me hard. She then said, "Trev...would you think it would be trampy of me if I told you I would like to take my top and shorts off?" I didn't answer her, but stood up and pulled off my own shorts, allowing my hard penis to stand straight out in front of her. "Ahhh...I see you won't mind then," she said as she removed her top and shorts. "And to make it fair, since you have nothing on above your waist, off comes this bra," she laughed. She sat up, lit another cigarette, and after taking a long drag, blew the smoke on my penis. "How did that feel?", she asked. I told her it was very exciting, poured her another drink, and sat back down across from her. She was sensually smoking her cigarette, sitting naked except for her taupe coloured shiny panty and her blue heels. "I enjoy making you hard," she said softly, "Will you masturbate for me?" She sat with her legs crossed, smoking and watching me as I slowly stroked my erection. I could tell she was feeling the effects of the cognac as she asked, "Would you like to cum on my panty?" I sat up at the edge of my seat so she could clearly see me stroking myself. She uncrossed her legs, moved to the edge of her seat, spread them and began rubbing herself under her panty. "What would you like me to do to you, Trev?", she asked. I said, "let's go upstairs...I want you to wear Lorene's lingerie for me, and I want you to stay with me here tonight." She sat very straight, which made her breasts stand out prominently, took another drag from her cigarette, and said, "I need you to fuck me hard Trev, and if me wearing Lorene's lingerie gets you hot, I will do it for you." With that, she blew another puff of smoke at my penis, stood up, put her hand around it, and gently led me to the stairs. As we entered Lorene's room, I pushed her onto the bed, laid on top of her, and rubbed myself all over her soft body. Between kisses, she would say, "I need that gorgeous cock of yours", and "Yes..that's it...touch every part of my body with it." She squirmed out from under me, and said, "Let me see what Lorene has in here," as she walked to the dresser. She pulled her shiny taupe panty down and kicked it to the side as she looked through Lorene's bra drawer. "Which drawer does she keep her slips and stockings in?", she asked. "Oh my gosh...she has so much of you love being in these drawers," she said. She continued to browse for a bit, then asked, "What colour do you want me to wear?" I told her I wanted to see her in the dark tan items I knew were in the drawers. "Mmmm...I am partial to tan, beige, and creme, too....but remember, Lorene is smaller than I am, so everything will be a bit tight on you mind?" I told her I actually found that look to be very erotic. "Pick out a pair of her heels for me while I put these things on," she said. I selected a pair of medium brown heels from the shoe rack. "Perfect, she said, "just my size." She squeezed herself into Lorene's 36C bra, an above-the-knee half slip, a pair of dark brown stockings, and the brown heels. This sixty-plus woman was an absolute knockout. We played with and masturbated each other. I rubbed my penis on the slip and stockings, and after removing the bra, on her 40C breasts. She rubbed her kitty on my thighs and chest, and rubbed her ass against my erection. I laid on my back and she lowered herself onto my penis, and we thrust against each other. She moved off, and wanted me to enter her from behind. When neither of us could hold off any longer, we shared a mutual climax which left us soaked in our juices. She stayed the night, and we had sex two more times. Just before dawn, I awoke to find her masturbating me with the taupe panty she had worn. She laid next to me and watched as I shot my cum all over her belly and thighs. When first light came, she removed Lorene's lingerie and said, "I'll take these home to launder them...bring the sheets over later." She kissed me, gave my spent penis a loving stroke, and went downstairs. I watched her walk over to her house wearing the tank top, shorts, and blue heels like nothing had happened.

I wondered what might happen when I brought the bedsheets over.......
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