Neighbour Fantasies....Part 5

It was Friday, and I was still feeling the effects of the sexual encounter I had with my "aunt" Lorene three nights before. I had not spoken to Gloria in that time, and avoided Lorene at home and at work as much as possible. She left me a note saying she had to travel to a sales convention, and would be gone until Sunday night. I locked up the office and warehouse, and headed home, trying to sort out the pros and cons of my situation. I parked my car in the garage, and walked the driveway to the house, and as soon as I went in, the phone rang. "Trev...this is must be tired and hungry," she said. "As a matter of fact, I am," I replied. "Will you come over for dinner?", she asked. I wanted to tell her I just wanted to jack off into Lorene's underwear, and call it a week, but for some reason, I said, "Sure...what time? "Say, 7:30...that will give you an hour to get ready," she said. "Okay, how should I dress?", I asked. "Oh, it doesn't matter...dress for comfort," she replied. As i stepped out of the house, I noticed the weather had changed dramatically from sultry warm to chilling fog damp, and a freshing breeze was blowing off the water. I knocked on Gloria's front door, and was surprised at how she looked. She was wearing a black light knit type dress with a zipper up the front which really flattered her curvy figure, shiny black hosiery, and black high heel pumps. Her makeup was impeccable, and she wore a pair of gold hoop earrings. Most notable, however, was her hair. She had coloured it a very light ash blonde, and wore it loose on one side of her face, and upswept on the other. In short, she looked gorgeous. "Wow, I said, you look fantastic!" She put her arms around my waist, kissed me, and asked, "Do I look a bit younger?" She spun around, and I could see the sensual curves of her breasts, hips, and ass, and the black hosiery and heels really set off her legs. "Would you care for some lemonade," she asked. We sat in her living room and small-talked, and she told me she had run into Lorene at the salon, and learned that she was going out of town. She said she told Lorene she would make dinner for me, and for a sinister reason I asked, "Hmmm...what did she say?" "Oh, she said she thought it would be wonderful for both of us," she replied. Yeah...I could smell trouble in the wind. We had a delicious meal, and my lemonade glass was always full. I helped Gloria with the dishes, and she asked me to build a fire to drive off the outside chill. We sat together on the sofa in the firelight, drinking her special lemonade. "Are you and Lorene intimate?", she suddenly asked. I resolved to be truthful, and told her we had limited sexual contact. "So, the two of you generally use mutual masturbation like you and I have done?", she asked. I nodded a "yes". "Do you have any recall of the first time you were aroused by her?", she asked. I described the incident in the motel in detail to her, and I could see her breathing becoming rapid as I did. "Did cumming on her slip feel good to you?", and, "What did you do after that?", she asked. I described peeking at Lorene every chance I got, and masturbating with her lingerie. "And all of that led to the mutual masturbation you share now.....", she said. Again, I nodded an affirmation. "I find all of this most interesting and sensual, Trev", she said. Seizing the moment, I asked, "What about you, Gloria?" She told me in detail of her marriage, her late husband's lack of interest in her, and how she had to suppress her fantasies and absence of stimulation. She sadi she would remain celibate after his passing, and had up to that point. "What do you do for sexual gratification?", I asked. "Well, up until recently, I resorted to masturbation and even a bit of voyeurism," she admitted. "Go on, please," I said. "I have vibrators and dildos, and my fingers," she said, and as for the voyeurism, if I had the chance to watch a sexy man, I would do so, then masturbate to that recollection," she explained. "What do you do now?', I asked. She stood up, unzipped her dress, and said, "This." The dress came off revealing a sexy black satin bra, and a shiny and tight black nylon half slip. "Do you like the slip?", "It's another of Connie's I found for you," she said. She pulled it up to her waist, and I saw she was wearing a black girdle with garters to hold up her black stockings. "So you see what I do now, don't you?, she asked. "By the way, this is the bra you saw the first time you were in my bedroom, and I have a white and beige one as well," she said. I told her I recognized it, and she laughed as she told me she knew I was looking down her dress as we sat outside and on her bed. "Have you masturbated with any of my lingerie during the times you've been over here alone," she asked. I told her I had done do with her silky nightgown. "Mmmm..well, please feel free to use any if it as you fact borrow it if you wish," she said. "HOWEVER, I prefer you use it with me either wearing it or with you when you do," she said sternly. "Do you like my daughter's slips?", she asked. I told her I loved the fact they were tight on her, that they showed her figure, and that her daughter had worn them. "I bet I've forgotten to show you her pictures, "she said. I'll get some to show you. She returned with several framed photos of connie in hgih school and college, and a scrapbook of all kinds of photos. Connie was a beauty...looked to be her mother's mirror image, and dressed to kill. "Oh." she laughed, you will like a few of these. She turned the pages to a section which showed Connie in various outfits and candid poses. "She took a modeling class in college, and used these as her labs," her mother said. There were shots of her in slacks, dresses, shorts, and best of all, lingerie. My penis was hard because this erotic 66 year old mother was sitting in her lingerie showing me photos of her then - 23 year old daughter in HER lingerie. There were two pages devoted to bras, slips - one looking like the black one Gloria was wearing - and hosiery. "Do these appeal to you?", she asked. She put her hand on the bulge in my pants - the first time she actually touched me there - and whispered, "Umm do find them exciting." She unzipped my pants, and because I wore no briefs, my erection popped into her hand. "I have an idea,", she said, stood up, and removed her slip. I saw that her girdle was open at the crotch, and she wasn't wearing a panty. She sat down, placed the open scrapbook on my legs, and began to masturbate me with her daughter's slip. "Enjoy the photos, Trev, and think about her wearing this slip." I got lost in how Connie looked in her lingerie, how Gloria was jerking me, and how the whole thing was, in a way, strange. I wanted to explode in Connie's slip, but decided to push my luck. I reached into my pocket and got the latex penis ring Lorene used on me, moved Gloria's hand away, and rolled it on. "What the hell are you going to do with that?", she asked. I one swift move, I pushed her onto her back on the sofa, spread her legs, and pushed my penis into her wet kitty. "So you think I'm going to let you fuck me?", she asked. I was slowly burying myself in her, and said, "How much teasing did you want me to put up with?, and now tonight you want me to cum while you jack me off with Connie's slip and her photos." "I wanted you to fuck me since the first time you came all over me," she said. "Did Lorene give you that cock ring?", you're fucking her, aren't you?" I moved her around so her ass was on the sofa cushions and I could kneel on the floor between her legs. I took the ring off, and pushed back into her and she said, "You wanted to cum when you were looking at Connie's photos, didn't you?", you wanted to fill the slip she wore with your juice, didn't you?" "If she was here, would you fuck her, too?", she asked. I told her I would, and when I said that, she ground her hips harder against me, and hooked her legs around the back of my thighs. "She will be here in a week, so maybe you'll get the chance," she whispered. I pushed right up to her cervix, which made her climax instantly, and I pumped her full of cum.

"You are a beautiful and perverted woman, Gloria." I told her. She looked at me and said, "I intned to show you how right you are."

'do you loke my daughter's slips
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Damn hot.
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Like the stories. Thanks