A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 21

The rest of the day went on without any further attempts by Helen to seduce me. Mt "aunt" called to say she would be home by six, and Helen told her she wanted to take the three of us out to dinner. On one of my passes through the house, she said, "We all need to dress nicely tonight...I want to go to a fancy restaurant." I shaved and showered early, and heard my aunt come home about a quarter of six. I heard her and Helen talking over the evening plans, and Helen telling my aunt she would need to borrow some clothes, as everything she had was casual. My aunt was at the foot of the stairs going through the mail, and told Helen "Hey...feel free to cherry-pick my drawers and closets." I was sitting on my bed decising what I should wear when my aunt walked into my room. By this time, I had lost my shyness about being naked in front of her. She sat down next to me on the bed, with her dress unbutttoned, and whispered, "So young man...were you a good boy today?" I told her that I had been, and she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. She took my now-hardening penis in her hand and said, "Been thinking about this all day...and the wet spot it left in my cleavage this morning...did you miss your "auntie"? Even though this stunning woman was not a bl**d relative, or even my uncle's wife any longer, the way she used the word "auntie" got me instantly hard. I turned to her, began caressing her thighs and breasts, and said, "Yes, Lorene,I couldn't get you out of my mind all day." She asked if Helen had tried to come on to me during the day, I told her she had, and what went on. "Oh, Hon...you poor k**...it must have driven you crazy," she whispered. She told me she felt guilty for ordering me not to give in, and said, "What can I do to make it up to you?" I heard Helen in the shower, and told my aunt, "I need you to make me cum Lorene." She smiled, kissed me full on the mouth and said, "Okay...go downstairs, get the small box out of my purse, and wait fifteen minutes before you come upstairs." I asked why, and she simply said, "I need to get ready." I threw my robe on, she went into her room, and I set out to do what she told me to do. The wait was agonizing, and the anticipation had me rock-hard. It was quiet upstairs, and I watched each of the fifteen minutes tick of the clock. With the mystery box in hand, I slowly went upstairs. My aunt's door was pulled almost closed, and I was not prepared for the site I walked in on. Lorene and Helen were laying on Lorene's large bed, both wearing only half slips and high heels. My aunt's was a very dark beige, and Helen's was white. Lorene was wearing the same dark brown heels I had selected for her that morning, and Helen was wearing white heels. "Come join us Hon," my aunt said. At that, Helen began to lick Lorene's protruding nipples, and my aunt put her hand up under Helen's slip. She said, "Bring that box over here." I walked over to the bed, and handed her the box. Helen pulled the belt loose on my robe, and my erection stood out straight. Lorene opened the box, and produced what looked like a very thick black rubber band. "Roll this down to the base of you penis Hon...it will keep you from cumming...like I did with my fingers before." Helen sat up, and said, "OH NO...I'm going to do it for you !" My aunt touched herself as she watched Helen slowly roll the ring down my shaft. "I know everything about you two, and think it is SO damn hot," Helen said. My aunt told me they had this whole thing planned. She asked me to get a water pitcher and glasses out of the master bathroom, which I did. When I re-entered the room, Helen was between my aunt's legs, performing oral sex on her. I set the tray down, climbed onto the bed behind Helen, and pushed my erection into her. "OOOOOOOOOO, shit," she screamed, "I've wanted that thing in me since I got here!!" I was thrusting into her hard and for quite some time, and marveled at how well the ring worked. Helen had an orgasm, and as I pulled out of her, my aunt rolled her off, and said, "Come fuck your auntie Hon." I was between her legs and inside her instantly, and she said, "You are such a good boy...auntie loves you and wants you to feel good." Helen had come up behind me, and inserted one finger into Lorene's kitty with my penis, and was rubbing the back and underside of my balls with the other hand. Lorene was moaning and telling me how good it felt. I pulled out of her to catch my breath, Helen pushed me onto my back and took my slippery penis into her mouth. I watched Lorene bury her face in Helen's backside, and heard Helen telling her to lick harder. Suddenly, Lorene pushed Helen aside, and took my penis into her mouth. They alternated performing oral sex on me until I couldn't stand it any longer. I told them to lie side by side with their legs apart, and licked their kittys until the both climaxed several times. Lorene looked at Helen and said, "I'm taking his hot cum myself this time," and pulled the ring off of my penis. "Put it in me, Trev, and fill me with your stuff." As I entered her and began to thrust inside her, Helen crawled onto my back, and began rubbing her slippery crotch against me, saying, "Screw that bitch good this time, because you're all mine next time." Lorene closed her eyes, and said, "I'm cumming Trev...shoot me fulll of it...I love you!" When Helen heard her she screamed, "AHHHHHHHH FUCK...I'm cumming, too !!" I exploded into Lorene, pumping what seemed like gallons of pent-up semen into her.

After a recovery period, we all cleaned up, and resumed gwtting ready for dinner. More on that soon.
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