My Aunt's Friend

A college friend of my aunt's (Susan) was staying with us while on assignment from her work. She and my aunt had remained close after college, and I had met her twice before when she visited. Single, late 30s, blonde, slightly curvy, about 5'-7" tall, and very classy, she soon caught me 16 year old interst as she had caught my eye. She was about a week inbto her two-month stay with us, and my hers, my aunts, and my schedule meant we actually saw very little of each other. When we did, it was a pleasuravle exoerience to see her and my aunt dressed in their business attire, and the two of them provided a very nice visual. Susan was very outgoing and friendly, and spending time in the evenings with then was enjoyable. Many of my nights involved laying in my bed fantasizing about the way Susan looked, and interacted with me.

One morning, my aunt had left early to fly out of towm for a couple of days to a seminar. I heard Susan up and about as I went down to get coffee and a bite of breakfast. Some time later, I headed upstairs to take a quick shower before going to my job. I topped the stairs, and turned directluy into the bathroom. I was shocked to find Susan standing at the vanity applying her makeup. She was wearing a black nylon bra and matching half slip, tan hosiery, and black open toe pumps. I awkwardly tried to apologize, but she brushed it off by saying, "Hey, no problem, I'm sure you;ve seen your Aunt Lorene dressed like this, haven't you?" I was stuttering my woords tying to reply, when she said, "Well, they're just undergarments, and it's not like I'm naked." I was beeet red, but couldn't move. "Go about your business, you won't bother me at all." Several seconds passed, and she went back to putting on her makeup. I decided to do as she suggested, and gathered up a towel and shampoo from the closet. As I did, I watched her in the large wall mirror over the vanity, and was fascinated by the way her breasts moved and how the slip clung to her butt, tummy, and thighs. I could feel my erection building and stood with my back to her hoping I could make it subside long enough to duck into the shower.

"Hey, pal," I heard her say. I turned slightly to see she was leaning against the vanity with her arms crosssed which gave her even more cleavage than she normally had. "Have you got a problem - am I embarrassing you?", she asked. I told her "no", and she said, "Well, the way you are ignoring me in this room, I thought you might." "How does my makeup look?", she asked. I turned to her and immediately regained full hardness when I saw her eye makeup and the red lipstick she had put on. "It looks very nice," I said with a wavering voice.

I saw hwe gaze fall to below the waistband of my pajama bottoms and knew my penis had betrayed me. In a low and soft voice, susan said, "Hmmm ... I think you DO have a problem." Instictively, I looked down, and she said, "So do you like the way I look?" With that, she uncrossed her arms and put them behind her on the top of the vanity, pushing her breasts out at me. "Ah, I see a pair of 36Ds catch your eye." By this time, I didn't care about being discreet or "proper", and said, "Yes, Susan, they do." She looked at me and said, "Why don't you give them a feel and see what you think."

I stepped over to her, and placed both hands on her bra-covered breasts. "Go ahead - feel them all you like," she said. AS I did, she gently pulled my pajama bottoms down and lightly touched the tip of my erection. "Oooo,", she whispered, "I hope my boobs feel as good to you as your dick does to me." She began to stroke me lightly and slowly, and said, "Kiss me."

Soon, our tongues were in each other's mouths, and she was stroking my a bit harder and faster. I moved one hand down to her hip, and around her ass and could feel the sslip sliding across her panty. She said, "Yes, I can see you kind of like the feel of my slip, too, don't you?" I told her I did, and she moved her leg so my erection was rubbing against her thigh. "Go ahead - enjoy the feel of it," she said.

After a few minutes, she said, "Look, pal, I'd love to screw you right this second, but have a meeting to get to. You have me so wet, I think I'll slide out of my panty, but can't do anyhting about it. Tell you what - I'm going to jerk you off and you play with my nipples, and we can both cum." She stepped back, unhooked her bra, and stood right against my right side. She put her arm around my waist, and with her other hand began stroking me. I had my right arm around her waist so I could rub her ass and thigh, and play with her nipples with my left hand.

"I'm going to jack you off right into this sink," she said. "I want to see how much you have." She was pumping me and I was caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples. "I know you want to cum on my slip, but I have to wear it with my dress today - you can another time," she said. "Besides, I've never experienced that before, and now I want to more than you know," she said.

I could feel her body tense up, and my own explosion ready, so I said, "I'm going to cum, Susan." She stiffened in my arms and said, "Yessssss - so am I - shoot your load !!!!" She was loking at my erection, pumping it, and saying, "Oh - oh - oh" with each ribbon of cum I shot into the sink.

I sat on the small dressing chair as she put her bra back on, and she said, "That was great - we need to do this correctly, but please let this be between the two of us." I assured her I would, and she bent down to give me a long, deep kiss.

She was dressed and gone by the time I got out of the shower, but replaying it in my mind made me horny again. I went into the bedroom she was using and looked into the hamper. I saw a pair of creme coloured nylon panties, and began masturbating with them. In seconds, I filled them with cum, and placed them back in the hamper.

From that moment, I wanted to be intimate with Susan as soon and as often as possible.

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great story and a beautiful start to the day:)XXXXXX