Bev Re-enters My Life

My schedule at my job went totally awry, and the plans I had to spend more time with Thea went with it. I had worked seven days in a row, and was finally finished for the day at 6:30 P.M. I locked up the warehouse and office, and walked toward my car. As I rounded the corner of the office, I saw my old friend Bev's car parked next to mine, and as I approached, she got out. "Well, mister, thought you ran of with the circus," she laughed. I was surprised to see her, and replied, "Hell, I don't have time to even think about running off." She laughed, walked up to me, and gave me a big hug and kiss. "I've missed you Trev," she said, "What the hell have you ben doing?" I told her that I had mostly been working, and she stepped back, gave me a cynical look, and asked, "On or in whom?" I smiled and told her to get her mind out of the gutter.

I will admit to having been particularly horny that day, and she was looking very appealing to me. Her hair was loose and down to her shoulders, she was wearing a dark plum coloured lipstick, a white nylon camisole with a beige bra under it, very snug yellow stretch shorts which showed just a hint of camel toe, and a pair of black high heel stap sandals. Her finger and toe nails were polished in the same colour as her lipstick. As we talked, she sat on the hood of her car, corsed her legs, and lit up a 120mm cigarette. "So...", she said, "Have you considered my suggestion that you move in with me?" I was startled that she remembered it, and said that I had thought quite a bit about it. "How do you think Lorene will feel about it if you do?, she asked. I admitted I was concerned, and she suddenly grew serious. "Look...your "aunt" is busy establishing her business hundreds of miles away. I know the two of you have been intimate, but I don't feel it's fair for you to "save" yourself for her. She's probably fucking someone by now anyway...wise up honey!" I was stunned, and had no words to reply with. She went on to say, "You've had your way with me and gotten me hooked on you, and I want to be able to have that whenever I want it." With that, she tossed her cigarette, uncrossed her legs, and pulled the camisole up exposing her bra-covered breasts. She slowly said, "I may be much older than you, but I think you like what I offer...why the fuck don't you get smart and have this body all to yourself on a regular basis?"

The sight of her full breasts covered by the smooth beige nylon bra was a real turn-on. The parking lot was secluded behind the office, and was surrounded by trees, and we were alone. She spread her legs as she sat on the hood of her car, and I saw her curvy thighs and kitty clearly outlined. I was hard, and she noticed it, saying, "Want to have a little public sex?" I dropped my jeans and briefs as she pulled her shorts off, and I saw she was wearing a very shiny beige nylon panty. I moved beween her legs and pushed myself fully into her as she wrapped her legs around the back of my thighs. She held me still and said, "I know you've been fucking other women, but that is over as of now." I slowly thrusted in and out of her and fondled her full breasts through her bra. "Are you ready to claim these tits and pussy permanently?", she asked. I told her I was, and she dropped her legs, and pushed me away from her gently. " go home, clean up, and come to my house," she said, "We will finish this properly." I stood in front of her with my erstion throbbing and twitching in the late afternoon sun, and watched her pull her panty and shorts back on, and her camisole down. "Don't you dare go home and jack off...I want you full when you get to my house," she said. She got off her car, kissed me on the cheek, and got behind the wheel. I pulled my briefs and jeans back up, and drove home.

I stopped for gasoline and a quick burger on the way home, and it was getting near dusk when I pulled into the driveway at Lorene's. I went through the front door so I could get the mail, and went directly upstairs and stripped my work clothes off. Soon, I was in the shower trying to keep my erection down with little success. I toweled off, and was about to go get dresed when the phone rang. I ran into Lorene's room to answer the extension only to find it was a wrong number. After saying the obligatory, "son of a bitch", I slammed the phone down, turned around, and nearly jumped out of my skin.

Bev was standing in the doorway of Lorene's private bath. She was wearing a white nylon knee-length robe which belonged to Lorene, and also a pair of her black high heels. My mouth dropped as she slowly walked toward me and I noticed she had fixed her hair the same way Lorene wore hers. She slowly untied the belt of the robe to reveal she was wearing a beige bra, matching shiny half slip, and coffee-coloure d silk stay-up stockings. The slip was sheer enough that I could see she wasn't wearing a panty under it. She held the robe fully open saying, "Thought I'd do two things...first surprise the shit out of you, and second, let you fantasize one more time about fucking Lorene." Her plan was working...she did very closely resemble Lorene, and I was very familiar with the lingerie she was wearing. "Oh..and as if you didn't know it, I borrowed Lorene's things to turn you on."

My erection was throbbing hard as she pulled the beige panty out of the robe pocket as she let it drop to the floor. "This is the panty I was wearing earlier...put it on," she ordered. I pulled the panty on as best I could, and it made my penis srick straight up over toward my belly. She admired it and said, "Yes...can you feel how wet it still is from my juices?" I nodded, and she reached down to pick up the robe, and began rubbing it on my penis over her panty. "How does that feel?", she asked. By this time, I was leaking precum all over myself, her panty, and Lorene's robe. "You caame on this robe before, didn't you?" she asked. She dropped the robe and unhooked the beige bra. "Take my panty off now," she said, "And suck my nipples hard." In les than a minute, she had a climax as I devoured her nipples and breasts. She and I were the same height as she stood in Lorene's heels, and she rubbed her slip-covered belly against my penis. "You came on this slip, too, didn't you?", she asked. "While Lorene was wearing it?" I nodded and she said, "And you love cumming on MY slips when I wear them, don't you?" I nodded again, and she turned her back to me. "Rub your cock on my ass," she said. I was humping her ass through the now-wet slip when she crawled up on all fours on the bed, pulled the slip up enough to expose her backside, and said, "Give it to me from behind." I penetrated her soaking wet pussy, grabbed her breasts from behind and began pumping her hard. "All the way in !!!", she demanded. I could feel my balls tightening for an explosive finish when she asked, "Am I Lorene?" I said no. "Who the fuck am I then?!" she yelled. I bit her shoulder and said, "You are Bev, and I'm going to fill you with my cum." I exploded and she squirted at the same time, and she panted, "Never forget I am Bev, and and you belong with me."

We collapsed with me still inside her and on top of her. Later, we separated, and she went into the bathroom. She came out wearing her own clothes, and carrying Lorene's lingerie. "I'm going home...get showered and come over...I'll wash these.

She walked over to where I was laying, took my semi-hard penis into her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. "Don't be too long," she smiled.
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