I Confront Dara With The Past

I decided to cut back on my amorous adventures with the women I was involved with, and after about a month and a half, was dealing with having far too much testosterone. Masturbating was a release, but a poor substitute for warm soft female skin and curves. One night as I sat thinking about how horny I actually was, it struck me to give my "aunt" Lorene's s****r Dara in texas a call. She answered in three rings, and sounded surprised and pleased to hear my voice. We caught up on what each had been doing, and she asked, "Why don't you take a week of and come down here to visit me?" I told her it sounded like a good idea, and that I would make it happen. We continued our chat for some time, and she told me she was working to finish off a pitcher of coolers - by herself. "It's a damn shame you aren't here to share them, Trev, I miss you," she said. I told her the feeling was mutual, but said that in my consition, it was probably for the best. "What on earth do you mean, Sweetie?", she asked. I told her I envisioned her dressed in a very provocative manner as we talked. She paused, then with a chuckle said, "Ohhhh..I get it...my poor Trev has a case of the hornies." I was about to admit it when she said, "Well, picture this...I am wearing a very tight pink tank top, a white nylon bra, very short white satin shorts, no panty under them, and a pair of light pink heels...does that picture please you?" I became almost instantly hard, and told her I could certainly "see" her like that. She laughed and asked, "Are you getting hard and hot?" "Yes," I replied. After a few seconds, she said, "Good, because I have been wet since I answered the phone...want to have phone sex?"

I paused, and then said, "Look Dara, I need to ask you something which needs a truthful answer." "Ask away, Sweetie," she said, "What do you want to know? I cleared my throat, and calmly said, "Tell me the full story about that night, and what happened after." A long silence followed, then she slowly said, "Well...I wasn't expecting that question." I told her I had to know, and that it was important to me.

"Okay...", she began. "I told you that we were in my bed and you accidentally penetrated me when I tried to reposition myself. I also told you I found the sensation of your penis inside me exciting, but held back as you pumped me in your sl**p. I did masturbate you with my nightgown, and later took you into my mouth...that is true...but I wasn't honest about how I eneded the story." I quietly said, "Please go on." Her voice was very soft as she said, "Later that night, I realized I had to feel you again, so I got out of my bed, changed into a very soft black full slip, and went to your room. You were sl**ping soundly on top of the covers, wearing only your pajama bottoms, and you had a fantastic erection. I slowly pulled you pajamas off, and marveled at how large you were for your age. My kitty was soaking wet, and my nipples were as erect as they could be. My boobs ached to be touched and caressed, but I decided to simply masturbate as I watched you sl**p. Soon, I realized I couldn't fight my hormones any longer, so I went back to my own bed. I was fingering myself with my eyes closed, thinking about your cock, when you walking into my room. I sat up and said, "What's wrong Sweetie...where are your pajama bottoms?" You seemed half awake, and replied, "I left them in here, Dara." You were still hard, and the sight of your penis sticking straight out put me over the edge. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and told you to come and lay with me. As we got into my bed, I pulled my slip off, and laid behind you in the spoon position. You fell asl**p immediately, and I could feel my heart racing as the heat from our bodies increased. I reached around your thighs and took a handful of your penis, stroking it lightly. You stirred and said something I didn't understand, so I asked you if it felt good. You said, "Yesssss...good." I was rubbing my boobs and nipples against your back, and my juices were flowing onto my thighs. I turned onto my back, pulled you on top of me, and spread my legs. You woke up, and pulled yourself up to you knees, asking me, "Dara...where is your underdress?" I reached over, picked it up, and handed it to you, saying, "Do you want to rub yourself with it like you do with my other underwear?" I watched you kneeling between my legs, jacking yourself off with my slip, and went over the edge. "Come closer," I said, and pulled you down on top of me. I could feel the hot head of your penis against my shaven kitty, and I grabbed your hips and guided you into me. You began to pump me slowly, and I pulled you in to your full length. You were built very handsomely even then, and I could feel the muslces in your thighs flexing as you thrust against me. "Can I mess on your undress, Dara?", you asked. I told you it is called a slip, and you could "mess" on it or any other thing of mine another time, but for then, I wanted you to do what you were doing. You told me you played with your three older s****rs' slips when you were at home, but were afraid of being discovered. I asked if you ever play with "Auntie Lorene's" slips, and you said you did when you stayed with her. I told you that you could play with mine any time you wished, and I didn't mind you doing that. You continued to thrust into me until I felt your penis tense up, and knew you were about to cum. I dove into one of the most exciting climaxes of my life as I felt you pumping your hot semen into me, and panting, "Ah..ah..ah..mmmm..Dara...feels so good."

She paused and asked, "Are you still with me?" I told her I was, and she asked what I was doing. "Masturbating," I replied bluntly, "What about you?" After a few seconds, she replied, "So am I." I waited a bit, then asked," Did this happen again after that night?" "Yes," she replied. "Tell me," I said. She took a deep breath and told me of one evening after she picked me up at hoem for a weekend stay. She said she decided to keep her office clothes on as she prepared dinner for us, and that I was sitting in the kitchen keeping her company. She daid, "I was wearing a light summer dress with a loose skirt,andheels. You clearly were noticing my outfit because I caught you staring at me several times. I noticed you were rubbing your penis under the table as you watched me, and it got me going. As I was standing at the counter, you said, "I see your bra and slip under your dress, Dara." I turned to face you, and said, "Would you like me to lift my skirt so you get a better look?" You stood up, and your erection stood out as you walked over to me. I lifted my skirt to show you the creme half slip and suntan nylons I was wearing, and unbuttoned the top buttons of my dress to show you the matching bra. "Do you want to "mess" on my slip, Trev?" I asked. I stood in front of you as you jerked against the shiny nylon fabric, and in a matter of a few minutes, you had cum all over the front of my slip. "I need to change out of this before we eat..come upstairs with me, " I said. We went to my room, and I took off the dress and slip, so I was standing in my bra, panty, garter belt, and stockings. "Do you like the way these look?", I asked. "Yes, Dara, I do," you replied. I told you to take your clothes off and lay on you back on the bed. As you did, I pulled my panty off, and straddled your rock-hard penis. This time, you knew what you were doing and began to play with my boobs under my bra. We were thrusting against each other when you suddenly sat up, and flipped me unto my back on the bed. I dug the tips of my heels into your calves, and wrapped my arms around your neck. We both exploded in seconds. In a bit, I got up, threw on a nylon robe, and told you to dress and come down for dinner. As we finshed our dinner, you said, "Can I sl**p in your bed tonight, Dara?" I told you you could sl**p in my bed any time you wished.

She stopped, and asked, "Trev...are you ready to cum?" I told her I wanted to wait for her, to which she replied, "Oh fuck...I'm there now." When I heard her moaning on the other end of the line, I shot ribbons of cum into the air. Later, when we calmed down, Dara said, "Get your damn plane ticket tomorrwo and get down here...I have more to tell you."

I made up my mind to fly down to Texas the next day to learn what else she had to tell me.

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