I had delivered a shipment to a customer one Saturday morning, and found myself near Della's neighbourhood, so I decided to stop in to see how she was. A white MGB was parked in her driveway, so I parked the truck on the street and walked to the door. I knocked several times, but got no answer, so I looked in the garage, and saw her car was there. I figured I would make one more attempt, so I knocked again. As I did, the door swung open, so I stepped into the vestibule and called her name. She responded from upstairs with a "Oh...Trev...I'm up here." As I climbed the stairs, I told her I was close so I decided to stop over for a bit. I wasn't prepared for what I saw as I turned to walk into her bedroom. Della was sitting on the bed, wearing a yellow button-down housedress, and matching high heels. Seated next to her was one of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen. I must have stood there with my mouth open, because they both laughed, and Della said, "Please sit down in the chair." The oddity of the scene was that Dellas's dress was unbuttoned to her waist, and I saw her white bra laying at her feet. The other female was a strawberry blonde with shoulder-length hair, the face of a model, and was naked from the waist of her light, red cotton short skirt. She, like Della, as not wearing hosiery, but was wearing red high heel sandals. Most striking about her appearance was the size of her breats, which I guessed to be around 36D or DD. They were perfect, very firm, and had large dark aereolas with dark maroon nipples. "Trev...this is Starr...she works at one of the community agencies I volunteer at." I was frozen in the chair as Starr rose to what looked like her 5-9 or 10 height, walked over to me, and extended her hand. "Nice to meet you, Trev," she smiled, "Della has told me about you." It was obvious to me that both of them had been playing with each other's breasts, because Della's nipples were erect too. I finally managed to croak out the words, "Sorry if I interrupted something...I should be going." Della crossed her legs and said, "Hell no...just a couple of friends exploring each other's assets...please stay." Starr sat back down on the bed next to Della, and the small-talk began. She told me she was nineteen, and in college, but was working with Della's group to make ends meet. The whole thing seemed bizarre, but I was fascinated by what I might see or hear next.

Della explained, "We are both bi-sexual, and belong to a sort of fetish club. My fetish is younger women who are busty like me, and Starr is excited by older women. I hope you understand the relationship." I thought for a moment, then said, "I am not one to judge...guess if you share common interests, it's fine with me." Starr said, "Oh wow Della...he's as cool as you said he was." She leaned over, gave Della a peck on the cheek, and caressed her breast. Della put her hand on Starr's thigh, and slowly ran it up under her skirt. All at once, I began to get hard at the sight of these two women playing with each other in front of my eyes. Della looked over at me and said, "Why don't you join us?" I stood up, and removed my clothes as the two of them watched. By this time, my penis was sticking straight out, and Starr whispered to Della, "Mmmm...that's gorgeous." They moved apart, and Della motioned for me to sit between them. Della's hand went to my erection as Starr ran her hands up and down Della's thighs under her dress. I gently cupped Starr's left breast with my hand, and a shiver went through her body. Starr then pushed Della's hand away from my penis, and began to trace circles around the head with her finger tips. "I think we should be naked, too, Starr," Della said. She stood up, and undid the rest of the buttons on her dress, pulled it down, and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing one of her usual very tight half slips - a white one - and I could see the outline of her white full panty under it. Starr stood, and dropped her short skirt, revealing the shortest red half slip I had ever seen. "We don't need our panties, Starr," Della said as she reached under her slip and pulled hers off. Starr's panty was a red nylon hip-hugger, and in a second it was on the floor. "I understand you like ladies wearing slips, Trev," Starr said, "Is it a fetish of yours?" I replied that it was. "Well, good, Starr replied, "We'll see if we can hold your interest." At that point, all I could think about was fucking the luscious Starr, but wondered how I would accomplish that. Della laid on the bed on her back, and pulled Starr on top of her. Soon, they were in the missionary position with Starr mouthing Della's breasts and nipples. Starr turned to me and said, "Get on me from behind, Trev." I mounted her and began rubbing my throbbing penis over her her perfectly round and slip covered ass. Between licks of Della's breasts, Starr would turn to me and say, "Yeah...that's it...rub your cock on my slip." Soon, Starr pushed me backwards and buried her head between Della's thighs. I was stroking my penis, and again laid it on Starr's ass. Della pulled Starr up so she was straddling her full breasts, and began licking Starr's kitty. Sensing an opportunity I had so far been deined by Della, I moved between her legs, lifted them, and pointed my erection at her kitty. She stopped me just as the head penetrated her outer lips, saying, "You can't fuck me, but I want to watch you fuck Starr.

Starr backed off of Della's chest, spread her legs, and said, "Do me from behind." In one smooth movement, I penetrated her kitty and pushed myself in as far a I could. She moaned with pleasure as I slowly thrust in and out of her. I stopped to tell her I didn't have a condom, but she said not to worry because she was on the pill. Della was kneeling next to us with her fingers buried in her kitty, and encouraging me to "pump that tight little pussy harder." Starr pulled away, and laid on her back in the missionary position, and I wasted no time filling her again. She was playing with Della's nipples with one hand, and pinching her own with the other. "Get back into doggie style, " Della told us. We did, and she moved behind us, still fingering herself and giving us verbal encouragement. I told Starr I wanted her to be on her back, and she spun under me and pulled her knees up to her shoulders. Suddenly, I felt a shiver go through her body, and her eyes and mouth opened wide. I looked back at Della, and saw she had pushed her slippery finger into Starr's ass as I was fucking her. I turned to watch Starr's face as I prepared to fill her with my semen, and was shocked to feel Della push her other finger into my ass. she pushed it in slowly, but deeply, and when the tip hit my prostate, I exploded into Starr, whose shattering climax followed immediately. The last thing I heard before losing consciousness was Della going through her own climax behind us.

I awoke some time later to find both of them still out cold. Starr was laying on her stomach next to me, and Della was laying on her back on the other side. As I looked at their bodies and thought about what had just happened, I started getting hard again. I knelt on the bed between them and began to slowly stroke myself. I wanted to feel the sensation of fucking the BBW Della, but held off. I rubbed my wet penis across her breasts, thighs, and belly, and I buried the head into her full but neatly trimmed bush. The soft hairs were exciting me, and I could clearly see the pink moist opening of her lips. "Why don't you fuck her, Trev," Starr whispered. I replied that Della was firm in not wanting that, to which she said, "Of course she does...she wants you to take her...she told me that today." I shook my head, and Starr rolled over next to Della. "Here...put it in me, then her, and switch back and forth," she said. I said, "Okay Starr, but go put one of Della's slips on for me." She went to the dresser, and pulled a shimmering black half slip out and held it up to show me. "This one okay?" she asked. I nodded, and soon she was back on the bed. "Della loves to wear her panties and slips on the small side...this one actually fits me quite well, don't you think?" I nodded and asked her to put hers and Della's high heels back on. I entered her again and as I was thrusting slowly, she reached over and said, "Della...Trev is going to fuck both of us now." Della opened her eyes, looked at me, and said, "Will you PLEASE fucking take me???!!!" By the time I pulled out of Starr, Della had her legs spread wide, and I buried my penis into her. "I haven't felt a cock inside of me in fifteen years, and never this deep," she hissed. Just then, Starr climbed onto my back, pressed her breasts against my bck, and began rubbing her mound on my ass. "Shoot your cum into me", Della ordered. I felt Starr's body tense, so I knwe the three of us would share a simultaneous climax. Della pushed hard against me as I made my final thrust, and as I exploded into her, I felt a stream of hot liquid from Starr;s kitty run down the back of my thigh. both women screamed in delight, and we collpased on a heap - still connected.

Later, we all got dressed, and I prepared to leave. Della said, "I hope we can share this again very soon." Starr looked at me and said, next time, I'll bring some of my own slips for you."

It took me a couple of days to process the event, but I came to the conclusion I wanted a repeat.

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