Chinese Dinner at Bev's...Part 3

I arrived at Bev's at 7:30 P.M. sharp, and rang the doorbell. I got no answer for several seconds, so I rang it again. Still, after a few minutes, no answer, so I tried the door. It was unlocked, so I let myself in and called her name. The house was dimly lit, and totally quiet, so I waited for a bit, then called to her again. I became concerned when I got no answer, so I climbed the stairs to see if she was up there. I looked into all the bedrooms and the bathrooms, but she was no where to be found. I decided to check the downstairs, and as I got to the foyer, I heard the back door slam shut.

"Oh!! startled me," she said as she cmae over to me. "I was in the garage to get my purse...left it in the car earleir." I told her I was relieved she was okay, and that she had me worried. "Aww, you are so sweet for being concerned," she said, "I'm sorry."

In the confusion, I had failed to notice two things. One, she was dressed only in a sheer lilac nylon robe which tied around her waist, and came down only to mid-thigh. She had black patent leather high heels on, but nothing else. The most striking thing was that she had coloured her hair the light brunette colour she had in the photos she had shown me earlier, and it was stunning. She didn't look 61 with her gray hair, and the new colour took fifteen years off her age. "Like my new hair colour," she asked. I told her it was very attractive and suited her very well. "Thank you...I did it for you, and I'm happy you approve," she said.

I was staring at her gorgeous 42C breasts as they firmly shook as she spoke. Her nipples were visible through the sheer fabric, and were erect. "Hmm, I see you are quite interested in my boobs...why don't you touch them?", she asked, and untied the sash which held her robe closed. I cupped her breasts with both hands, and ran my thumbs over her rock hard nipples. "Please flat-tongue them honey," she said. Soon I had them covered with my saliva, and she was swaying with pleasure. "You're going to make me cum," she whispered. I ran my tongue down her body from her breasts to her kitty - which I noticed to be smoothly shaven. She squealed with delight, and held my head against her thighs. She spread her legs enough for me to get to her kitty, and I began to lick it gently. "Oh FUCK,'re going to make me squirt!!", she groaned. Soon, a warm flood of her juices hit me in the face, and I had to grab her hips to keep her from falling. "I need you to touch me, and cum all over me, and fuck me," she panted.

I stood up, and she immediately unzipped my pants, pulled my briefs down, and began stroking my erection. "I can't get enough of this...I think about it all the time," she said. "You do?", I asked. She said, "Yes...I think about how it feels and looks, and how much cum it shoots for me, and I get wet thinking about you jacking off with my underwear." She took off her robe and wrapped it around my penis, slowly jerking me. It felt wonderful...slippery and smooth, but I told her not to make me cum. She stopped and said, "Oh no...not yet...we have a few things to do first."

She took me up to her bedroom, and finished removing my clothes. I saw the white dress she had worn and let me cum in earlier, and said, "I hope I didn't ruin your dress." She told me she had washed it, and that it was fine and ready for a repeat. "My nephews had me washing my lingerie pretty regularly a few years ago...I'm used to it," she chuckled. "Tell me about that," I said. We sat on the bed as she told me about how her nephews used to mastubate with her panties and bras when they stayed with her. She said the older of the two had a raging sexual fantasy about her which she tried to sidetrack. "One night," she said, "I awoke to him standing next to my bed. He had the top of my nightgown pulled down, and he was masturbating over my breasts. I told him he must stop, and he became very upset, so I sat up and held him so he wouldn't be traumatized. I guess I fell asl**p because I woke up later to find him laying behind me on the bed, masturbating into the nylon nightgown I was wearing. It was too late to stop him, and he ejaculated into the gown. I told him to go to his room, and I would be in to talk to him. He got out of bed, and so did I, but my back was turned to him as I went to get my robe. He quietly snuck up behind me, put his arm around my waist, pulled my nightgown up, and began to jack off on my ass and thigh. I pushed him away, but he was determined to repeat what had happened before. He grabbed me and pushed me onto my bed on my back. Of course, my gown ended up around my waist, and before I could get up, he shot his semen all oer my thighs and belly. I was so fucking angry, I kneed him in the balls as hard as I could. When he stopped screaming, I told him what he had done was wrong, and that it had better NEVER happen again. I gave him a pass. but he knew damn well how angry I was," she said. "And did it work?", I asked. "Oh yes...from that night, he was a perfect gentleman, and there was never a recurrence."

Her story made me even harder because of my own history with my "aunt" Lorene. I decided to tell Bev about it, and as I did, she listened with fascination. "So that explains your fondness with slips and sensuality," she said. "I find it incredibly erotic and exciting," she said. "I think my slip collection will keep you interested for quite some time, but to be honest, I'd love to have you come lingerie shopping with me soon." We began to kiss and caress each other, and soon she whispered, "Let's both look in my drawers for things you want me to wear." I stood up, but she stopped me, saying, "Wait just a bit...I want you to use this on me." She reached under the pillows, and produced a very large and long cucumber. She handed it to me, and said, "A single woman's best friend...please fuck me with it." She laid back on the bed with her legs spread, and I gently pushed it into her. " feels like you," she whispered. I worked it very slowly in and out of her kitty until she began building to a climax. Soon, I had her gyrating on the bed in ecstacy as I pushed the cucumber into her.

She sat up and took my penis into her mouth, and I could feel the head sliding into her throat. She caressed my balls and sucked me until I was rock-hard and hot, then she got up, hurried over to her dresser, and pulled out a shimmering pink half slip. She pulled it on, and hurried over to the bed. "I can't wait me NOW.", she ordered. She knelt on the bed on all fours, and I began rubbing my leaking penis up and down her ass. Her head was up, and I could see her breasts swaying under her arms as I pushed against her. The slip had ridden up enough to let me push my penis full into her soaking wet, hoy kitty, and I pumped her for a few seconds. "Does my hair colour turn you on, Trev?", she asked. I told her it did, and I wanted to cum in it. "Later, my I need you to bury that cock deep in me." She pulled forward enought to dislodge my shaft from her kitty, turned to me and said, "Now put it in the other opening."

She was so wet from her prior climaxes I had no trouble pushing into her ass. It was incredibly tight, hot, and felt completely different from her kitty. she tightend and relaxed her muscles around my penis, and betwen that and the sounds of complete ecstacy she was making, I was ready. She said, "Push harder honey...push it deeper...fill my ass with you hot stuff." I did as she asked, and the world went black. I came to my senses later, still on top of her with my deflating penis still inside her. I pulled out, and she rolled onto her back and looked at me. "That was incredible," she whispered. "Do you still want to cum in my hair?" I nodded, and she took of the now-soaked pink slip, and wiped my penis dry with it. She then went to her closet and put on a long black nylon nightgown, and sat back on the bed. She wrapped my pensi in the gown and jerked me back into hardness. Then she said, "Rub you cock through my hair, and cum all over it for me." Her hair was very soft, and the friction it made on the underside of my penis was different than any other. "Are you ready to shoot in my hair honey,?" she asked. I nodded and she lowered her head to give me full access, and I exploded into that soft, thick, sexy light brunette hair.

She pulled me onto the bed, saying, "We'll shower, then continue...I intend to drain those big balls of yours tonight."

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