A Chinese Diner at Bev's......Part 2

I walked back into the bedroom from the shower, and found Bev standing at her tall dresser, holding a large box. Her naked curvy body got my penis sitting immediately, and when she turned around, she smiled and said, "Oh good...you're ready again, I see." She walked over to the bed, sat down, and told me to join her. She opened the box to reveal a collection of photos which were organozed with clips into their subject. "I thought you might like to see some shot from a college reunion I was at about fifteen years ago," she said. She pulled out a packet and handed them to me. "Tell me what you think," she said.

In the photos, she and another woman were posing for the camera. Bev was wearing a thin white flowing dress with wide black belt, suntan hosiery, and white high heel pumps. Her hair was a light brunette colour, and top of the shoulder length. Her makeup and jewelry was perfect, and she looked absolutely stunning. The thin material of the dress did little to hide the white bra and half slip she wore under it, and the visual had my erection rock hard as I looked thriugh the photos. "Do you like the natual hair colour I had back then?", she asked. I told her it was very sexy, and attractive. "Ha...", she laughed, "I suspect you are more interested in how my lingerie shows through the dress." "Who is your friend?", I asked. She told me it was Cheryl, her college roomate. The lady was tall...like Bev...and had a very sexy figure. She was dressed in a pink summer dress and matching heels, and was very low-cut. She was a perfect blonde who wore her hair combed up and back, and had a very pretty face. Like Bev, she carried at least an ample bustline, and in some of the photos, the staps and top of her bra showed. "Think Cheryl is sexy, Trev?", Bev asked. I told her I did, and the two of them together made quite a picture. I got to one photo where they were sitting next to each other, and Cheryl's dress had ridden far up her thighs. Bev was sitting with her legs crossed, showing just a glimpse of the lace at the hem of her slip.

Bev looked at me and saked, "Would you like to jack off as you look at the photos?" Before I could reply, she bent down and took my erection into her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down I held the photos in my hand and imagined what it would have been like to have both of them at once. Every so often, she would stop and ask which of them I was looking at. "What other photos of yourself do you have?", I asked her. She sat up. dug though the box, and took out another packet. "Have a look at these," she said. The top photo was of her standing in the same dress in her hotel room, but the remainder were a series of her doing a slow and sensual strip. I quickly looked throught them to find the others were of Cheryl doing the same. "We were a bit tipsy, and decided to do some glamour shots of each other," she said. Cheryl was wearing a light pink satin bra, nude pantyhose, and a matching pink satin panty under her dress. Bev had resumed sucking my penis, and the combination of that and the photos was getting me close to exploding. "You ARE going to cum in my mouth, aren't you?", she asked. I nodded, and she asked what I wanted her to put on. "Put your girdle and heels back on, Bev," I said. "Well...I was expecting you to want me in one of my slips, but I can certainly do what you ask," she smiled. She got up, wiggled into the girdle she had worn earlier, and stepped into her heels.

She laid next to me and alternated between mouthing my penis and jerking me lightly with her hand. I asked her if I could rub my penis on the satin panels of her girdle, and she laid on her back to allow me to straddle her. AS I did, she caressed my balls and asked, "So...whose picture will make you cum...mine or Cheryl's?" I told her I was drawn to the photos of her in her bra and slip, and the colour of her hair. We laid back down, and she said, "I'm going to drink every pump you give me...you just look at the photos and cum for me."

Soon, she had me at the edge, but abruptly stopped. She stood up, and said, "Okay...I have a treat for you." I watched as she went into her closet and came out holding the white dress from the photos. "I still have it, but I think it will be a bit snug now," she said, "Let me put it on for you." She slipped the dress on, and it was snug, but looked absolutely hot on her. "Shit...I should have put a bra and slip on under it, huh?, she asked. I told her that I wanted to see her bare boobs, thighs, and ass move under the dress. She walked around the bedroom, and as she did, said, "I'll bet you want to shoot your stuff all over my dress, don't you?" I nodded, and she replied, "You are like one of my nephews...he used to jerk with my lingerie when he stayed here, and I'd find stains on my undies as well as my clothes." Her large nipples were straining against the thin fabric of the dress, and I could clearly see her dark aereolas through the material. "I'm so wet, it's running down my thighs," she said.

I began to jerk myself, and in an instant she was on the bed and had my penis in her mouth. I was running my hands all over her body and feeling how slinky the material felt against her skin. She stopped long enough to brethlessly say, "You can cum on this dress...and anything else of mine you want another time...right now, I need to drink your stuff." I held up the photo of her wearing the dress and all the wonderful things under it, and began pumping hot semen into her mouth. She was sucking and swallowing it as fast as I could produce it, and with my penis still in her mouth, screamed, "I'm cumming, too!!!"

We laid there for a time, and she sat up and leaned on her arm. "My skirt is soaked with my own juices...want to cum again to make it wetter?" I was still hard, and she straddled my legs wrapping my penis in the slippery material of her dress. "I cannot believe how much cum you have...and how damn good it tastes," she said, "Move in with me and you can have all of this anytime you wish." AS she masturbated me, she told me she had always had fetish for watching a man ejaculate, and the fact I enjoyed doing that with her lingerie was a turn on for her. "I want you to cum on every item of clothing I own, and I want to watch you," she said. I unleashed a stream of semen into the dress fabric and her hand - so much it immediately soaked the fabric. She kept stroking me saying, "Oh my god...there is so fucking much!"

Later, she got up and headed for the shower. "While I'm in there, why don't you jack off to the photos and give Cheryl a little of what I got?", she asked with a devilish tone in her voice. I looked at her, and replied, "Why don't you take off the dress, put that black slip back on, and I'll come in there with you?" She raised an eyebrow, and said, "Oh... you want a little slip fuck in the shower?"

Very early in the morning, I dressed headed for home. As I left the bedroom, she said, be back here tonight at 7:30...I will have a surprise for you.

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