Next Door Become Even Handier

I awoke to the sound of the phone on Bev's nightstand clanging. I was laying on my back, and she was laying half on top of me as we both came to our senses. She took the call, and with an irritated tone in her voice said, "It's the hospital...they have a situation, and I need to go in...sorry hon." She laid her head back on the pillow, and I leaned over to flat-tongue her nipples and breasts. "Oh god, you'd better stop that right now...I must get going," she protested. My penis was fully erect as she sat up to get out of bed, and as she did, she brushed her nipples against the head. "There...some of your own medicine you horny boy," she scoffed. She took a quick shower, and I watched her as she put on a plain white panty and bra, gray slacks, and a red pullover top. She stepped into a pair of black heels, walked to the bed, and gave me a hug. "I don't know when I'll be back...why don't you stay here and relax?", she asked. I reached up and gave both of her full breasts a playful squeeze, and told her I had things I needed to do at home. "Call me later?", she asked. I nodded, and she left.

I got dressed, drove home, and went right to bed. The morning sun woke me, and I decided to sit out in the yard and let it warm my aching shoulder. I had been sitting in the lounge chair for an hour or so when I heard Gloria's door open, and saw a strange woman emerge. She closely resembled Gloria in height and figure, but had very dark red hair. She was wearing a knee-length robe and a pair of high heel sandals. "Hello !", she called out as she walked across the lawns toward me. "I'm Ione...Gloria's big s****r," she said pleasantly. I introduced myself, and offered her a lounge chair. She put her coffee mug down, settled into the chair, and lit a 120 Rothmann. "I flew in last night for a couple of days, Gloria and I are going to Montreal to surprise our youngest s****r on her birthday Friday." she explained. She was an older version of Gloria in features and figure, but I could see that she wasn't wearing an bra under her robe, and her very full breasts were less firm than her s****r's. She had creamy white skin, and hazel coloured eyes, and was wearing a maroon lipstick which complimented her complexion. She went on to tell me she was seven years older than Gloria - which, amazingly meant she was 72 - and had always been single. She worked in the fashion industry, and had been modeling "for more years than I care to admit to". She went on to say that she was still working, but now only modeled high-end "mature" fashions for several large retailers back home. "I love my work, but I sometimes miss the pinup and glamour shoots I once did," she said. As we chatted, I noticed she was very toned and had the look of a much younger woman. She asked me about my background, and seemed intrigued by the fact I was living with my "aunt". "I need more coffee, Trev," she said. I told her I had a big hot pot going in the kitchen, and she offered to get some for both of us. When she came back, I held both mugs as she settled into the chair again. She bent over to light another Rothmann before she sat down, and her robe opened enough for me to catch a glimpse of her very full right breast. As she sat down, she spread her legs, and I got a wonderful shot of her creamy leg and inner thigh, as well as the crotch of the white panty she was wearing. I had a pair of cutoff sweatpants on, and already was concerned about my stirring erection. We talked for another forty-five minutes, and as we did, she seemed unaware that her robe was opened enough to expose quite a bit of creamy amooth leg. "Wow." she said," I need to get into the shower anf get dressed...I'm meeting Gloria at her office for brunch and shopping." She gathered up her mug, Rothmann pack, and lighter, and as she slid off the lounge chair, her robe fully opened to reveal a tight and shiny white hi-hugger style panty. I tried not to let on I had seen the flash, and we shook hands. "Hope we see more of each other over the next few days," she said pleasantly. I watched her firm ass move under the robe as she headed next door.

I went into the house with my loins been driven by the memory the night before with Bev, as well as the stimulation of seeing Ione. I sat in the kitchen contemplating what to do next, and decided to go on plan. I walked next door, and through the screen could hear the shower running upstairs, so I walked in. Ione had classical music playing while she showered, so I quickly moved into Gloria's large walk-in closet - where I had surprised her before. The door was a quarter way open, so I moved against a row of nighgowns next to the wall and seeing that the s****rs had shared Gloria's bed, and her luggage in the room, I waited for Ione to come in to dress. The inside of the closet was pitch black, and I had a great view of the bedroom through the partially open door, as well as the full length dressing mirror.

Ione walked into the room, totally naked, and began laying out her clothes. Her breasts were at least 38 or 40C, and her body was amazing for a woman of her age. She pulled on a shiny and very snug black nylon panty with lace on the front and began brushing her hair. She carried her breasts lower than Gloria, but they had the same provocative sway as she moved her arms. I was at full erection, and lightly stroking myself, enjoying every second. She turned and picked up the white panty she had on earlier, neatly foled it, and turened to set it on her luggage, but dropped it. I watched in lust as she bent over to pick it up, and I saw her curvy ass enhanced by the shiny panty. She looked through her suitcase and pulled out a pair of suntan pantyhose and a black nylon camisole. Next, she selected a pair of green capri slacks and a darker green v-neck top. She looked through her luggage, and pulled out a pair of black high heels, and set them on the bed. Suddenly, she moved toward the closet, and in an instant, had the door wide open. I pushed back as far as I could in the dark closet as she looked over Gloria's assortment of shoes. "She's got to have a pair of green heels," Ione whispered to herself. To my relief, she found a pair, and walked away. She walked out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, so I seized the opportunity to escape. I quickly and silently dashed out of the room, and out the back door. Lesson learned.

Not long after, Ione came out of the house and asked me what taxi company to use. I told her I would be happy to drive her downtown, and when I opened the garage door, the sight of my Corvette convinced her. I told her I just needed to get a shirt and my wallet. She looked very sexy in the outfit she was wearing, and even moreso becaouse I knew what was under it. We talked as we drove, and out of the corner of my eye, I caught every bounce of her breasts the bumps in the highway caused. I pulled up in front of Gloria's office, and Ione thanked me and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Oh, and by the way Trev", you could have stayed in the closet longer...I didn't mind." she said matter-of-factly. I was stunned, and could only ask, "How did you know?" She laughed and said, the full-length mirror gave you away...I was standing at the vanity when you came in, and saw your reflection." I tried to apologize, but she cut me off saying, "It's no fact I'm very flattered...did you like what you saw?" I was red hot flushed as I told her I found her very attractive, and she touched my hand saying, "You have been looking at me my whole life...don't stress about it." I thanked her, and as she got out of my car, she said, "Perhaps you might want another good look when we have more time."

I nodded and said I would enjoy that very much.

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