Next Door Is Very Handy...Part 4

It had been about two weeks since I had seen any of the ladies I was involved with, and was feeling the effects. Work was demanding, and by the time i got home in the evening, I was too tired to to think about recreation.

One evening, I was outside putting my car in the garage when Gloria, the next door neighbour pulled into her driveway. She greeted me as she got out of her car, and at once, my stored up hormones began to stir. "Well stranger," she laughed, "I thought you had joined the Foreign Legion." I told her I hadn't, but if I ever did, I wouldn't need training. "You need to take time out for relaxation," she said, "Would you like to come over in a bit for a drink and to relax?" She was wearing a tight black t-shirt, grey capri pants, and black heels. Her breasts looked larger than usual, and I suspected she had a padded bra on under her shirt...which she didn't need. I told her I needed to do a few things, but would consider her offer. My penis was getting hard under my jeans as I looked at her, and as we parted, she gave me a tight hug, pressing her breasts against my chest. "I hope you come over...I've missed seeing you," she said.

I went about my business, showered, and watched some TV, and before I knew it, I had fallen asl**p. I awoke, and noticed it was 12:30 A.M. I needed to be up for work in a few short hours, so I decided to just sack out on the living room sofa for the night. To my surprise, I found it impossible to sl**p because thoughts of Gloria's body and her sexuality kept running through my head. I recalled the last time I had been with her, and soon, my penis was at full erection. Try as I might, I couldn't make it go away. I sat up, and decided to go next door even though it was very late. Dressed only in my sweatpants, I walked across the yard, and let myself into her house. It was completely dark, but a full moon gave me enough light as I walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

She was sl**ping on her side facing the doorway, under the covers except for her left arm, which was extended over the side of the bed. I moved close to her and could tell she was sl**ping deeply by her breathing. On the nightstand was a glass of water and a pill bottle. In the moonlight, I saw she had taken some prescription sl**ping tablets, so I thought it best to leave. The only problem was that my erection was at full staff, and just being that close to her was exciting me. I quietly said, "Gloria...are you awake?". She didn't stir or answer. I lightly shook her shoulder, and again, got no reponse. A thick terrycloth bathrobe and a towel were at the end of her bed, and they smelled like sweet soap, indicating she had showered before getting into bed. Her clothes were also on the bed, with her black nylon panty and bra on top. I picked up the bra and found I had been right...the cups were slightly padded as I had suspected earlier outside. I walked back over and removed my sweatpants, allowing my throbbing penis to escape. I checked once again to see if she was sl**ping, and got not response, so I gently laid my penis into the palm of her hand. She instinctively closed her fingers around it, and I began to thrust very slowly. I quickly realized I could cum easily, so I stepped back, fetched her black nylon panty off the bed, and laid it in her hand, then put my penis against it and rubbed myself. The excitement was amazing, but I didn't want to hurry. I pulled the covers down, and saw she wasn't wearing anything from the waist up. I gently turned her onto her back, and began to lick her left nipple. In seconds, it was erect and very warm. Still, she was sound asl**p, so I decided to pull the covers off of her. Her naked body was gorgeous...the diet and toning program she had been on had her looking very fit. Her legs were spread, and I looked at her neatly trimmed kitty, and the full curves of her thighs and hips. I picked up the black high heels she had been wearing earlier, and put them on her feet. The look was very sensual, and I was leaking pre-cum from the visual stimulation.

She was still totally asl**p, so I decided to try a few things. I very carefully laid on top of her with my head over her tummy, and my legs straddling her shoulders and head. I tickled her clitoris with my finger, and soon it, too was erect. I pushed the tip of my finger into her kitty, felt that she was becoming wet, and smelled the sweet fragrance of her bath soap. My penis was throbbing painfully, and it was leaking pre-cum onto her shoulder and neck. Very carefully, I positioned myself so I could insert the head of it into her mouth. The feeling of her tongue against the top of my pensi, and the smooth roof of her mouth against the bottom was fantastic. I used my legs to keep my weight off of her, and spread her thighs. I pulled her knees up, and the heels of her shoes dug into the mattress, supporting her legs. I began to lick her kitty as I carefully moved my penis inside her warm and wet mouth. The temptation to thrust it further into her mouth was strong, but i didn't want to take the chance of choking her. Her kitty had a sweet and salty take, and it smelled like her bath soap. The way her black high heels accented her curvy legs was making me want to explode in her mouth, but I thought better of it. I carefully climbed off of her, turned her onto her stomach, and slowly pulled her to the end of the bed so he knees were on the floor, and her arms stretched over her head toward the headboard. I got behind her, and inserted my penis into her kitty from behind. I thrust in and out of her with long, slow strokes, and held onto her hips. I pushed into her as far as I could, and released several spurts of semen. In a few minutes, I withdrew from her, and lifted her onto the bed on her back. I hooked her heels into the sheet, spread her legs, and placed her arms up over her head on the pillows. She looked incredibly sexy in that pose, and to my surprise, I was hard once again. I knelt between her legs, and again entered her wet and warm kitty. My long, slow thrusts made her full breasts sway slowly as I pumped her. Soon, I was cumming inside her again. I rolled off of her, gathered the bedclothes, and laid with her. As I drifted off, I had a notion to have sex with her again later in the night.

I was dreaming I was cumming when I awoke. I saw the clock in the nightstand reading 3:30 A.M., and for a bit, was disoriented. I realized I was in Gloria's bed, and that she was layng over my legs performing oral sex on me as I slept. She stopped, looked at me, and said, "Now it's my turn." I took a handful of her hair and caressed her head. "I had to use the bathroom earlier, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself wearing heels, you in my bed, you running out of me," she whispered, "How many times did you fuck me?" I told her and she asked, "What did you do?" As I described every detail, she was lightly masturbating me. When I finished, she said in a very low voice, "Oh my god...that is so fucking sensual!" She got up, looked at me and said, "Don't go away." She went to her dresser, opened a drawer, and pulled out a bright red nylon half slip with a slit up one side, and a row of lace at the bottom. As she stepped into it, she said, "I bought a few new slips and bras that I've been anxious for you to see...what do you think of this one?" I told her I noticed the new black bra, and she said, "Yes...I saw you staring at my boobs in the driveway." The slip fit her very snugly, and the way it accentuated her hips, tummy, and thighs when she moved was very sexy. "Stand up," she said. I did, and she walked over and began rubbing her body against me. She turned and pushed her ass against my penis, and began rubbing me. I reached around and took both of her breasts in my hands. "How does my new slip feel on your cock?", she asked. Before I could answer, she pushed me onto the bed on my back, and straddled me, impaling herself on my erection. She rode me hard in that position until we both exploded. Between gasps for air, she said, "I'm going to jack you off with this slip before you leave for work."

We fell asl**p in that position until dawn came. Gloria rolled off of me, pulled her slip off, and proceeded to masturbate me with it. She whispered, "I'm going to do this to you with every one of my new slips, but you must promise to excite me with new things like you did last night...except I won't sl**p throught it." I told her I would, and in seconds, was filling her new red half slip, her hand, and her left breast with my semen.
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2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
My own Gloria was almost as adventerous, but not with slips and bras. Good read. Hope it was true.