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A few days passed since my dinner with Gloria and her Friend Liz. I had been thinking about how sensual and attractive Liz was, and how warm and easy to talk to she had been. I called her office and told her I had something I wanted to discuss with her. She asked if it was business or personal, and I told her it was very personal. "Tell you what, Trev...why don;t you come to my home tonight, we can speak freely and in a relaxed atmosphere," she suggested. I told her I would see her at 8:00 P.M.

I arrived at Liz's home promptly, and she met me at the door. She looked stunning as before, wearing a bright blue knit dress with a deep-but-classy cut in the front which showed her wonderful cleavage. Blue earrings, necklace, and bracelets and electric blue high heel pumps completed the look. She was wearing shiny nude hosiery, and the same lipstick as she had on the first time we met. Her shiny jet black hair was down, but she had one side pinned up over her right ear.
"Welcome again, dear," she said. She invited me into her f****y room, where I saw a tray with refreshments already set out. We small-talked for about 30 minutes, when she asked, "Now what can I help you with?" I was a bit nervous, but knew I had to proceed.

"I know you are aware of my preference for older women," I began. She smiled and nodded. "I would like to tell you about my background and get your professional opinion," I stated. "Well of course...I would be delighted to hear your story and give you my take on it," she said. I told her about having fantasized about my "aunt" Lorene when I was younger, about the first night in the motel with her during the storm, about what Dara had told me pertaining to my seeing them undressing, and the specific story about the night I innocently penetrated Dara. Liz listened intnetly, occasionally nodding to indicate she was following my words. She had crossed her legs which caused her dress to ride quite far up on her thighs, and the sight was causing a stir in my loins. I also noticed the faint bumps her nipples were making under her dress as I related my story to her. She asked me if I had masturbated with Lorene's or Dara's lingerie, if I had spied on them when they were nude or changing, and if I had ever taken a "souvenir" of their underwear. I told her I had done all of those things, and felt my face glowing a very hot red. "Please don't br embarrassed.," Liz said softly, "Nothing you have told me is either abnormal nor anything to be ashamed of. You were raised in the midst of two very sensual and attractive women, and you natural instincts were aroused by them."

She refilled our glasses, and shared a persoanl story of hers that when she was in her thirties, a twenty year old relative stayed with her for one semester of college. She told me she had sexual fantasies about him, and even wore his shirts when she was alone. I felt somewhat more at ease, and waited for her to lead the rest of the conversation.

"Have you had sexual intercourse with either Lorene or Dara?", she suddenly asked. I was totally shocked, and unprepared to answer, but knew I must. I told her that as an adult, Lorene and I had been intimate. "What about Dara," she asked. I admitted that we had come close to intimacy on several occasions, but never actually took it that far. "I see," she said. A short silence followed, and she asked, "You are having relations with Gloria, aren't you?" Once again I admitted the truth.

"So let me see if I have this correct," she said. "You are attracted to older women for their sensuality and the fact that Lorene, Dara, and Gloria are interested in fulfilling your fantasy regarding them wearing lingerie for you..." I replied that she had summed the issue up correctly. She smiled and asked me several more questions about details of my encointers with the women. She adjusted her position on the sofa, and said, "What would your reaction be if I told you I am wearing a slip now?" I contemplated the question for a bit and replied, "I wouldn't be surprised, I would like to see it, and I would wonder whay else you were wearing under the dress." She laughed and said, "I love how honest and open you are...I give you credit for having a great deal of maturity and character." That said, she stood up, raised her shirt, and showed me a very light blue slip which had creme lace around the bottom. "My bra matches my slip, as does my panty," she said softly, "What do you think?" I looked at her for several seconds, and said, "I would love to see more of your slip, Liz." She stepped over to where I was sitting, took my hand, and said, "Please come with me."

We walked up to her bedroom - the one I had been in a few nights before - and she said, "I find your sensuality very exciting, and the fact you seem willing to share it with me flattering. I feel you even find me sexually attractive, so, yes, I want to have contact with you and to share the moment." I pulled her close, and we kissed a long and deep kiss. I said, "Please masturbate me as I remove your clothes, Liz."

In a short time, I had taken off her dress, bra, slip, pantyhose, and panty. She had been lightly stroking my penis, and taking my clothes off at the same time. We were standing naked, bodies touching, with my hard erection pressing against her belly, and her gorgeous full breasts which had a gently upward curve against my chest. Her aereole were large and dark, and her nipples were thin, but protruded at least and inch from her breasts. "What would you want me to wear now?," she whispered. I asked her to put on a black half slip and black heels. "Anything else?, she asked, "No panty?" I shook my head, and she went to her drawer to get her slip. She stepped into it and her black heels, and said, "Hmm...I was wearing these item the other night." I was tempted to tell her I knew, but didn't. We sat side by side on her bed, and fondled each other. "You have my permission to masturbate on my slip, Trev, and after that, I'll put different one on, we'll talk for a bit, and see what follows."

I stood up facing her as she opened her legs a bit to get me closer to her thighs. I began stroking my erection, and soon she took over. Every now an then, I would stop, lean down and rub it across her slip-covered thighs. She was speaking erotic encouragement to me in a soft and sultry tone, and I could feel by balls tighten for release. I sat on her thighs and immediately began pumping ribbons of semen onto her smooth slip. I stood up and shot some onto her breasts, and she let out a gasp of excitement. I didn't notice her hand was between her legs and she was bringing herself to climax. She clamped her legs around my knees, and took my dripping erection into her mouth as she moaned and whimpered through her climax. I laid on the bed while she went to her slip drawer, and produced a sexy beige half slip. She sensually removed the now-wet black one, and slowly pulled the beige slip on. She returneds to the bed, laid down next to me, and we talked for a while. During our conversation, she lightly stroked my penis and my balls, and I licked and nibbled her breasts and nipples. The beige slip felt even more slinky that the black one, and soon I was rock hard again.

I sat up, straddled her thighs, and began rubbing myself over her thighs. She began to sigh and moan in excitement, and each time I bit her nipples or licked her breasts, she would gasp. I moved slightly back on her, spread her lucious legs, and pointed my penis st her kitty. "Do I have permission to enter you?, I asked. " it now, fuck me Trev!!!", she hissed. I pushed full into her with the first thrust, and soon we were in a rythym of thrusting against each other. Her breasts were bobbing and she was moving her hips in a circular motion around my penis. "PUSH HARD !!", she demanded. As I did, I felt her cervix, she exploded in a screaming climax, and I filled her with semen.

We passed out and awoke in the same position with my penis still inside her vagina. After a time, I told her I neeede to leave, and got dressed. She sat on the edge of the bed and fingered herself while I dressed. I leaned down to kiss her, and she said, "Wait....have something for you." She stood up, walked to her slip drawer, pulled out a couple of slips, and handed them to me. "Take these and think of me until we see each other again," she whispered. I kissed her, and as I did, she took off the beige slip and gave it to me saying. "And this one as's now special."

She walked me to the front door wearing only an open robe, pushed her tongue into my mouth as we kissed, and said, "Two - the slips are just on loan - you need to bring them and you back, and will forget the "other" women soon if I have anything to say about it."

This, I felt, would get far more interesting in a short time.

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Very very hot!!