Next Door Is Very Handy.....Part 3

I suffered through a long day at work constantly thinking of how erotic the morning with Gloria had been. I visualized how she looked and what she said to me, and found myself in a cycle of getting hard, then concentrating on my job, then thinking of her, and getting hard again. Donna, our secretary, whom I had had relations with previously, didn't help matters by wearing a very sheer white cotton blouse, suntan hosiery, a very tight lime green satin skirt which clearly showed her panty lines and the fact she was wearing a garter belt under it, and ankle-height high heel green boots which matched her skirt. On one of her trips out to the warehouse, she suggested we "get together" after work for dinner and a couple of drinks. I was tempted, and told her I wasn't sure of what my plans for the evening would be. She sat down at the desk in front of a large box fan, crossed her legs enough to make her skirt ride up to show the top of one of her stockings, and said, "Well, I'm free...and could use some company." I noticed the cold draft from the fan had made her nipples erect under her bra, and they were visible through her blouse. "I'll see what I can do," I replied. I watched her walk back to the office, and was fascinated by her panty lines under the tight skirt...and my penis had taken notice as well, but I put it out of my head because I still had four hours of the day left. Just then, the phone rang, and I heard Gloria's voice say, "Just wanted you to know I still feel you in my panty...come over when you finish work." I became instantly hard, and told her I would see her later.

When 5:30 hit, I called Donna's desk and told her I would need a raincheck. She sounded irritated, and said, "Hmm, too bad...I need help taking these clothes off." I laughed it off, and told her I'd make it up to her. I shot right home to shower and change, and as I pulled into the driveway, heard Gloria call out her window, "Hey...stop in for a minute, will you?" I walked into her kitchen, and saw her standing at the range, obviously cooking dinner. "Can you run to the grocery and pick up some butter when you come back...I forgot it earlier." Her words were lost in the visual she displayed. She was cooking wearing a very shiny and form-fitting white full slip which had at least six inches of lace at the bottom where it stopped above her knees, and a thinner band of lace around the top at her breasts. I could clearly see a full white panty under it, and the fact she wasn't wearing a bra. Also very clear were the shiny light brown stockings she wore, and the light pink high heels. "Thought I'd get dinner going before I finished dressing...hope you don't mind how I look," she laughed. I managed to tell her I'd bring the butter, and would be back in an hour. She walked over to the counter and opened her purse. "Here's some money for the butter," she said, and as she moved around opening her billfold, her full breasts, slightly round belly, and thighs stretched the fabric of her slip tight. Her nipples were erect under the top of the slip, and my penis was very uncomfortably erect under my jeans. "Forget it," I told her, "You're doing enough." She looked at me with something of a teasing expression and replied, "I like to do all I can."

I returned exactly one hour later, and when I called out to her, heard her say from her bedroom that she would be right down, and to pur myself a cooler from the pitcher. I had just taken my first sip of the cooler when she walked into the kitchen wearing a long terry cloth robe with a tie belt. "Didn't mean to rush you if you're not ready," I said. She looked at me, untied the belt, and took her robe off. "Ohh, I actually am ready," she chuckled. She stood before me wearing the stockings and heels from earlier, but had changed into an calf-length pink half slip with a thin band of lace at the bottom. It, too, fit her very nicely. Her breasts were bare, looked fuller than I had noticed, and her nipples were erect and very red as though she had been pinching them. "I thought we could have an erotic dinner," she said softly, "Why don't you take your clothes off, and I'll get the food on the table." I stripped, sat down, and watched her move in the slip and heels, and how her full-but-shapely ass and thighs stretched the nylon fabric, and how her full and firm breasts gently swayed and bounced with her movements. My penis was painfully hard, but she pretended to take no notice. I sat across from her swaying breasts as we ate dinner and made small talk, and I was getting hotter by the forkful. She took a spoon of mashed potatoes out of the serving dish, and a small bit fell onto her nipple. "Woops!!!," she laughed, wiped it off with her finger, and put it into her mouth. "Good thing I wasn't wearing a bra." We were about to have dessert when she bluntly stated she wasn't wearing a panty under her slip. I told her I checked for that as she got dinner onto the table, and she asked, "Were you staring at my ass?" I said. "Yes, earlier, but found it more fun to watch you eat your potatoes off your nipple." She sat back, looked at me with a smile, and said, "Well, see how you like me eating my parfait off your cock." She got up, grabbed a full parfait cup, turned it upside down and pushed it onto my rock-hard penis. She pulled it off and began to lick and suck the thick parfait off of my throbbing erection. When she finished, she stood up, hiked up her slip, and mounted me as I sat in the chair. We thrust against each other for a few minutes when she grabbed the butter dish. Dhe pulled off of me, turned around, pulled her slip up to her waist and said, "I told you I needed butter...grease us up." I took some butter and rubbed it on my penis. "Good, now do that to my ass," she said. As I lubed her, I slid one finger inside her to see how tight she was, and she let out a low moan of pleasure. "I can do that to myself...push your cock in there," she demanded. She was whimpering and moaning as I tried to work the head of my penis into her, and after some time, felt it stretch her opening, and pop into her. "Ooooo...ahhhhh....mmmmmm," she said as she pushed herself further onto it. She began to rock back and forth as I slowly pushed in and out of her. She was caressing my balls with one hand, and squeezing my other hand as I pinched her nipples and rubbed her left breast. We were both at the point of no return, and came together as I shot a huge load of semen into her. "Yessssss...pump my ass full of you hot juice!!!," she yelled as hewr own climax caused her muscles to contract and milk my penis.

We sat locked together and spent for several minutes, when she slowly dismounted and stood up. I'm going to take a shower and go nect door and do the back here as soon as you can," she said. I told her I would, and asked what she had in mind.

"This was just dessert," she said, "Later, we'll have a nice snack...but you'll have to work up an appetite." I looked at her and said, "I'll see what I can do." She smiled a wicked smile and relied, "So will I."

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