Next Door Is Very Handy....Part 2

I stayed in Gloria's bed that night, and we shared several more climaxes. I awoke about 4:45, and saw she was sound asl**p. I dressed and quietly wnet next door. I crashed on my bed until about 7:00 A.M., when I woke with an annoying case of horniness. I tossed on my bed recalling the previous night of sex with Gloria, and her declaration I could come to her any time I wished. As my penis began to harden, I decided to test the invitation. In minutes, I was walking up the stairs to Gloria's room, and heard the shower running. I walked into her bedroom and saw she had laid out her clothes for the day. A plain white nylon bra, a black nylon panty, very light pantyhose, a red button down silk blouse, light gray slacks, and red high heels were neatly laid out on her bed. I removed my shorts, crawled into the bed, and began masturbating with her panty as I heard the shower stop. She was drying her hair in the bathroom, and I could tell she was applying her makeup as well. I was maintaining my erection by lightly rubbing her panty on my penis, and it was rock-hard despite the fact I had cum so many time with her the night before. Soon, she walked into the room, and let out a gasp of surprise.

"Oh my gosh, startled me," she said, "Are you jacking off with my panty?" She looked absolutely done perfectly, makeup applied tastefully, and bright red lipstick. She was totally naked, and her full breasts swayed as she walked and spoke. "You said I could come over any time I wished...just thought I'd test the invite," I said. She smiled, walked over and sat on the bed. "I see you've checked my outfit...what do you think of it?", she asked with a smile. I told her it was very classy, but sexy as well. She looked at me for a few seconds, then said, "I have something I want to do...don't you dare cum in my panty." She took a white nylon panty out of her drawer, put it on, and walked back to the bed. "I want you to put that black panty on," she said. I asked her why, and told her I wasn't into wearing women's clothing. She said, "I want you to wear it as you rub yourself against my pussy...I want you to cum in it, and I will wear it all day." She took my hot penis into her mouth, and after a few slow sensual sucks, said. "Won't you oblige an old lady's wishes?" I put her panty on, pushed her onto her back on the bed, got between her spread legs, and began humping her panty-covered crotch. The sensation was wonderful as the two panties slid across each other. Soon she said, "Shoot your cum all over the inside of that panty." In seconds, I was filling it with hot semen, and she pushed me off, slid her panty off, and pulled the black one off of me. In one motion, she had put it on, and was softly saying, "'s so hot and wet against my kitty and belly." Then she said, "Now dress me."

She put her pantyhose on, and stood up so I could put her bra on for her. I stood behind her and she ground her pantyhose-covered ass against my penis as I cupped her breasts and squeezed them as I put the bra on her. She laid on the bed as I drew her slacks up her thighs, and then stood up so I could put her blouse on her. I rubbed the silk blouse over the fabric of her bra, and she shuddered with pleasure. She rubbed my penis with her hosiery-covered feet as I put her high heels on, and I thought she looked stunning.

She looked at my hard penis and said, "Damn...that's not fair to leave you like me fix it for you." She took the white panty she had just worn, and led me over to her dressing mirror. She stood next to me and masturbated me with her panty as our reflections showed in the mirror. "I want you to shoot all over us in the mirror," she whispered. She was rubbing her breast against my arm, and I could feel her hard nipple through the bra and blouse. She reached between my legs from behind, pressed the back of my balls, and I erupted all over her mirror and our reflections. "Mmmmm...good boy," she whispered. "I have to run to an appointment...have a good day, and save up your stuff for me."

I dressed, we kissed, and I walked back next door totally spent. The last thing I recalled was hearing her car pull out of the driveway, and I was out like a light.

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2 years ago
Lucky neighbor.
2 years ago
Gets better and better. looking forward to the next part