Houseguest.....Part 4

I changed Gloria's tire, had the flat repaired, and buttoned up her car. she called to say she would be going shopiing with friends and would get a ride homw with them. She thanked me again and said she would repay me, to which I reolied it was no trouble. Soon after, Dara called to say she was driving with some businesswomen to a resort up north for the weekend, and would stop by the house to pack a bag. I was cool, saying I might not be home when she got there, to which she replied, "Aww, I wanted to kiss you goodbye." Not fourty minutes later, she pulled into the driveway. I was in the garage getting the lawn mower serviced, and she walked in to greet me. "Hey....sorry about our disagreement and what lead up to it," she said. I told her it was no big deal, and to let it go. "I am attracted to you Trev, and I suppose I let my hormones win out over my good judgement," she said quietly. I looked at her and said, "I understand, but I'm getting mixed messages from you." It was 11:00 A.M. and the heat was building fast. She was wearing a navy blue jacket with a light blue tank top under it, a flowing blue print knee-length skirt, nude hosiery and very bright blue high heels. As we talked, she took her jacket off, and I noticed her nipples were erect under her sky blue bra. My loins were not up to the tease, and I began to feel the bl**d in my penis. She pulled a folding chair to her side, sat down, and crossed her legs as she pulled her skirt up above her knees. "I don't know what to say...or what we should do about this magnetism between us. Perhaps I should call Lori and tell her I need to leave." I looked at her and realized just how sexy she looked and how hard she was making me, but f***ed myself to focus. "It doesn't have to come to that, Dara...we can agree to maintain a respectable relationship. She stood up, walked over to where I was squatting next to the mower, knelt in front of me, and kissed me full on the mouth. "Not sure I can keep my end of the deal, Sweetie," she whispered as she stood up to go into the house. I listened to the click of her heels on the concrete driveway, and heard the door open and close on the house. I stood up in an effort to rid myself of the erection she had caused, when I saw her jacket on the back of the chair. I picked it up and smelled her captivating perfume on it, and the rock in my shorts returned. I decided to bring it into the house, and change into a different pair of shorts. I climbed the stairs and called to her, but got no answer, so I hung the jacket on the doorknob of her room, and went into mine to change. I put on an old ratty pair of cutoffs and headed out of my room. As I got to the door of Dara's room, I involuntarily glanced in. She was standing at the foot of the bed, wearing only her nude pantyhose over a light coloured hip-hugger panty, and her bright blue heels. Our eyes locked, and I stood frozen for a few moments. "Oh SHIT!", I said, "I'm sorry...didn't expect to see you," I stammered. She put down the tank top and bra she was holding, smiled, and walked toward the door. "I TOLD you, you've seen my bare boobs before," she chuckled. "Guess I have at that," I replied, "And you certainly have seen my erection." "Uh huh," she said softly, "I certainly have." I was now rock hard and throbbing inside my shorts. It had been many days since I had cum, and the excitement was building as I looked at her full firm breasts. Her nipples - although smaller than Lorene's - were still large and now fulled erect. We stood only three feet apart, staring at each other's bodies, and saying nothing. Suddenly, she reached over and put her hand on the bulge in the front of my shorts. "You have the most beautiful big cock....." her voice trailed off into silence. Her breathing was fast and shallow, and she was licking the inside of her lips. I undid the button and zipper on my shorts, and let them fall to the carpet. Her eyes widened, and she whispered, "Ohhhh...that is SO sexy." I placed my hands on either side of her breasts, and caressed them with my thumbs. As I did, she pushed her pantyhose down. "Let me get these off," she said. I watched as she stepped out of her heels and removed the hosiery, then put the heels back on. "What about your panty?", I asked. "I'm keeping it on so it feels good when you rub your cock against my slip." I was confused for a moment, then said, "But you aren't wearing one." She walked over to her suitcase, and produced a light blue silky half slip which was a match to the bra she had worn. she stepped into it, put her hands on her hips, and said, "I am now." I walked over to her and she said, "Rub the slip over my pantied ass." We embraced, and as I rubbed her ass with my hand, she slowly and lightly jerked my erection. We moved over onto the bed, and I was laying partially on top of her. "Does this remind you of the night in the motel with Lori?, she asked. I was stunned that she knew, and instinctively sat up. "How do you know about that?", I demanded. She sat up, put her arm around my waist, and said, "Lori told me you two were on a trip, ran into a bad storm, and put up in a small motel overnight. You were about thirteen, I think. There was only one bed, so you bunked together in your undies. Some time in the night, you ended up on top of her, and began rubbing yourself against her thighs over her slip. She was afraind to startle you awake, so she let you continue in your sl**p. She told me you were very hard, and that you rubbed her breasts as you masturbated on her. You were too young to cum, but she said you seemed satified, and she held you for the rest of the night." I was speechless. "How long have you know about this?", I asked. "Lori told me right after it happened...she though it was very special and very innocent." I told her I didn't know what to say, to which she replied, "That wasn't the only time in your young life that happened." "What do you mean by that?", I asked. She said, "You were staying at my house one weekend when everyone else was at some gathering. You were ten or eleven at the time. I walked in on you messing around with my undies on my bed, and could se you had been masturbating with them. Your pajamas were down and your cock was remarkably hard for its age. Needless to say, you were very upset and embarrassed, so I sat next to you and told you I wasn't angry, that it was a perfectly normal thing, and that you would not be punished. You told me that it felt very good to you, and I saw that your penis was still hard. I put both arms around you and rocked you as we sat on the edge of my bed. I was wearing a nylon nightgown because it was near bed time. You put your hand on my breast as we sat there, and to my surprise, began stroking your cock with the other hand. You asked me if I was wearing an "underdress", and I told you it was a nightgown. I asked you if you had been playing with my "underdresses" that you found in my drawer, and you admitted you had. By this time, you had shifted positions and were sitting on my lap. It was clear you were fascinated by my nightgown, so I told you if you wanted to feel it, it was okay. You gathered up a handful of the material, wrapped it around your cock, and began rubbing yourself. As bad as it sounds, it was one of the most erotic things I had seen back then - remember - I was WAY younger then, too. I could feel myself getting wet, and felt guilty, so I told you you had to stop. You did, but when you got off my lap, you straddled my legs, and rubbed your penis over my nylon covered boobs. I tucked you in, and told you everything was fine. I couldn't get the feeling of you sitting on my lap jacking off on my nightgown out of my head, and I had to crawl into my own bed to masturbate." There was a very long silence after she finished, and I realized my penis was painfully hard and throbbing. "Do you want to finish what you started so many years ago?", she asked. I pushed her onto her back, straddled her thighs, and began sliding my penis on her slip. I could feel the panty fabric over her tummy under the slip as I did it. "DO IT !", she demanded, "I want to feel what Lorene felt."
"Do you remember jacking off on my nightgown, Trev?", she asked. "No," I said, but I remember doing this to Lorene....I was awake." She looked at me and said, "You crafty SOB...I KNEW IT !!" Did you want to have sex with her back then?" I told her I didn't even know what sex only interest was rubbing on that silky lingerie. "You were too young to cum then, but not any more...shoot your load on my slip." "What about you?", I asked. "You'll see," she replied. I thrust against her about a dozen more times, then unleashed long hot ribbon of semen which landed on her slip, her breasts, her chin, and even her left cheek. As i pumped all over her, she grabbed both of my ass cheeks, dug her nails in, and let out a long scream of pleasure and release of her own.

We laid together quietly for a few minutes, then she said she needed to get dressed and leave to meet her friends. "Keep your dick in your pants or in my undies until I get back, Sweetie....we will expand on this." After she left, I went back into her room, picked up the pantyhose she had on earlier, and masturbated into them. I then placed them neatly on the back of a dressing chair so she would find them when she returned.

I wondered what else she knew about me.
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