Followup regarding "Bev"

In a sobering example of how life can twist in unexpected ways, to my dismay I found I started passing bl**d the day after meeting "Bev". An emergency room visit followed by a urology examination revealed I had broken some capillaries in my plumbing, and was f***ed to endure a strict 60 day prohibition of sexual activity...particularly erections. Needless to say, it was agonizing and almost impossible to manage, but the good came in the form of the women who seemed to be using me as their personal toy stepped back, and left me alone. The word "horny" didn't even get close to how I felt. I was walking down a hallway at the hospital on the 60th day, thrilled to have passed my last followup exam when I noticed a very attractive lady approaching me. She was dressed in a light pink suit with a hotter pink light knit shell under the jacket. Her skirt was about knee length, pleated, and looked quite fluid as she walked in her hot pink high heels. As she neared, I recognized her to be "Bev". She slowed, then approached me saying, "'re Trev...we met at Wendy's party a couple of months ago." I asked her how she had been, and what she was doing at the hospital. She told me she was the admissions director, and asked me my business there. I told her I was finishing up with a slight health issue. We small-talked for about fifteen minutes, and she said, "Why don't we go out for a drink and some dinner...are you busy?" I told her I'd like that, and offered to drive. Seeing her demurely get into my Corvette was an erotic trip in itself. Her hosiery-clad legs - although substantial - were perfectly shaped, and as she sat in the bucket seat, her skirt rode up on her thighs. We had a relaxing dinner and cocktails, and conversed about all sorts of subjects. It struck me dumb that she seemed to not have any recollection of the events which happened at the party, other than to admit she had "way too much" to drink. I covertly prodded her memory, but got no response. We had been intimate, and she recalled nothing of the event. As we left the restaurant, the night had gotten very warm and sultry, so I suggested a lakeshore drive to cool off. She was excited to go, and sliped her blazer off before getting into the car. Her breasts looked magnificent under her light shell, and I could make out the contours of what looked like a very efficient-but-sexy bra under it. As we drove, she asked me what had become of me at the party, and if I had seen or heard from Lillian or Wendy. I explained I had been out of commission for the past two months, and had become a recluse. I suggested we head back to the hospital to get her cr, but she said, "Naw...we're close to my house...let's go there for a nitecap, and I'll arrange to get the car in the morning." As we pulled into her driveway, she told me to run the car into the garage in case the expected rain came. I let her out, and drove to the open garage, parked the car, and walked to the door. The house was very nicely decorated, and very large. I saw that she had dropped her blazer on the staircase, so I picked it up and called to her. "Up here in the master bedroom...come up," she said. I reached her room and as I walked, said, "You dropped your blazer in the entry...shall I leave it out here?" She replied, "Oh, no dear, bring it here and I'll hang it." She was sitting on her bed removing her earrings, necklace, and bracelet with her legs crossed. I became aware of just how attractive she was for her age, and felt the old familiar stirrings in my loins as I watched her. "So...if I may ask, what were you doctoring for?", she asked. My face reddened, and I told her it was something of a plumbing problem. She chuckled and asked me to turn on the air conditioning switch behind me on the wall. When I turned back around, she had stood up, and was removing her shell. "I hope you don't mind," she said, "I'd like to get out of this outfit." I told her I had no problem with it, and she said something about us both being adults, but the bl**d was pounding too hard in my ears for me to hear what she said. "Come...sit down while I change," she said. Her white bra was clearly designed to support her very full breasts, and had wide satin straps. She unzippped her skirt and made small talk as she let it fall to the floor, exposing a gorgeous pink half slip which had a narrow band of lace and stopped about four inches above her knees. As she continued talking, I sat dumbstruck as she removed her slip to reveal a white open bottom girdle with satin panels on the tummy and hips. At the bottom, four garter tabs held her suntan coloured stockings high up on her thighs. She sat on the bed, undid the snaps, kicked off her pink heels, and rolled her nylons off. Next came the girdle and the shiny white nylon panty she wore under it. She unsnapped her bra, and those 42C boobs were loose, but firmly hung in their place. She reached down and put her slip back on, oulling it up under her armpits to cover her breasts, and slipped back into her heels. "Were you looking at my boobs?", she asked in a coy tone. Before I could reply, she said, "You look warm...why don't you strip down and I'll make us a drink." Off came my clothes, and my erection was rock hard and throbbing. I was actually afraid I'd start bleeding again, but was too aroused to stop. I wasn't wearing briefs, and must have looked a bit self-conscious. Bev brought our drinks, looked at my obvious discomfort, and said, "Well for heaven's sake...aren't you these on if that will ease your mind." She tossed the pair of shiny white nylon panties she had just taken off to me. I stood there frozen, and she said, "Go ahead, put them big deal." We sat on the bed...she in her slip and heels, and me in her panty. My penis was ready to explode at the thought I was wearing what she had worn earlier, and I found it difficult to speak. " does my panty feel against your cock," she asked, "I think I made you hard undressing in front of you, didn't I?" I looked down and saw a large wet spot on her panty, and was glad it wasn't red. "What was the problem with you plumbing," she asked. I told her what had happened, but not that it had been with her. "You mean you haven;t gotten hard or cum in 60 fucking days??!", she exclaimed. When I shook my head, she stood up, pulled her slip down to her waist, and said, "Oh, take my panty off, and let me fix that for you," she said. She sat where I had been sitting, and when I pulled her panty off, she took it and sucked on the wet spot my precum had left on it. " taste so good," she said, "Come here and straddle my legs so you can fuck my silky slip and feel my boobs against your chest." As I slowly rubbed myself on her slip, she said, "I think slips turn you on...I saw how you looked at this one when I took my skirt off," "Yes," I panted. "Yes, what?", she asked, "Do you like me in my slip? you want to see all of my slips?" Before I could answer, she said, "I love wearing slips, and what you are doing to me is so very hot...I have never had sex while wearing one until now...I had one man jerk off on my slip in the backseat of his car when I was twenty one or so, but that's about it." "Tell me about it," I said. "He was a guy I dated, and all he wanted was to screw night, after I turned him down, he lifted my dress, and began jerking on my slip. It was a white satin full slip, fit me like a glove, and I loved it. After the son-of-a-bitch brought me home, I threw it in the trash." I could smell her feminine scent, and knew she was hot. She grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands, and said, "Shoot it onto my slip...give me all of it." With that, I absolutely soaked her slip, her thighs, and her belly. I was so hot, I moved off of her, pushed her back onto the bed, and spread her legs. I pushed all the way into her, and she moaned long and low as I pumped her. We came together, and I continued to pump her until every drop of my semen was inside her.

We recovered, and had intercourse two more times that night - each time she wore a different coloured black, one sky blue. In the morning, I found her in the kitchen wearing only a white half slip and heels, and she asked me to masturbate while she watched.

I was totally healed up and ready to service this gorgeous woman.

67% (2/1)
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