Caught In Lillian's Web

Circumstances prevented me from repeating my night with Lillian and her maid Wendy for about two weeks. One day, I received a call from Lillian at work inviting me over to her home that evening for Wendy's birthday celebration. Later, as I was getting out of the shower, a friend of mine called to say one of our school buddies was home on leave from the navy, and wanted to meet at a local bar for a few drinks. I concluded I could do both events, so off I went to the bar party. After about five hours, I was in questionalbe condition, and completely forgotten about the birthday party. Feeling guilty, I raced over to Lillian's to at least offer an apology. I was surprised to find at least ten cars parked in the drive, so I walked in. I guessed there were about twenty five guests - none of whom I knew, and ranging in age from thirty to sixty plus - well along the way to intoxication...not unlike me. A woman who looked to be a very fit sixty or so handed me a cocktail, introduced herself as "Bev", and told me to catch up to the party. I sat sipping the drink and realizing neither Lillian nor Wendy were to be seen. "Bev" appointed herself my personal guide, kept me supplied with drinks, and began to bend my ear in conversation. She was quite tall and curvy...almost a BBW...with large breasts which she carried low on her chest, thick-but sexy thighs and legs, a slight belly, and a very inviting ass. This interesting body was wrapped in grey dress slacks with a shiny black camisole on top, black heels, and what I assumed to be pantyhose. She has very sexy white hair which was cut rather short except for in the back where it touched her neck. She wore bright red lipstick which matched her nails. I noticed what looked to be a wedding band on her left hand, so despite the fact she was making me hot, I tried to ignore it. We drank and talked for what seemed like a long time, and I found her to be very easy to know. A few profane words and references she uttered in conversation got my hormones racing. I got up, excused myself, and said I needed to use the bathroom. By the time I got upstairs, I had the spins, so I hurriedly used the bathroom, and flopped onto one of the beds in one of the bedrooms and passed out cold. I woke from a deep sl**p and felt something was not right. I had no idea where I was, or what time it might be. The room was dark except for the light of an alarm clock, and the rest of the house was totally quiet. Suddenly, I realized two things. I was totally naked, and there was someone laying next to me on the bed. I sat up in shock only to hear a soft female voice say, "It's're alright...just the two of us here." My eyes had become accustomed to the room light, and I saw it was, indeed, "Bev". She had taken off her slacks, pantyhose, and heels, and was laying next to me in her black camisole and white panty. "Who the hell undressed me?", I asked. She chuckled and said, "Oh, you were out cold and looking so uncomfortable...I did it because I felt badly for you...and I wanted to get a look at your cock and balls." As she said this, she pulled her camisole up over her head exposing a very nice pair of what looked to be 40 or 42C breasts held in by a very sheer bra. She undid the back clasp and removed the bra, gently massaging her big breasts. "How old are you?", she asked. I told her and she replied, "Son of a bitch...I'm 61, and about to screw arond with a guy who's younger than my youngest nephew!" Her breasts were swaying provactively, and she was sitting cross-legged on the bed, showing me her panty crotch. My penis was at full erection when I asked, "But...the ring on your hand says you're married." She threw her head back laughing and said, "Hell no...I've been divorced for eighteen years...the ring just keeps the ones I don't want out of my panties...which, by the way, are satin...want to feel them?" She uncrossed her legs and straddled mine, placing my hands on her hips. "Go ahead...feel me up," she said. The panty felt exquisite to my hands, and the way she was sitting on me and the length of my erection brought my cock head up against her satin-covered mound. I had two handfuls of her breasts as she kissed my neck, rubbed my chest and shoulders, and said, "Auntie Bev needs a good pounding." I pushed her onto her back and got between her legs so I could rub my penis over the top of her panty. She pinched her nipples and said, "Don't you want my panty to be off?" "Not yet", I replied, I want to feel it against my cock." Her thick thighs and belly were soft, but gave me something to hump against, and I could feel her panty getting wet with her juices and my precum. She said, "You are a very nasty hump your "Auntie Bev" and want to cum on her expensive satin panty. I bet you'd like to see what's in my underwear drawer, wouldn't you?" I told her I would love to check her things out, and she said, "Hmmm...just like my horny nephews...they're always leaving stains on my bras, slips, and panties...what do you like?" I told her slips were my weakness, and she said, "Mmmm.....good....I LOVE wearing my slips, but have never had sex wearing one. We will explore that together - it sounds SO hot." I got off of her, reached down, and put her heels back on her feet. "Ohhhhhh...I see you like heels, to, eh?" she asked. She rolled onto her stomach, and I mounted her curvy ass, rubbing my penis along her crack over the satin panty. I couldn't hold back much longer, so I sat back while she turned over onto her back and peeled the panty off. Her kitty was smooth shaven and looked to be very tight. She pulled her legs up and apart and said, "Push your hard cock all the way into "Auntie Bev". She gasped as I pushed into her, and her breasts swayed with each of my thrusts. She had a shattering climax, and I pumped streams of semen into her kitty.

We talked for a bit afterwards, and she told me she rarely has had sex since her divorce. She laughed as she described her nephews' clumsy attempts to raid her lingerie drawers, and went so far as to describe an incident some years back where she caught her oldest nephew masturbating with her lingerie, but allowed him to finish because she found it exciting. She then asked me if I would masturbate with her satin panty so she could watch. I suggested she do it for me, but that I wanted to cum on her pantyhose. She pulled them on, wrapped my penis in her panty, and jerked me until I shot all over her thighs.

As we dressed, she gave me her business card, and said, "Don't keep "Auntie Bev" waiting. I assured her I wouldn't, and headed for home.
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