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Occupation:Porn Consumer
Education:BA/BS (4 years college)
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Body type:Athletic
Height:193 cm (6 ft 4 in)
Hair length:Short
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About Me
Porn preferences...well, look at my uploads. They are representative for my taste, exactly that is what I want to share with you.

Porn collection: My DVD collection is HUGE. So far, all my uploads have come from this collection. However, going forward there might come digital clips also.

Friend requests: I have closed for friend requests. # of friends has recently been brought down to around 130, defriending users I never interact with anyway.

You don't have to be a friend to make contact with me. If you approach me in a respectful manner, and are serious about the topic, I will get back to you.

Reposts: I will try to limit it, but it is not an easy task nowadays. The amount of clips out there is astonishing, and sometimes it's virtually impossible - and very time consuming - to try to identify them. However, you won't see deliberate reposts from my hand, unless I have a vid of better quality than the "original". In those cases, I will make a remark about the reason for the repost.

Likes: Porn knowledge sharing. Giving and receiving tips and tricks on porn in general. Interacting with friends & other profiles around "this & that" in porn, e.g. a serious discussion on a performer or a movie.

Dislikes: Not much, really: Webcam clips low on porn value AND picture quality, as well as the increasing number of commercial clips gradually sucking the life out of this site and turning it into a xvideos.com clone...

Despises: Downvoters/dislikers. Sad haters, who lack human integrity, and have nothing else to do than annoy the rest of us.

The best way to mitigate the despicable actions of those saddoes, is to ALWAYS upvote/like a vid that is in your taste...then you help minimising their influence!

In general: It shouldn't be necessary to state the following, but I'm afraid it is: Racist, derogatory, and downright offensive remarks are not tolerated, and will be deleted!
Imo, we should all try to be supportive of each other, both in attitude and language - thnx!

For more opinions, I expect to do a blog now and then. Stay tuned!
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8 hours ago
Heh, Craxxx.

Have another great weekend, and thx for the great uploads.
14 hours ago
Thnx again for your nice words!
1 day ago
Outstanding contributions, thank you for sharing. (◦'⌣'◦)
1 day ago
Glad you enjoyed it :)
1 day ago
I reserve comment for those profiles that are so well done Sir; as is yours.
3 days ago
Great collection - thanks for sharing and posting. Friendship?
4 days ago
Thanks For Something To Feed Back with!
4 days ago
I think you are doing well to keep up with 126 friends.
4 days ago
Well Deserved!
5 days ago
Great profile. I like how you basically tell it like it is in your About Me. It looks like you have some good content, too.
5 days ago
Your bogs, Sir, are very good. I have included some as favorites among my postings. Thank you for giving this community your voice of sanity and courtesy.
5 days ago
Thanks man
5 days ago
Great video as usual, keep up the good work! (◦'⌣'◦)
5 days ago
tak for mange gode film. er vild med anal-scenerne
5 days ago
Thanks for the thoughtful, and respectful comments on my wall Craxx.
5 days ago
Great collection of Vids!!
6 days ago
nice videos
6 days ago
I agree with everything you state in your profile. I too am a little saddened by the avalanche of webcam/low pornvalue/obvouis commercial content. Hard to see the bush trough it all. Still I refuse to dislike vids, but I'm afraid these tourists are here to stay... Keep it up.
6 days ago
Great Uploads as always
7 days ago
Hi Craxxx.

Hope you have a good weekend.

If you're kidding about your status being erased, Ha, but if it did happen then sorry to see your new status remarking about it because I had all my PM history lost the other day when the PM system went down.
7 days ago
Sometimes my status gets erased too. No idea why.
8 days ago
Great vids man,thanks
9 days ago
Thnx for the feedback - glad you like the stuff.
9 days ago
thanks for sharing so many great vids!
9 days ago
great collection - excellents uploads
11 days ago
Great profile! Agree with you about the community - we've met a lot of nice people since we've been here (and had one real life meeting so far, which was fun!) - and got used to the downvotes - not a lot we can do about those sad losers...
11 days ago
My pleasure, you have a great collection. Just keep them cumming!
12 days ago
great posts, thanks.
14 days ago
Awesome Collection... Thanks for sharing...
18 days ago
Great collection. thanks for all the vids!
22 days ago
kiss +
22 days ago
Fantastic selection of vids.
24 days ago
Hi Craxxx,
more porn, please?

Maybe some fisting?

26 days ago
Thanks for helping me, sending the links and thanks for posting this stuff!
26 days ago
Hey Craxxx, I am finally glad you put the kinky vintage fun vids up, they are awesome !!!!!!! Thanks Stan