Thai Ladyboy Interview

An Afternoon With Some Thai Ladyboys

I spent this afternoon with 6 Thai ladyboys. No, don't go thinking that I tried them out. I didn't. I spent a few hours chatting with them, finding about them, trying to understand what makes them tick and learning about their experiences and the guys who utilise their services.

The 6 ladyboys are all with, a ladyboy e****t service. We met up in a central Bangkok bar and over a pleasant lunch we chatted about life in general, and specifically, life as a Thai ladyboy. There are many rumours and much misinformation about ladyboys and I was interested in finding out about the real them, separating the BS from the facts.

5 of the 6 are e****ts. 3 are from the north, 2 from the south and 1 from Isaan. 2 are b*****rs, or is that s****rs, and yes, they really do have the same mama and papa. 5 of the 6 tower over me.

3 spoke good English, 3 spoke exceptional English. All 6 had a superior level of education to what you find with the vast majority of the girls in the girly bars and all had what I think I could reasonably describe as a minor level of sophistication. They were open, friendly, chatty and quite frankly, fascinating to talk with.

What follows is a brief 45-minute interview with them as a group. With most of the questions they agreed on an answer that applied to most or all of them and that is what I include here.

You all look like real ladies but obviously you weren't born that way. What changes are made to make you look the way you are now, more feminine?

Normally, most ladyboys take much care about their face. That is the most important part. Normally, we like to get a nose job. Most of the face can be changed by changing our nose and getting silicon injections in our face.

The second part that is very important for ladyboys is our body because we wish to have a body 100%, or as close as we can, to being the same as a lady. We like to have boobs. We all have had an operation on our boobs.

For cutting that, you know what, just some get it done. Most still don't want to cut it. When a ladyboy is born, she was a boy and she has probably hoped to be a real woman since she was quite young.

Right now, when thinking about the business of ladyboys, some want to operate, but they are not sure. Normally, if she still has the thing, she will be more popular than a post-op.

Why is that?

If the man is looking for a post-op lady, actually it's better that he takes a girl. That is why ladyboys with cocks are better than a ladyboy without a cock. So you see the ladyboy with a cock still has something already that a lady does not have!

Umm, yes, I see. So how much does all of this surgery cost?

For breasts, they start at about 45,000 baht. For a pussy it starts around 80,000. For everything on the body, the total is much more than 150,000 baht.

What about recovery from the operation, the boobs and the pussy. How long does it take?

For the breasts, it is about one night in hospital. After about two weeks, they are sensitive and you can touch and do everything! But for the pussy you have to stay in hospital around 7 or 8 days. You can use it maybe one and a half months after than that.

How many ladyboys get the "big cut"?

20% or so. Presently it is not so many. In the past, many more ladyboys had the operation than do now. Today it is not so many. In the older times, there were 6 major ladyboy bars in Bangkok and 5 out of 6 ladyboys bars across Nana Plaza and Patpong where the girls had had the full operation. Now it is maybe just some girls.

So how many of you have had the cut?

None. Not one.

What makes someone decide to go all the way?

First, to make yourself look like a lady as best you can. Second, we want to feel like a lady for real. For some it is more about the feeling. The feeling is very important but for others, actually after they have had it they are unhappy. We like to look in the mirror and check everything out about ourselves. For some of us, actually the most important thing is how we look so maybe that is the reason for some.

Are there Western guys in happy, loving relationships with Thai ladyboys?

Yes, there are many. They mostly live in other countries. Some marry gay guys and some get married to straight guys.

So if a guy likes a ladyboy, is he straight?

If the man likes to take a ladyboy, he is not gay. What does a ladyboy look like? She has long hair, big hips, big breasts and looks like a lady! He is not gay! If a guy wants to have sex with a ladyboy with short hair who looks like a man then maybe he is gay!

Many Thai ladies work so they can find a guy to look after them, have c***dren with and live happily ever after. What about ladyboys? Are ladyboys looking for love?

Sure. If a ladyboy wishes to have a husband, some wish also to have a baby and have the feeling of being a f****y and have that whole feeling. We are also humans so whether it is a lady or a ladyboy is not important. We are ladies!

Who are your customers and boyfriends? I mean when it comes to ethnicity, age, socio-economic group, experience in Thailand. Are there any patterns?

Every age. Only a few live in Bangkok. Most are here for a holiday or business and just stay here for a few days.

Are there a lot of guys who try you out just once or are more guys converted ladyboy fans?

If the man has tried a ladyboy already, you find about 80% of them are only interested in ladyboys. Girls don't interest them any more. There are some guys want to try ladyboys. There are many choices. Everyone is different.

What is better about ladyboys than real ladies?

A ladyboy can do everything that a lady can do but a lady cannot do everything a ladyboy can do!

Do ladyboys do long time?

Most guys like short time. They like short time because he has a f****y or wife and he just wants to try something different but not have all the feelings of love. Some men are very interested in ladyboys. He likes to change ladyboy. Some like both. He might have a lady today and a ladyboy tomorrow. Long time, maybe 3 or 4 times a month.

Have you ever had a threesome, with one guy, one girl and one ladyboy?

Yes, sure!

I hear that ladyboys charge more than girls - is that true?

It's up to the ladyboy and her customer. 2,000 short time is about average and long time is 3,000 - 4,000.

Are some guys scared of you?

If it is his first time, he is very nervous. He might even be scared. If he has already had sex with a ladyboy, then he is ok.

I like to consider myself a gentleman and hate to be crass, but exactly what happens in the room?

First time they have to take a shower. If the feeling is really good, no shower, immediate kissing. After that, have to check that. It is much more than oral sex.

OK, so I assume he fucks you. Umm...what about the other way around?

Many customers like to get fucked by a ladyboy. They really like it.

How many? I mean what percentage.

80% (they're all in agreement until a debate follows with some saying that it is closer to 90%).

I had always heard that ladyboys take hormones to make them look more like a woman but the hormones make it hard to get it up?

Yes, sure. We use Viagra.

How many ladyboys use Viagra?

80%. Same same! We need to take it almost every time. If he is not a young customer then we need Viagra. If you have an old customer you need to take it. Some ladyboys can't find real Viagra to use. Only some of us know where to get it.

OK, I imagine you must have had some wild experiences between all of you. Can you tell me any funny stories?

One man came to me with him. He was very handsome and his body was like a muscle man. Absolutely like 100% man. When he went to the short time room, he wanted me to be on top and him on the bottom. He wanted to be fucked but did not want to fuck me. I was so disappointed!

Another guy who looked so handsome asked me to dress him up to look like a lady as much as I could. I had to shave him and then paint his nails! After that I did not know who was the man and who was a lady!

After having sex with one guy, he wanted to pee pee and have me drink it. Many men like to drink pee from ladyboys.

One customer liked me very much and took me to dinner. He wanted me to stay with him. We went to the hotel and he got a surprise. He didn't know I wasn't a lady! We never pretend we are a lady. We are ladyboys!

In a bar, a customer came in and he looked really nice. He had a necktie and suit and he took me and we went to the short time room. I was really excited! He took off all his clothes and he had had an operation and he had no cock! I got a big surprise from that!

Some customers have so much sex but he does not come so he asked me to put a plastic bag over his head and try to suffocate him and then he explodes! Two times this happened to me!

One story we heard from a friend, a man took a ladyboy to a room. He did not want to have sex with her. He just wanted to see a ladyboy and look at her body and then he wanted her to insert his entire hand up his ass, his entire hand!

There was one guy who said he had never tried before but when I got him in the room his asshole was like this (hands wide showing a huge round shape). It was like a large pipe!

Some men come to look at ladyboys first and then they don't look at the face or the body. They look only at their feet. One guy sucked my toes and refused to let me wash my feet first.

Do you have any hints for a foreigner who wants to try a ladyboy?

Every customer who comes to meet a ladyboy for the first time doesn't say what he wants and is shy. We have to figure out that it is his first time. We have to present special ideas for him. If you come to Bangkok but you have never tried with a ladyboy it means you have not arrived. Thai ladyboys are the most beautiful in the world.

What about sex safe? Do customers want to go without?

Always safe. He must use a condom. If there is no condom, we can use our hand.

Is there anything you would like to say, anything I have not asked you about but you would like to tell me about.

Come and see us! If you have had a bad experience with a ladyboy, please try again! We are professionals. Come and see us! Absolutely, if you try with a ladyboy who is professional you will come back again and again and again!

All ladyboys have their own style. We are all different. Some like big, some like small. (Big smiles and laughter all around.)

We are good at taking care of you! We will give you a big present! Whatever you want, we can do! Anything you want to try, we can do! ANYTHING! Make your dreams come true!

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2 years ago
This story is of course stolen from Stickman Bangkok's website! It was a real interview done by the Stick, with accompanyuing pictures. I have met three of the ladyboys he interviewed, and they speak very good well as frinch and greek of course. Casino cock, I love your videos, but I'd have to disagree with you on this...having had eight ladyboy maids in our Thai house back when my Thai wife was alive, I can tell you many, even maids, are this articulate.
2 years ago
If you want REAL stories about kathoeys, ask me and not read some fake interview. I mean, most of them speak good English, but not that good...i live in Thailand now together with my ladyboy gf.
2 years ago
lol, a lot of thats really true.
2 years ago
Very good ! And you're one lucky sod for getting there and getting the story. cheers