Getting corught wanking off outside (true story) ;

26/10/2012 6:30am

This is the true story of me getting courght wanking off outside by some guy on his way to work ;-)

It was 2am & I couldn't sl**p at all I was bord as hell, when i had the idea to go have a play outside as I'v done it before in the past a few times & loved it
So I got myself ready & headed out for my fun. I already new where I was goin to go even tho it's a mile away from where I live but with it being the courntyside its will werth it.

I got to the place where I was goin to do the deed about 3:10am & even with a light drizzle of rain nothing was going to stop me. I got myself down to nothing but my boots I started to get myself hard stroking my cock back n forth watching & feeling it grow in my hand as the rain hit my naked body. I sat on a fallen tree n before I knew it I was rubbing myself agenst the tree humping it like there's no tomora. Feeling even more dirty I couldn't help myself but walk out into the field & lay face down in the wet soggy mud n hump way getting my heard cock & body covered in mud after a min or so I got up and went back to where I took my kit off. I continued to wank my cock as I stood there covered in mud & feeling propa horny. Before long I blew my 1st load all over the place saying out loud "I wish someone was here to see me wanking my dirty hard cock" but little did I know my wish wasnt to far away :-)
I got myself cleaned up washing off the mud in a puddle, I got my kit back on n even before I was dressed I new I'd be wanking again in just a bit

Shore enough as I got back on the pathway to walk back the way I came I got the erge again this time there was a feetbridge over the M62 (there's I clue for you hehe) ;-) I found myself under the footbridge going thorough the porn vid's on my itouch, I soon had my pants around my feet strocking my cock hard again while lying on my back & watching a nice bbw vid, it was a big turn on with all the cars & hgv's goin by as I was wanking again and it wasn't long before I shot my load over myself this time I lay there for a bit to recover before pullin my pants back up.

I got myself back on the path after walking for about 10mins I got to the last bit of wooded land before gettin back in town n as you can tell by now I got frisky again thinking because of the time about 4:30, it would be ok... Oh but what a surprise I would have in a bit hehe.

I wanted to hump again so I looked for a good spot I dropped my pants again and I was hard in secons I squted down in front of a tree n push myself agenst it n started to fuck away it was feeling amazing n spotted another one so walked over to it with my pants still down I alway look around just to be shore before I start again it was all clear n started fucking this tree to but it wasn't as good as the last one, I looked up n seen a wooden fence by the path so went to that instead.

Again just like before I had a look around but didn't see a thing... This time I lay myself a long the fence, facing away from the path n started to fuck again it felt so good fucking this thick wooden fence I keed of cum just fucking it, I went for another look around as I knew I was going to do this till I shot my load over the fence, but as I turned my head I could see a light but not getting a good look I stopped n turned around the shock I got when I resized it was a man ridding to work on his pushbike he was only 10ft away as I saw him he'd seen me fucking the fence n would of seen my arse goin up n down, at first I just froze as he road towards me I just let out a gasp knewing I'd be courght with not knewing how or what will happen after I gasped I just said "Shit" lol don't ask me why but I did haha :-) all of this didn't last long it must of only been 3secons till I found myself giving him a free show I made no attempted to hide what I was doing n didn't care ether I was wanking head and moaning & even tho it was dark we were that close I could see him watchin me he just road on letting me finish off I just kept wanking while looking at him ride away I blew my load on the path just as he went out of sight...... :-D I only wish I asked him if he wanted a blowjob or if he wanted to fuck me before work, oh well maybe next time ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my story it was an amazing expirence I hope to have repeated soon ;-) Happy Wanking
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1 year ago
can't beat a good outdoor wank session, unless its a good outdoor fuck session!
2 years ago
Mmmm nice
2 years ago
Lol no its not the spelling I don't think is illegal all I know is it's known as Dendrophilia ;-)
2 years ago
Is fucking a tree illegal? Unless of course it is due to the really bad spelling...
2 years ago
Because your not meant to be wanking outside ;-)
2 years ago
i'd like to have seen that