Just Imagine...

Just imagine…

…I woke up one day and find myself blindfolded and tied up. It wasn’t a severe tying, I could move a little, but I was held fairly firmly in an X position. Silence was in the room, but I was aware of people nearby. I was naked except for a bra and some tiny panties…

No sound was made, but the gentlest of hands were placed on my shoulders. I tried to see who it was, but the blindfold prevented me. Was it a man or a woman? I couldn’t tell, but the hands began a slow gentle massage of my upper body. They caressed my neck and shoulders. I was tense, but somehow the hands relaxed me I knew whoever it was would never hurt me. Slowly I began to appreciate that it doesn’t matter who is doing the massage, I simply relaxed and enjoyed the sensations.

The hands drifted slowly down my body. They were now on my upper chest, gliding across the upper slopes of my breasts, before moving back up to my neck and stroking the delicate skin there. I tried to move, but the ties, soft as they were, stopped me. I was held, helpless as the hands begin their downward quest again. This time they tenderly stroked over the bra and across my breasts. I started as they do so, but the smooth soft rhythm just carries on. No words are spoken. I started to protest, but one of the hands covered my mouth - gently, but I was aware of an inner strength. The hand is removed, but only to continue the massage. I could feel my nipples arousing as the hands slid across my breasts again. The fingers just tweaked them through my bra, circling around them, making them more and more sensitive. Again I struggled against the ties, but there was no escape, I was held quite firmly as the hands drifted down the side of my body squeezing my breasts together.

My ears were now attuned to the silence, and I realised there are small noises that I had not been aware of. The sound of someone breathing – more than one person. I turned your head toward the sounds but couldn’t see anything. Meanwhile those delicious hands were tracing along the side of my body. There was no rush, no sound, just the hands as they slowly slide lower and lower. I felt exposed, vulnerable, but excited too. I had talked of this with my husband, but never dreamed he would make it come true for me.

Now the hands were tracing around the waistband of my panties, across my stomach. I can feel every hair on my body stand up as they drifted across my middle. I was suddenly aware of arousal. I could feel my pussy moistening and longed for the hands to stroke me there. But they drifted upwards again to my breasts again. Suddenly I felt something cold and hard on my skin. It slid up between the bra and my skin. I had a sudden apprehension, then - SNIP, I feet the scissors cut through the material and the bra just fell away. The cool air surrounded me. My nipples, already hard and proud extended even further as the hands teased them. I writhed against the ties, but there was no escape from this sweet torture. I became aware of warm breath on me. A tongue slid over and around my nipples. Then one of them was enclosed in a warm mouth. It sucked gently, then released. Then repeated on the other one. My panties are getting wet now and I tried to slide against them, but I can’t get any movement, any of the friction I needed so much. The mouth feels so soft against my skin as it slides lower and lower. It pauses at my navel, probing, before travelling downwards again. Those soft, warm, wonderful hands are now on my legs. I still don’t know if they’re male or female, but by now I didn’t care. All you want is for them to touch me, take me, make me come. A finger lazily traces over my lower lips, pressing gently into the groove through my panties. My hips rose to meet it, and I gasped as it slid over my clit. The mouth kissed my thighs, climbing higher as I bucked against the ties. A soft kiss was planted right there, right between my legs. A tongue lapped over the panties, adding its moisture to my own. Fingers slide under the panties now and slowly, oh so slowly slid up the wet groove of my cunt, before coming to rest on my clit. I was trembling now. I tried to draw up my knees and try to press down on those fingers, but they retreated as I did, leaving me needing them – so much.

Again I felt the cool steel of the scissors as the cut through the soft material of my panties, first on one side then the other. The front panel now just fell away, leaving my pouting, slippery wet pussy totally on view to anyone watching.

I listened more carefully now. The breathing that I heard before is louder now, faster, heavier, and definitely male. A hard penis was suddenly placed on my lips. I could tell instantly that it was my husband and I open my mouth to take him in. I let my tongue slide over him, hearing his breathing change, deepen and a soft groan escaped his lips. I started to suck on him, almost like the lips sucked on my nipples, slowly, lasciviously and tenderly. I felt him start to thrust into my mouth and tried to take him deeper, sucking, teasing. I long for my hands to be free so that I could run his prick around my lips, taste the precum, and see his face, but I have no control at all. I am totally lost now, in a lust I have never experienced.

Hands reached around now and held my head close as he fucked my mouth. His thrusts speeded up as his climax approached, and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Then he withdrew and I wanted him back, oh how I wanted him back. And yet the face that presses between my thighs feels smooth and soft, like a woman’s. It’s the tongue that did the damage though, as it slid around and along my cunt, I simply didn’t care any more. And as the tip of it just rests on my clit I feel like I’m going to explode. I moved against it, pushing downwards, begging it with my body to bring me off, but again it retreats. Fingers held me, opened me fully, the air cools me slightly, and my juices drip down between my arse cheeks. A finger followed them and starts to widen my small hole, circling round and round gradually increasing in pressure. As my arse widened the finger pressed gently on the hole until it just slides inside. At first it was content to just be there. Content to let me adjust to the invader, but then it started to move within me.

Deeper it went and I felt a knuckle joint slide in, then out, then back in again as the finger slowly fucked my arse. I was losing control again now, bucking against the finger, teetering on the brink of an almighty orgasm, when the mouth descended on to my clit again. The combination of the two almost too much for me, as I felt the tongue just slip across my nub again. The mouth finally closed on me and sucked at my clit, drawing it into the warmth and tickling the swollen bud. At the same time I felt the prick return to my lips. Gratefully I drew it in, deeper, deeper sucking hard now wanting it to give me it’s tribute. I feel something give and I was lost. I felt an orgasm growing, bursting like a huge unstoppable tidal wave that was breaking over my body. I arched upwards, upwards to meet this glorious wonderful tongue that was doing this to me. On and on it rushed, I want to, need to, hold the head to me, but the bonds stop me and all I could do was groan out loud and heave myself against this wonderful, beautiful tongue that is giving me this pleasure. I feel the pulses start in my husbands cock and the first jet of his sperm hits the back of my throat. He was holding me, thrusting hard into me and I was sucking, hoovering him into my mouth as deep as he has ever been. And he was just roaring his lust. Jet after jet of his come went into me. I couldn’t keep up with him and some slid out of my mouth and down my chin. Gradually his climax came to an end. I held his softening prick in place for a little while savouring it as his breathing returned to normal. Eventually the feelings die away and I relaxed.

Sated, satisfied and trembling I laid back. Now surely someone would remove the blindfold. I heard the sound of soft footsteps leaving the room. Man? Woman? Who can say, but I needed to know ….

I heard the sound of bells ringing far away, but getting closer all the time. Then suddenly I was awake. The alarm is going and I’m late for work. Sometimes it’s better just to dream….
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