Professional 2...

She readied herself for another cock. She didn't even really have to ready herself aside from not letting her back get stiff. Her pussy was plenty wet with two loads aready pumped into her.

This guy was experienced. He'd fucked a few girls before, she could tell. He started with his cock rubbing up and down her clit, back and forth. He really made it pop. He definitely had her attention. After the disappointment of the last guy that was an asshole and popped way too quick, she had higher hopes. After all, she became a gang bang whore, not just for the money, but because that's what it took to get her off.

He pushed his cock against her clit with his right hand as he pushed it forward until it went into her cunt. All the boys cheered. She winced as it went in awkwardly. Yup, another one in every crowd. There is always one that does something sorta stupid to try and make you feel it. This guy tried to go in all but sideways. She felt his cock go in sideways and rub against the side of her cunt, the same way a cheap blowjob happens when girls get tired and just lob the cockhead into a cheek and leave it there. She had to do something.

"Wanna fuck me from behind?"

"Hell YEAH!" He shouted and pulled out immediately. He was probably closer than he would admit too.

She rolled over. He tried to direct her, but she was already one or two steps ahead. She felt the cum slap about her thighs. It felt great to not have hundreds of pounds of man on her for the first time in a half hour. She put her ass in the air, looked back and said, "now keep fucking my pussy." She wanted to make clear, that's where he was suppossed to go.

She should have known better, instead of going right back to work, this guy was showing the room her cum drenched pussy and ass. He spread her cheeks and probed his fingers into her ass. She clenched and that made him dig harder, forcing his index finger into her ass.

"Hey, get the fuck out of there... PUSSY ONLY." She shouted. All the guys started laughing. One guy mocked her and said, "you gotta understand, he's not that smart, you're lucky he found your pussy the first time". That explains a lot, she thought.
"Yeah, that and he only fucks guys" The room bursted into d***ken laughter. Just what she needed, everyone else to fuel his fire.

He positioned behind her, while taking his finger half way out. He stuck his cock back into her only slightly better than the last time. She really had position her ass high to make sure he was in. He was easily the worst lay in the room.

She went with the room to get him off. She had no choice. "Shove your finger back in my ass, I want to feel your cock and finger in me at the same time. Fucking ram me with your cock and slap my clit with your balls. Com'n fuck me like a whore..."
The room was hooting and hollering as he came. He slid out mid thrust and came all over her clit. He kept pumping his hips as he came, shooting his cum all over her pussy lips. She quickly rolled over and showed the room.

'Looks like your friend here missed." They all gleaned in to get a better look. They saw the wads of milky cum covering her pussy. A few positioned their phone to take a picture.

"Now who is going to clean it up?"

The room started their chant again for their guest of honor to do the duty. He moved toward her with tissue when she stopped him. "Not with those," motioning to the tissue, "with your toungue..."

The room fell silent with the dare of a lifetime.

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1 year ago
very good & yes more
2 years ago
great story love eatting come
2 years ago
Need to hear the rest of this. So Fucking hot