Cousin with benefits part 3

So after railing my d***k wife in the ass, cumming in her and leaving her looking like a crime scene, I go into bathroom to clean up. I was hoping to just colapse from exhaustion as I had gotten great head from my cousin who was staying with us from out of town earlier that day. And now my wife's 'whore' alter ego was unleashed with the bottom of a wine bottle.

I flick on the bathroom light to find my cousin spread eagle on the toilet with her fingers working in and out of her cunt. she moaned, "I love the way you fucked your dirty whore wife. You made her cum like your whore, and made me cum because I wanted it."

She moved to the edge of the seat and lifted her legs in the air. "Make another whore cum!" I was sheeping and punchy, but I know good pussy when I can eat it. I held my hands against the back of her thighs and openned her legs just enough to sink my head between them. Her musty pussy smelled delicious. I could tell she had been masturbating for awhile both with her fingers and some sort of toy. I plunged my toungue into her without hesitation.

I tasted her creamy middle and was instantly hard again. I flicked around her hard clit and she moaned loud. "Shhhh" I said.

"Fuck you and eat me. And if she comes in here, I'll make her eat me too."

I loved it when she talked like that. Like she was going to sexually conquer anything and anyone. I went back to work on her clit, which was absolutely huge. It peaked the top of her pussy, where her folds seemed to roll back forever. The very outside of her labia turned out ever so slightly. This always turned me on. I don't care if its true or not, but I've always thought that when they were turned out like that, it was because of all cock she had. I spread her lips ever so slightly with my two fingers and openned her up. My toungue had free range and she was writhing in passion.

"Fuck me with your fingers... dig them in deep.... open me up... " I slid in my index finger and there was way too much room. Then my index and middle. I was sliding them in rythmically and she said, "more fingers"

I hade three fingers plunged in her. I was grinding, three knuckles deep. She was lifting herself off the seat and fucking my hand. She started to cum. Her walls tightened around my fingers and I could hear her juices squirt. She didn't squirt, per se, but she did ooze from her pussy all the juices from her cum.

"Sweet Jesus, I needed that," as she swiped the toilet paper to clean up her juicy pussy.

I sat on the floor in shock. How much fucking, sucking and SEX I was into today. I had the glazed look, covered in woman juice.
"Stand up, let me say good night"I expected her to stand up with me and hug me. Instead, she started on my cock with her mouth again. "hot damn, I said. "I don't know how much more I can take"

She didn't slow down. She started working my cock like she did earlier that day. Her mouth engulfed my cock down to the base. She had no hesitation. She didn't care that my cock had been in my wife's ass. She didnt' care that I had cum 3 times already that day. She didn't care. She just wanted my cum.

She tapped the inside of my thigh and spread my legs. She was still bobbing on my cock as she rubbed the inside of my thigh. She reached up and massaged my aching balls. She reached behind my sack and massaged my 'inside cock'. It all felt awesome. Her warm lips stayed moist as her toungue flicked my cock tip and rode my shaft.

Then, I had another amazing thing happen to me. She slid her fingers in my ass. At first she teased the outside. Then she slid into my anus, one finger. She realized how dry her fingers were. Licked her index and middle finger and plunged them into my ass deep.

She wasn't just cramming them in either, she was massaging my walls. The combo was too much. Her hot wet mouth working rythmically on my cock, two fingers massaging inside my ass and her other hand spending time on my balls and base of my cock. I felt it again. I was cumming. She felt it too and pressed hard inside my ass. Whatever she hit, it was perfect. I was the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

I felt like I was cuming again while she was withdrawing her fingers from my ass. She just kept cleaning my withering cock. I was weak and nearly passed out. She stood up and pressed her tits against me as she hugged me.

"You might want to call into work now, because one you aren't going to wake up until noon and two, I'm going to do this to you all over again, tomorrow"

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1 year ago
2 years ago
Man oh man, those fucking female cousins, something about'em, they just do not quit! Maybe it's got something to do with the family Genes and/or DNA?
3 years ago
Yummy story
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice one , very horney lady
and very intense to have a finger in your ass massageing your prostate while being sucked off