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I talk about two subjects...

I was faithful for years in a marriage, then one day, I snapped. I cheat when I can. usually with my ex-girlfriends and cousin (it is real). No one suspect either...

how many out there have actually fucked their cousin? Not fooled around, but actually had full intercourse and sex?
Posted by Cousinlover 3 years ago
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3 years ago
Took my cousins cherry when she was 14...I was 15...ended after I knocked her up and her daddy had it aborted...after that he watched us too closely.
3 years ago
that's Hot! My cousin and I are alittle closer in age, but we started when we were younger. We used to go, get experience and come back to each other to show what we learned... Great way to get better too...
3 years ago
My cousin used to fuck and suck me for about 5 years...It started when she was 28 ..I was 18.... she taught me Everything! I used to love it when she would say "cum in your cousin"...I still think about that