Cousin with benefits part 2

I had let my wife know via text that Karen was in town and going to the wedding. She was a little like, umm, really? She knew that it was a pretty big what to do, with the guest list and all... she simply replied, 'hope she can still get in, your aunt is a real asshole about that stuff'.

I hadn't thought about it, but she was. My aunt was the type of hard ass that would not let her attend the wedding, even if she she had travelled 800 miles to attend. All because she didn't respond in time.

My wife didn't care much for that side of the f****y, minus a few people. Karen was one of them she not only tolerated, but really liked. Had she lived closer, they might have even been best friends. So it was no surprise that I found them in the kitchen finishing a bottle of wine after dinner. They were giggling and carrying on. Talking softly at first and then raising their voice into an almost kackle.

"Well I'm beat" Karen announced as she got up from the table. "Besides, it sounds like you have a lot of work to do tonight there, loverboy". She taped my shoulder as she walked past me. My wife giggled and said slightly slurred, "I hope you put fresh batteries in your toungue tonight honey! I need a good long licking"... The two bursted into laughter as I stood there wondering what in the hell they were talking about... let alone the fact that my cousin sucked me off earlier in the day already.

My wife likes to cut to the chase. It's not uncommon that she sucks my cock to wake me up, or is completely naked in bed when I get home from work. When she wants sex, she leaves little to the imagination. Tonight was no different. She was almost completely undressed when we got to the room. When she took off dress slacks, she had no panties on. I said, "you've been planning this all day?"
She gave me a growl as she undid my belt as I unbuttoned my shirt. She was definitely tipsy, but that has always been some our best sex. She's great in bed, but with a little extra of her inhabitions down, it can be awesome.

She dropped my pants and started sucking my cock. She engulfed the entire semi-hard cock in her mouth. That's when I started comparing the work that my cousin had done earlier in the day. It's human nature, i couldn't help it.
Karen, my cousin, has cock sucking down to a science. She knows how to make *love* to a cock. My wife knows how to get a cock hard and tease it a little so she can have it inside her.

No different tonight. She did get me hard, but that was it. I wasn't even close to feeling like cumming. Again, which is fine, but Karen runs circles around her for cock sucking.

She lied back on the bed spread her legs with them in the air. "Eat my fucking pussy" Her words were slightly slurred. I leaned down and went to work. After about 4 years of marriage she gave up trimming anything. She occasionally trimmed it back in the summer, but being April, it was full bush. She spread both her lips and her hair mound at the same time. Her clit was popping even before I started. This was par for when she has been drinking. I was gentle for about 3 minutes on her clit. I gently flicked east and west, then around her moist lips. I let my fingers trace the outside of her pussy. I tickled around her pubes and down towards her ass.

"Quit, fucking teasing me," she moaned. "Fuck me with your toungue"
I pressed my toungue firm against her growing clit. I rubbed hard back and forth. My fingers had found her wet hole and slid in one finger... too loose. I slid in another finger and she started her fuck rythym with my toungue on her clit. I was working her pussy good when I felt her pussy walls tighten around my finger. She yelped as she came on my fingers.

"Give me that cock!!" She was grabbing my head and pulling up to her. I positioned myself drove my 8 1/2 nch cock into her. She loved to feel my cock penetrate here either while she was cumming or just after. She was tight as fuck. Even tighter than the 2 or 3 virgins I've had in my life. I raised myself up and got a good look at how hot my 43 year old wife still is. Her usually cropped brownish-red hair was tussled about, but she still peered through them with her bright blue eyes. Her 34B tits looked puffy with her nipples hard. Her tight body had lots of workouts on it. You would have never known she had our c***d almost 20 years ago. As much as I love that my wife is fit, her hips have gotten bigger throught the years. I love that her hips have a slight shelf to them. I always find my hands always on them when I finish.

It doesn't happen often, but I found myself thinking of someone else during sex. Of course it was Karen and how she sucked me off earlier in the day. I was half guilty, which affected performance a little. It certainly kept me from cumming. I just kept my rythym up and I was pumping my wife's cunt. Hard and in motion. Unrelenting and powerful. My wife kept breathing heavy against the thrusts and she must have came another 4 or 5 times based on her screams and tightness in her pussy.

"Give my pussy a break", she backed me off of pounding her cunt. "You've been fucking me for almost 45 minutes like that. What the hell did you do today."

I almost gave in and told her. Part because of guilt and part because the alpha male in me wanted her to know that she has to earn my cock like this. I did what I always did thought, told her it's because I love her.

"Well," she said, "Love my ass for awhile." She rolled over and put her ass in the air. Her little brown hole had the tiniest outline of hair. It was soaked with pussy juice and this, was the best part of my wife drinking. She wasn't afraid to finish me off with her ass.

I positioned my cockhead just at the exit sign. I spit a little just to make it dirtier. I heard her moan and knew it was effective. I eased my cock into her. I rested my cock head inside her for a minute.

"Is that where you want my cock?"
"Fuck yeah," She responded.

Just then I could hear the gasp coming from the room next door. It was my cousin Karen friggin' herself off. I remembered her 'cum' sound. She would always let out a loud 'OHH" and then reel it in and concentrate on feeling the orgasm.

My wife turned her head around and said, "sounds like we have inspired tonight. Now inspire my asshole until you cum."

I started to slide the rest of my cock into her. Her ass was tighter than her pussy, as you could imagine, but I've fucked her ass enough over the years to always keep it open. I pulled it out and slid it all the way in again. She yelped into the mattress and I heard my cousin shout again from the next room. Between my wife's tight ass and whimpering and my cousin twiddling herserlf to my fucking, I knew it wouldn't take log.

I grabbed my wife's hips and started railing her asshole. She almost always regrets anal sex after. But during, she always likes me to pound her spinctster until it is sore while we're fucking. She was crying a little as she kept telling me to "fuck my dirty asshole, I'm your whore, fuck your whore's asshole, give me your cum, make me shit your cum!!"

I was holding on to her hips. Hearing her scream obscenities, my cousin orgasming and feeling her rectum tighten around my cock, I finally let go. I yelled a giant 'AARRRGGGHH!" and blew my load inside her. I could hear my wife and cousin panting.

My cock withdrew itself from her ass. My cock glistened as it retreated. I looked down to see her ass stay open where my cock had trained it to accept it during the pounding. She collapsed on the bed. Sex exhaustion and drinking, pretty much meant she would pass out where she landed. She was out like a light.

I got up and walked to the bathroom to find my cousin sitting on the toilet in the dark. I was startled to find her there when I turned on the light. She sheepishly looked at me and said, ' thanks for doing that, I needed it'

.... to be continued

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Never give up a good, hot, wet, inviting, lusty, quivering, gushing, gripping, excellent tasting natural pussy for a shitty slither in an asshole. The cousin's bowjob and the wife's pussy fuck was masturbatingly fantastic!
3 years ago
Excellent addition to the series. Thanks
3 years ago
Very good. Hope there is more.
3 years ago
very erotic , look forward to part 3
3 years ago
Nice.. want to read more....
3 years ago
Keep it in the family
3 years ago
Very good story,,,hope your cousin took care of you then,,