Interview in a tight market

I work in a pretty conservative place. The type where the men wear suits every day and the women primp and look fine. For years, we used to hire purely on how hot a woman was. It was never much more than normal piggish male humor and unsettled desires that were part of the interview process. It has been that way for years... then the market got tight.

In a recent interview, this redhead name Maggie, had all the right assets. Back in the day, we would have hired her for her bright red hair alone. But now that the competition was a little tighter, you actually needed to have skills.
"Johnson and Wales... excellent school"
"Thank you. I studied business management with two internships one at (an Internet Giant) and (global financial firm), while I was in London for a semester."
Honestly, she was way over qualified. We would take someone that was as hot as her with an Associates from a community college that worked a paper route. I wanted to play with her a little.
"Well, we have about 9 applicants and we are looking for someone to stand out. We can't hire like we used to, so we need to make sure that the person is a fit and can multi-task."
"well, I did lots in my internships. I analyzed budgets, sales matrix, presented to stock holders and boards of directors..." there was a slight pause. She saw I wasn't really all that impressed. "I suck cock like it was my job"
"Oh," I said nervously. "Well that's something. Did you do that to get ahead" I don't think she got my pun.
"I did it because I love cock. I love to suck deep and I love to swallow cum. I have to make sure that I can suck cock around here. I don't care if you're married, I don't care how your load tastes, I just need to suck cock"

I looked into her bright blue eyes and said, "then show me your career goals" and started to undo my fly. She stood up in front of me. The interview look has always turned me on. It was like a guilty pleasure to look at a woman put together nicely. Maggie was about 5'5, 145 pounds and some serious curves. Her skirt suit was grey with pinstripes. It hugged her ample ass and the blazer kept her tits restrained nicely. But, you could still tell they had to at least be a C-cup.

She let me take in her kick ass figure. She met my eyes and lowered herself down to the ground before me. I asked if she preferred if I stood so she didn't ruin her her silk nylons. The sheen off of them were a nice touch. I've whacked off more than a few times to those types of nylons alone.

She said she was fine as she reached into my pants and found my semi ready to rock. Her lips met the tip of my cock at the zipper. She pushed the flap open with her cheeks as she went all the way down to the base of my cock on the first swipe.

I could already feel her toungue wrapping around the tip of my cock. She swirled it around as she let my meat glide out of the capture of her mouth. When my soaked cock hit the air, I could feel how cold it was. It just told me how hot her mouth was. I looked down to see her looking at me. She was a professional at this. I asked her how many cocks she's sucked in her life. She let my cock fall into her jerking hand and said, if you count your boss, well over 300.
"Whoa, when did you do that?"
"This morning, he wanted me to come back and meet everyone else."
"I could see why, get back to work if you want this job"
She had undone my belt and was wrestling my pants off. The jingle of the belt was loud as it hit the floor. It was even louder when she threw it against the door. She had gotten my underwear too. I was buck naked below the belt, with my shoes on of course.
"Lift your legs"
"What? Why"
"I want to get in there," she said lifting my legs for me. She lowered her head into my taint and ass. She licked my balls. first all around the outside then she fit them both in her mouth. She was slobbering on them good when she let her toungue follow my taint.
I was so hard at this point. She reached up and spread my ass with her fingers as she ran it up to my taint. She massages my cock muscles from there as she continued to suck on my balls.

Then she did it.

She plunged her toungue into my ass. She didn't just half-ass it either. She got in there. She probed and sucked and darted her toungue in and out. Maggie was eating my ass clean. She was eating and jerking me off.

"Oh, no you don't. Get back on my cock" I said. "If you want this job, you had better suck it, swallow it and clean it like a good whore should. And you better be ready to service me and a few others when we need it. None of this, I'm not in the mood shit"
She was cock swallowing again. Right down my shaft to the base. I grabbed the back of that shoulder length hair and held it as I grinded my cock down her throat. Her fingers had found their way into my ass and she shoved them deep when she started to choke.
"I thought you were good at this" I said, like a condesending prick. She looked up at me almost pissed. "Yeah I said it. With my cock in your mouth. I don't think you are any good at this."
She started pumping her head up and down on my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her off. "I said, I don't think you are any good at sucking cock. You had better get going on this cock if you want this job"
She started to cry. He once unblemished look was beginning to faulter. Her make up streaked a little. Her blouse was out of her skirt and her nylons had runs in the front and the back.
She went back to my ass again, where she was working two fingers in and out of me, while she licked my ass rim.
"You're not sucking my cock"
She stopped and stood up. For a second, I thought she was going to run out of the room. Then she laid down on the interview table with her head hanging off.
"Fuck my face like a whore. I want this job, I need this job. Choke me with your cum"
I stood right in front of her hanging head. Before now, I hadn't touched anything other than the back of her head. I inserted my cock in her mouth and started to run my hands over her blouse. I could feel the hard nipples. I was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. She was a little reluctant, but I kept shoving my cock into her throat.
Then I reached down and yanked up her skirt. Her sheen pantyhose was in the way, although the were battered from the knee work she was doing on me. I grabbed a pen, pierced the nylon and ripped them open. Maggie the slut had no panties on. I jammed three fingers into her soaked snatch. She gasped around my cock.
I started working my fingers in and out of her and then my cock in and out of her mouth. I was like two lumberjacks sawing a tree. The rythym made her cum. She yelped into my nutsack that she was cumming. She gasped again as a wave hit her and jammed my cock in her mouth again. I might have taken away from her orgasm, but she was there for me. If she was going to be a whore, she needed to be treated like one.

Then I grabbed either side of her neck. I felt my cock slid in and out. Her jaw tried to move out of the way with each thrust. I started pumping her mouth like it was a pussy or well lubed ass. I was getting my rythym and started to let go. I put my hand over the front of her neck and choked her a little. It was all too much. I let my 4 days saved up load go into her mouth. I was holding her throat tight and I could feel her try to swallow. I kept pumping into her mouth.
I finally released her neck but continued to pump my cock into her. I sat back down into the chair. "you're not done yet, dear. I beleive you owe me a cleaning too."
She slid off the table, exhausted. Her red hair was everywhere and even had cum in it from my withdrawl. I put my feet up in the air and she nestled in and started cleaning. She cleaned my ass and taint. Then ran all arount the outside of my balls. She didn't forget my balls either. So much so, I got hard again. She sucked on my head again and I pushed her head down. She was massaging my balls and sucking up and down. I shot another load into her mouth. She kept cleaning me as my cock relaxed.

I found my pants and put them back on. She was in the corner, trying to straighten out her blouse and skirt. Running her fingers through her cum filled hair to set right. She opened a pocket mirror to show herself the smeared make up and train wreck she looked like.
"So, she said, "Did I do enough to get the job?"
"We'll let you know. We have 4 more interviews to conduct"

92% (11/1)
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1 year ago
she wanted more money lol
2 years ago
At least you got her to do a bj...for free XD
3 years ago
good one , but if she turned down the job you should of offered her more money and lots of extra cocks to suck
3 years ago
funny thing is... she turned the job down... HA!
3 years ago
Stupid man. Hire her on the spot.